Canelo, GGG Post fight Comments

By Miguel Maravilla

Gennadiy Golovkin: “This fight was more tactics…like chess. Today Canelo is better.”

[On if he will continue his career] “Absolutely. I have a great plan. I have a lot of opponents…remember I’ve got three belts. I’ll come back. I’m still champion.”

Canelo Alvarez: He’s a tough fighter. I need surgery on my left hand after this. It was really bad. But I’m a warrior. That’s why I’m here.

[On a rematch with Dimitri Bivol next] “Of course, everyone knows. We’ll see what happens in that fight (Bivol vs. Zurdo). But I need rest. I need to get strength in my hand and my body and then come back stronger than ever…and I will beat him!”

Alvarez and Golovkin further discussed their fight at a late night press conference. Sorry about the audio quality. It’s slightly better with earphones.



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  • All humans age at different levels regardless of your actual age in years. GGG was a demonstration of what we saw in this third fight. GGG aged due to his slower trigger time to counter and even lead off his punches. While I like GGG, I noticed in his last two fights leading up to Canelo he appeared rather stagnant on his speed due to his aging reflexes. Yes, he may have won his last two fights before this matchup, but those opponents were NOT on the same level as Canelo. Canelo did not change up anything in his arsenal in this third fight. Basically, GGG’s aging body was his nemesis that denoted his defeat against Canelo. As for the scoring, give me a break. The art of corruption, favoritism, and politics run too deep in boxing. I gave one round to GGG and Canelo had the rest.

    • Maybe I saw a different fight, but I saw GGG pop Canelo in the face with his steady jab. Most of Canelos big bombs were missing and the ones that found their mark did not seem to hurt GGG that much. I saw GGG really punishing Canelo the last 3 or 4 rounds. ON the last round you could see Canelo struggling to land while GGG was outlanding him and hugging himup close to keep Canelo from digging to the body.

    • Corruption?? Canelo missed just about every big punch he threw. Golovkin couldn’t miss with the jab. Look at the punch stats. Canelo only landed ten more punches than Golovkin. How is that not a close fight?

      • I scored the fight in real time in each round and did not pay attention to punch stats till it was over. I did not change my scoring even when the fight was over when the punch stats were revealed during and after the fight. Sorry, but I scored the fight totally different than the actual judges.

      • Look at the punch stats?. Rather look at GGG’s face. I dont think them big punches were missing unless Banks was roughing him up everytime he went to the corner. Lol

        • Canelo didn’t touch GGG’s face, it was Babks tha caused the swelling by slaping him with the bag of ice in between rounds,

  • All of the interviews and talk to state what we already knew. Canelo waited GGG out until he got older and was no longer a threat. This is what happened. Nothing more nothing less.

    • Yes, I agree, GGG’s advancing age made the difference in this fight. However, GGG felt in his own alert mind that being 40 years of age did not affect his reasoning in signing the contract to fight and I am sure he felt he could win it.

    • HawnJay, I always value ur opinions BUT this one is a lil different. I would be in 100% agreement had Canelo been i hiding and fighting lesser opponents. Quite the contrary, he was chasing progressing by knocking off all the belt holders in SMW and even ventured into the LHW division. Successful or not, it was not his weight class but took a chance and failed. Meanwhile GGG was fighting descent to mediocre fighters in Szermenta, Rolls, and Murada while avoiding other credible champions in Andrade and Charlo. GGG aged himself out, he cld gave moved up years ago as Charlo n Andrade is doing

  • I’d watch GGG vs Munguia. I can’t imagine he’d go back and make a mandatory against Falcao, but Munguia, Eubank Jr. if he wins – those’re good fights to me.

  • GGG, good God grandpa, boring, Eddie Hearn states he can sell anything, maybe he’s right. This was boxing version of a old age pension . Father time is undefeated. Canelo wom 10 rounds. Is Hearn the modern Don King?

  • I just hope that GGG would hang them up, and realize what a great career he had. Avoided by the lieks of Cotto, Martinez, and even earlier Canello, who only wanted him when he got older. Now in his 40’s, he is only going to be used as a stepping stone.

  • Every feeble excuse in the world not to face Benavidez! Not taking anything from his accomplishments and resume, but he should be ashamed of himself!

