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  • Kind of disappointed by Canelo’s performance, after waiting 4 years for GGG to slow, age and fade, and then promising a KO, we get a limp performance like this.

    Surely the P4P King should be able to KO a faded 40 year old career MW in his first fight at SMW? Evidently not.

    • I knew Canelo was all bark and no bite when he promoted this fight saying he WILL knockout the granite chin GGG. Thank God I watched this fight free cause Canelo knows how to promote and not deliver.

    • Canelo still could not KO GGG and Canelo is on his Prime.. Triple G on other hand become slower.

  • Sounds like most people are being too close minded, the casuals are just that casuals – that always think boxing is always about a KO.
    But if you follow this sport realistically
    You would know that its very shady and corrupt.
    Now what I think happened was that Canelo new that GGG not an extreme threat anymore at 40, this fight was a good alternative for Canelo after his current loss and winnable
    From the get go Canelo was far superior than GGG in his game plan and execution.
    Canelo carried GGG in this fight
    I want to believe he did so out of respect for who and what GGG is in the sport of Boxing and because of the history between them
    GGG was slow and not that effective
    But he had his moments but I think Canelo just gave him those moments
    To make the fight more iij interesting and to get tut he crowd entertained
    Since athletes are not suppose to talk about or even think about throwing a game per say
    It is only speculation but when I hear a score of 115-113 twice
    And its obvious that was not even close to being accurate of what really happened, I can’t help it but be suspicious about this event being set up
    That’s my overall take on this fight but it is what it is
    Canelo clearly better than GGG at this moment and this fight was not necessary
    They both got paid and no punishment was really imposed on anyone of them so they will move on and leave us fans talking about this fight foe better or worse

  • So this did, and did NOT
    go the way I thought. Result o.k., scores Not o.k.

    I thought Canello would get the UD but that it would closer, and if GGG was to be at top form then I hedged it with a draw. so result came out o.k.-but scores were way off again.
    So the it is a clearcut win finally for Saul, and that’s fine, but then the judges get it wrong in the margins a 3rd time!! they are 3 for 3 in poor score for the trilogy! Picking a draw when GGG had a clear win, picking a canello win when it should have been a draw, then being just 1 ROUND away from a draw-when it was a clear Canello win…..
    These judges that commentators say are usually good, have officially entered into questionable territory. If they were not before. Lets try something different like having a large judge pool, or doing 5 judges so the good ones help stop bad decisions.

  • this fight was so predictable. no surprise here….
    not necessary. but the score is now 1-1-1
    however, ggg did get a well deserved 3rd payday out of this series

    • What score are you referring too…
      If you mean the trilogy outcome the series goes to Canelo
      Fight 1 was a Draw
      Fight 2 Canelo W
      Fight 3 Canelo W

      • Yo”MRob3”, what “rwb” was telling you is WHAT REAL BOXING FANS know as TRUTH opposed to YOU and YOUR FANBOYS think from the spoonfed results your given.
        EVERY REAL BOXING FAN knows 1st Fight GGG beat Canelo (but Canelo gets gift draw.) 2nd Fight GGG won again or at worst a draw (Canelo did better than 1st fight, but still not enough to beat a still past prime GGG, although Canelos steroid tacos might have helped.) 3rd fight Canelo actually outpoints GGG and deserves win over old man 40 yr old GGG.
        So yeah, it’s 1W-1D-1L for Canelo against 36-37-and 40 year old GGG.
        Now go enjoy your Cinnamon “Canelo” Toast Crunch cereal with milk since I schooled you and put you to bed.
        …. NEXT!

        • This fight was a fix.Canelo has 2 fight deal with Dazn.Next Bivol.Triple G 6 fight deal with Dazn for 350 million!!If GGG won that would kill the numbers for Bivol fight because of loss of street creds to Canelo losing to an aged GGG plus the definitive loss to Bivol .Why was triple G smiling after such a huge loss talking on his cell phone immediately after loss!350 million thats why!If he couldn’t fight anymore then why would they sign him!The narrative was set up.Triple G old with bad ribs and Canelo with a hurt right hand perfect reasons for little damage to either man so little recovery time so these 2 could get to thier next fight in thier contracts while the coals still hot!!Watch as Triple G defend his belts in his next fight and tell me if he still looks old !He will murder his next opponent and watch Canelo get knocked out this time against Bivol!!I actually hope they both lose for cheating the fans like they did!!

