Canelo defeats Golovkin, still undisputed

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Photo: Emily Harney

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Undisputed super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KOs) settled his trilogy with Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin (42-2-1, 37 KOs) with a clear twelve round unanimous decision on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Early rounds were close with an edge for Canelo. Golovkin’s face marked up quickly. Canelo increasingly upped the aggression while the 40-year-old GGG couldn’t seem to pull the trigger on his power punches. A desperate Golovkin rallied a bit down the stretch, but it was too little, too late. Scores were surprisingly close at 116-112, 115-113, 115-113.

Canelo-GGG 3 Official Scorecard
Bam Rodriguez retains WBC superfly belt

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  • The takeaway? Youth prevails… GGG was one step behind Alvarez and his age was the determining factor in this fight. Alvarez did nothing new, but keep his current style of fighting. This fight rested on GGG’s struggle to maintain his youthful offense that made him a force against Alvarez in the prior fights.

    • Agree but disappointed..Congrats to Canelo…at least Canelo was professional and prepared..GGG just took a paycheck..and my money!!!!..all the great fighters…though age eventually got them.. The Great champions …still showed heart in the twilight fights..GGG fought timid from the start.., GGG would not exchange eliminating the only chance GGG had of winning.. pressure and catch Canelo between exchanges…have to be willing to take punishment Canelo was not going to fold…GGG just seemed unprepared to fight…. Honestly felt cheated as a pure boxing fan that paid to watch this fight… seems as if GGG wanted to survive….didn’t help make the fight… As proven in his last fight…Canelo not unbeatable.. Canelo still highly competive.,…Seem to carry GGG towards the end….The fans were cheated in this fight…being sold on the First and second fight…

    • Hey Scoop. Biggest Takeaway was another dud by Canelo Alverez. The fight was boring I went to sleep, and I was camping watching the fight in a damn tent. Shame on them for charging for this fight. Simply a “protect me from Andrade/Charlo” money grab for both fighters. I rather watch Jake Paul at this point. Unless he has a good name opponent I wont be anxious to tune in. GGG did nothing and was able to cash out. Watching them both last night we can see why they avoid those fights. GGG is finished and didnt even bother to get in top shape.
      BJS or Yildirim did nothing to get a fight but he wants Benevidez to be a world beater for a fight. Canelo can fight who who wants just dont call him p4p best or face of Boxing. Hype job! Canelo gets angry when the media even mentions Benevidez name. He’s bad for the sport. The media is catching on. Who can he fight next, Im guessing Ryder.
      Another boring Canelo fight!
      Put Errol S. as the real face of Boxing. Last night was bs

    • I was astonished at how slow he was against Murata, and he was even slower here. He threw punches like he was in a body cast!
      He also didn’t seem too bothered that he lost.

    • This. I would have never thought GGG would have went out like this. This wasn’t even a particularly good performance from Canelo, and yet this is all Golovkin could do?

      • It was surprising he didn’t throw more punches. Especially power shots. He must have realized in training camp that he was barely 92% of his old self. I wouldn’t have thought it of triple G but maybe the payday was a primary factor.

        • The lack of power punches really surprised me too. His jab also lacked any snap or consistency.
          Given how tired he got early in the Murata fight, I thought that maybe he was saving everything for an all-out attack in the last few rounds. Yes, he did a little better late, but nowhere near enough.

  • GGG showed up for a pay day and not to actually win, it was probably discussed prior with Canelo so he would accept the fight so both would make millions for a sparring session. BS fight

    • Maybe u r right. At least for the 1st 8 rounds GGG hardly looked like he wasn’t even trying.

      • In answering your question jes, if it was foreseeable that GGG would fight like this…no one would have watched… especially for $70.00.!!!! sold the viewing public on the previous fights….actually the undercard fight with the flyweights….was certainly action packed and more exciting….we watched because it was not unreasonable to expect a highly competive fight…given the history of the fighters and styles,..

        • got it. However, why whine and complaint then?
          everyone knows fights are unpredictable. i just despise dudes that come in here and whine and complaint more than my ex. if its not one thing is something else.