  • I watched the fight with the volume turned off after the first two rounds listening to those clowns only praise Canelo’s performance. Canelo did win a lot of the middle rounds but slowed down after 8. GGG was coming on late and was in no way dominated. He cut Canelo and had him backing up. This fight was different from the first two and I don’t care what anyone says. It was close. Anyone who says he won 10 or 11 rounds needs to watch it again without listening to the announcers.

  • No surprise in this one. Easy money. GGG old and slow but still tough.

    If Canelo fights Bivol again I think Bivol stops him in 10. Canelo is too flat footed for Bivol. Bivol is bigger, and a better boxer. More easy money in my pocket.

    • Canelo said he won’t fight Benavidez because he’s Mexican. What a joke. Benavidez was born in America & is only half-Mexican. The guy doesn’t even look Mexican, although neither does Canelo! Lol

      • You don’t think Benavides looks Mexican? Nor Canelo? Mexico is a large geographical swath with African, Caribbean, European, etc… influences.. ethnicity is complicated, but he and Canelo both look and sound very Mexican.

  • GGG “Was” a great fighter. But obviously his style and age has caught up with him. Just look at his face! You should retire, he can’t beat the good fighters anymore and is all done.

  • It was a tactical matchup between two great fighters, both in decline, and each at differing stages in their declining skills. I like Golovkin. I think he won the first fight and earned at the very least a draw in the second. In this fight, despite his age, he gave a good account of himself and proved to be too tough and skillful for Canelo to blast him out of there as Canelo had planned. If Canelo could’ve scored a knockout, he would have. I didn’t expect Golovkin to win by KO or decision. The question for me was whether or not Canelo could deliver on his promise to KO Golovkin. Don’t know when Canelo injured his hand, but I thought he looked rather sloppy at times, missing a lot winging shots. I didn’t think his punches had their usual force. He just seems to be getting older and beginning to rely on that single power shot like Tyson started to do when he began to decline and slow down. I agreed with the decision and felt it was fair.

  • canelo got a gift from triple g before he retires i could see triple g declining after 40 years old

  • Canelo is already making excuses about his hand, if his hand was damaged he shouldn’t of fought but what’s sad is that the only way he would fight GGG is at 168 which is a weight GGG has never fought at, given that and the inactivity of the past couple of years and his age it’s no surprise the fight was as boring as it was, Canelo should also go back down to 160 or 157 where many middleweights have fought and fight Benavidez or the Charlo brothers, forget about Bivol who will beat him again otherwise many boxing fans who are not of Mexican descent will never respect him nor will the boxing public at large.

  • If GGG keeps fighting there are interesting fights to be made at 160. The question is, will GGG make those fights or will he continue fighting no names?

  • Absolutely the worst undercard in the history of boxing. Not sure what was worse the undercard or the lame brain commentary team what a disaster . These promoters Eddie Hearn for the love of god you are killing boxing . You need better undercards. Some good up and comers. You could have stage a great Super Middle fight or one of the Heavyweights Joyce vs Parker would have made a great semi main and look at the exposure they would have received world wide . People wonder why UFC is taking over look at this crap. Get some knowledgeable Commentators as well you should have been embarrassed. That was a stink fest with those dunces

    • Agreed, Robert. What a horrible undercard. Doesn’t Eddie Hearn realize you don’t put on a super flyweight snoozefest in the main supporting boutique? What a joke. This undercard was worse than the crappy one on the Hagler vs. Hearns superfight!

  • I didn’t find this an exciting fight, lots of jabs ,little heavy punching.. I’m glad that they fought but I feel that the end of both men’s careers are coming to an end very soon… Both fighters have lost what they both once had..

  • Something missing in this fight, neither fighter really seemed too interested in fighting, GGG landed a steady left jab and Canelo threw a lot of big punches and few landed, its obvious to me that some people think if that big punch lands anywhere on the body it counts and I think a lot of the judges have the Ali syndrome. I reviewed this fight several times and can’t determine the lack of action either person exhibited until GGG in the late rounds, however, Canelo seemed to be more aggressive. Canelo’s face looked the worse for wear while GGG didn’t show any damage.

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