        • Unfortunately what you think or what I think is not what counts in regards to making a fight result official, so you are wrong
          Reality is what I posted…facts on paper.
          How do you assume to know a person is or is not
          You don’t know me nor do I know you…so i don’t get your attitude
          Its cool though vent your frustration cause reality is that Canelo, GGG nor you are the reason why I wake up every morning and work hard to provide for mine.
          You just got schooled

  • I didn’t pay 65.00 to watch Golovkin wonder when he was gonna throw a shot back for 8 full rounds.

    He turned in on in round 9 but what in the hell was he waiting for. You don’t win rounds by getting punched in the face.

    • It was a weird performance. The fight was a good scrap for the last four rounds, but you could make a good case that Canelo swept the first 8. I can’t explain why it took so long for Golovkin to realize he wasn’t gonna win trying to outbox Canelo and start trying to trade. I had 117-111, and I wouldn’t argue if someone had it wider.

  • If GGG wanted revenge this was a poor way to show it. You can’t wait the last 4 rounds to start punching. He aged overnight for sure. It took him 8 full rounds to decide he was going to do what he was getting paid for. Canelo can’t really say much either because at the end of the day he was in there with an old man and got rocked and banged on at the end. Golovkin didn’t catch a fade like canelo said he would.

  • This fight was closer imo than what others think. I had the score 8-4 Canelo, but thought the swing rounds were 1,2,6,10 of which I gave GGG one. If I gave GGG any or all of them the score gets a lot closer.

    • I might be the only person who thinks the fix was on but I’ve never seen canelo miss with his hooks more than ten inches from the target and GGG finally let his hands go in the last two rounds. This fight reminds me of the De La Hoya vs Trinidad it was close but without any damaging shots and it went down as a tactical fight. I watched that fight over more than five times and my conclusion was that they took everybody’s money and ran to the bank with smiles on their faces and mutual respect for each other.

      • I think it was a fix too.. LOOK AT ALL THE WWE stuff going on. Triple H interview the guys commentating on the fight. Didn’t it feel a little odd? I remember in the first fight Golovkin got canelo on the ropes countless times and started to bang on him while canelo was laying there getting lit up.. only for Golovkin to back off. Golovkin did it AGAIN last night.. he got canelo on the ropes and started banging on him and backed up. That’s all staged.

    • I am with you James for the most part although we may differ in some rounds.. I actually had it 115-113 like the judges. I have GGG round 1. He then did nothing from round 2 till 8. Easy rounds to score for Canelo. I then thought he (GGG) edged rounds 9 to 12 but many of them were debatable. I have said this again and again…with the scoring system a person can end up with a close score because a closely fought round counts the same as a definitive round as long as there are no knockdowns. IMO there were 5 close rounds in that fight and I favored GGG in all of them. The 7 rounds for Canelo were straight forward. If I were to give even two of those close rounds to Canelo instead of GGG my score is not close anymore. What I am trying to say is sometimes we are not debating an entire might be only couple of rounds that we disagree on that can cause the perception of a big difference.

  • I had it 115-113 as did 2 judges. I don’t think people that thought this was a landslide know how to score fights. Right guy won this time though.

  • first of all these judges should be re evaluated secondly no way ggg won a round i could see “giving” him 1 or 2 but basically because he did better than the other rounds its simple Canelo was too fast too strong too skilled and too young and all the crybabies bitching about a KO damn its not like GGG is some home depot worker with an Amir Khan type chin and remember thousands were betting that GGG was going to KO and crush the smaller Canelo in the 1st fight what happened then? Canelo again is the ONLY current champion taking risk against other champions no other so called champion is doing it

  • When we have no governing board this is what we get. I am rapidly becoming a UFC fan, best fight the best. Hearn thinks he’s Dana White standing between the fighters,

  • Why the hell did GGG run for 8 rds, and the last 4 finally go after Canelo and back him up??? Had he fought this way from round one, he could have won the damn fight! He just gave the fight away by not fighting. What a dissaponting stinkaroo. GGG corner begging him to back Canelo up, and GGG comes too, too late! In my opinion, both guys looked bad. GGG looked100 years old and Canelo is starting to slip himself. Canelo better avoid Benividez at all cost.

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