  • When you hear a couple of 115-113 scores, you are thinking here we go…lucky they got this one correct. Would rather see Canelo fight at 168 for a at least a few more fights. I admire Canelo’s willingness to avenge the loss but would rather he not move up.

    • Golovkin may as well tied his right behind the back, he never never intentd to use it. Sort of Canelo-Kovalev 2 in some ways.

    • Neither impressed me Canelo waited until there was a noticeable decline in GGG to do the trilogy. And Canelo’s performance wasn’t impressive at all after he didn’t get the K.O. he mentioned his hand but prior you were so confident of a K.O. victory . You fight a 40 yr old on the decline in a weight class he’s never fought at and other than his noticeable loss of speed and reaction time you still couldn’t get him out of there!!!

      • Ace…you had the guts to say it… unpopular opinion but very very accurate…. Fans robbed!!!!

  • Let’s be honest, Canelo didn’t look all that impressive either. He couldn’t close to knocking GGG out. No wonder Bivol kicked his ass.

  • Scores were terrible and give the impression that it was a very close fight when in reality it was much wider. Even in the few rounds that could have been given to GGG, Canelo was still landing clean shots on him. Interested to hear that GGG wants to have a fight in OZ, i would still go and see that. Would still be competitive vs a lesser opponent, back to middle for a few more defenses

    • Scores were actually accurate. Canelo won 7 of the first 8 and lost the last 4. But he was never in danger of losing which made the scores seem close.

      • Agree with you. I thought 1,2,6,10 were close so potentially you could have it a draw. I scored it 8-4 Canelo, but it was not like Canelo won the rounds that convincingly. I thought Canelo clearly won 3,4,5,7,8 which is only 5 rounds. People are too focused on what GGG didn’t do when Canelo did not do much either (in some rounds).

  • Hahhahhahahhahahhahahahhaha!!!! Let the haters come out and trash Canelo.. congratulations Canelo!!!!!! Why are some of you mad????? That’s right because you are hater’s!!!

    • There are 2 or 3 super middleweights and a half a dozen light heavies who would beat Canelo right now. I mean, admit it, based on his performance tonight, he’s not the same fighter before he took the Bivol beating.

      • Incorrect he’s definitely the same fighter but there’s a difference when you’re not fighting guys tailor made for you to look good. No punching power, limited movement or paper champions. As he’s moved up in these different weight classes Bivol was the only acknowledged serious threat everyone else was either over the hill or considered a paper champion. He speaks legacy but the best fighters he can fight at 168 are still available for him to fight and until he does he’ll never get till credit.

        • A lot of haters. Canelo is the first and only boxer in history to become undisputed champion at super middleweight, having held the WBA (Super), WBC and Ring magazine titles since 2020, and the IBF and WBO titles since 2021.

    • Bro, look at these clowns. GGG won maybe two rounds and their still defending him him saying scores were right and it was a close fight. GGG fans are purely pathetic and delusional. GGG’s a good descent guy but his idiot fan club make it hard to like him

  • Boring fight, Canelo should forget about Bivol and fight David Benivedez or one of the Charlo brothers but he’s not beating Bivol. Time for Canelo to fight fighters his own age.!

  • I knew Canelo was all bark and no bite when he promoted this fight saying he WILL knockout the granite chin GGG. Thank God I watched this fight free cause Canelo knows how to promote and not deliver.

    • He wasnt far from it. He beat the brakes off GGG. Give GGG credit for that granite chin he has. Poor dude looked like a punching bag. Maybe now GGG n his fans can shut up OR maybe he thinks he won this one too? Lol

    • Crazy…Arturo… Mayweather earned his taking chances against all fighters…even the young Killers like Canelo. ….and Mayweather beat them… understand fights like this makes sense financially for Canelo .
      .but this fight is certainly not a legacy fight for Canelo,.

  • After Canelo takes a break, I hope to hear Canelo vs. David Benavidez in a May/2023 Texas scrap (168 only).

    Canelo should stay clear of Bivol at 175 and complete his final 168 pound journey by fighting D. Benavidez. I believe Canelo is the best at 168, but for 100% confirmation, I need to see him fight D. Benavidez.

    Let’s end this 168 pound “what if”by seeing a fight between Canelo and D. Benavidez.

  • My take, Jonathan Banks is overrated as a trainer. He shows no passion or urgency with any of his fighters. I’ve never seen any of his fighters take it to the next level.

    • Not sure who else he trains but he was giving good advice to GGG I think Father Time has settled in for GGG he just hasn’t accepted it

  • GGG needed the third fight straight after the second. Sadly, the fake flu intervened and father time and GGG being out of his ideal weight division took care of the rest.

  • I find it funny that some Canelo fans are crying over the score cards, but they were ok about the scoring in the first 2 fights. Make your mind up. Would have been poetic justice if they gave it to GGG. Having said that, Canelo definitely did enough.

  • Nobody realized that GGG by going up in weight he would be slower. That’s why many champions won’t move up in weight & that’s why Canelo is not an ordinary fighter. He is an elite fighter.

  • This was a fight between two great fighters. Both are aging, with Golovkin further along towards the end of his career. They obviously have a great deal of respect for each other and it showed. The conventional wisdom was that Canelo was going to knock out Golovkin because of Golovkin’s age, however, Golovkin prepared himself and neutralized Canelo’s power for the most part. I agree with the decision. Be interesting to see what’s next for both.

  • I agree with you, Nick. Triple G just showed up for a payday and didn’t even try to win. I feel like I just took sixty-five bucks from my checking account and burned it. Total bullsh-t fight. I feel like I was hosed.

  • As for Canelo, he’s an excellent fighter but his handlers need to steer him clear of David Benavidez because there’s no way he beats Benavidez unless the fight is fixed by Canelo’s promoter.

  • Canelo had to wait until Golovkin got old and slow before he could actually win a legitimate decision, and it took him three times. 32 year old GGG would have pushed canelo’s shit in had the mexican not run from him for 2 years after calling him out in the ring that night like a coward. Tonight proved that. Bivol stops Canelo in a rematch. Beter knocks him out in six rounds or less. Benavidez stops Canelo late.

    • If feels soooo good to see all the haters express their emotions
      I remember Callum Smith was supposed to push Canelos shit in too. ‍♂️
      Bunch of insecure little boys! Hahahaha!!!

      • Well if Callum had have had more than 3 weeks to train for the fight and wasn’t coming off a disputed win against a club fighter because of his weight issues, he would have pushed Canelo’s s*** in. The Callum that knocked out George Groves would have knocked out Canelo too. Real boxing fans know that to be a fact.

  • Dam ! GGG def looked his age. Gabe Rosado almost as old as GGG and he looked way better !! Time to hang it up champ!

  • Canelo CLEARLY shows us time and time again who he’s willing to give PAYDAY to?! Won’t fight Benavidez because he’s Mexican??? Imagine Chavez, Barrera, Morales or Marquez saying this?! Let alone all the pantheon of Mexican greats!!

  • Yes the scores were surprisingly close. Considering GGG won rounds 1, 9,10,11,12.
    I don’t believe it’s that big of a stretch considering favorable decisions in Canelo’s other fights especially with GGG!

  • GGG was not the same without Abel sanchez….I think sanchez had good game plan for canelo…ggg look timid and lost as if his training routine was different and couldn’t find his identity. Abel Sanchez was more important than ggg thought. Kudos to Abel for developing a scary fighter and for long time.

    • agreed. it wasnt the smartes move for GGG to switch trainers this late in his career. I mean, what was someone else really gonna show him with the number of years of experience he already has. Very disloyal and underserving leaving Abel and it showed on fight night. He Won the first fight, barely lost the 2nd fight and took a beat down on the 3rd. Abel would have had a better game plan for him no doubt.

    • Boo Boo in 2? What is that? Boo Andrade almost 35. Who is Boo Boo KOing in 2? Golovkin at 160 or Canelo at 168? Canelo already told Boo Boo he wouldn’t fight him because Boo Boo has fought nobody. Boo Boo was good about 5 years ago.

  • I personally thought Canelo would KO GGG with body shots and make a statement. A fight with Canelo even 2 years ago would have been more competitive. Lol. GGG at this point ages quickly and is simply way past his prime. He may still have power but seem to lack that killer instinct he once had. I had it 116-112 Canelo. Although Canelo outworked him easily, I honestly still don’t think he beats bivol in a rematch.

    As for GGG, it’s time to hang up the gloves!

    • Agreed… Im not sure why the hell Canelo is still trying to make a difference in the LHW division when he is just to damn small for that weight class. he needs to stay at 168 and even drop down to 160 to become undisputed in both divisions. that should be he goal. Hes gonna get hurt at LHW. (which by the way is Benavidez real weight division)

  • Canelo is weak. cant hurt a 40 y/o GGG? mayweather wud beat his ass again. Mexico is becoming soft. stay there & endure instead of running away like canelo.

    • that is by far the stupidest comment on here. GGG is old, we all get that. but guaranteed if Canelo cant KO the dude, Nobody at 168 or even 160 hurts him. Not even yalls precious Charlo nor Andrade. The only one that might is Benavidez cuz that fat F$%k is literally a LHW that is still killing himself to make SMW. Hes afraid to fight the Bivol’s and Beterbievs, or even the Joe Smith Jr’s. Which I dont blame him one bit

  • Canelo and his team claim to be great. He never fought in Australia and never fought a rugby league legend. My local pub didn’t show the fight but we see that canelo is silent on this challenge. In the UFC they have the BMF belt – there is no challenge in Boxing to Gallens claim over boxings BMF belt. He took on 2 heavies in one night beating both / knocked out a former heavy world champ in a round and cleaned out all rugby challengers – he also had a controversial draw v big bad Barry Hall. That stains his record. But the fight that will stop the planet will be Canelo v Gallen 1. Make it for NYE in Japan.

  • Its not so much who Benavidez and Charlo have fought (and you can add Andrade in the mix), its more that they are youthful, fast, and would be difficult challenges for Canelo and GGG. Those guys were calling out both for years, but could not get a shot. Its been said time ad time again, Canelo does not like fighting African-American fighters who are boxer-punchers, facts!

    • So why not fight each other?? Benavidez, Charlo and Plant all fought for the same outfit for years and none of them have fought one another. Then Morrell came along and none of them have fought him either. GGG and Andrade same thing. Is the class of 160-168 just sitting around waiting on Canelo to decide to fight them? He has to fight someone so maybe you’ll get lucky and win the ‘sweepstakes’, but until then why not fight the best? Canelo’s not the only one with a legacy.

      • agreed Lucie. My biggest question is Benavidez keeps pouting that no one will fight him. Well, dude is a LHW still killing himself to be a SMW. i’m not sure why he hasnt jumped up to LHW and challenge Bivol, Zurdo, Beterbiev, or even Joe Smith Jr… i’m perplexed why a fighter will kill himself over a weight that he cannot get fights at. now he is calling out Charlo and Andrade which are MW’s come on dude.

  • The only Canelo fight I want to see now is vs. Benavidez. But Canelo says he doesn’t want to fight fellow Mexicans. Well, Benavidez is half-Equadorian and doesn’t even look Mexican! No more excuses.

      • remember…you don`t have to start out “Equadorian”….it`s a gradual process…

        if i recall,iron mike faded into “Bolivian”…

  • Its crazy how ggg was always scared of canelo from the first fight. He always demolished everybody else. Canelo strong

  • One name plain and simple David benavidez. He would KO canelo in 8 rounds or less let’s be real canelo is declining and hasn’t look good lately now it’s all about money for him.

  • To those asking who has Benavidez fought?
    Let me ask you, who had Matthew Hatton, Who had Josesito Lopez, who had Rocky Fielding, who had Yildirim, who had Alfonso Gomez Liam smith fought?
    Why did Canelo offer the “payday” to Callum Smith but only gave him 4 weeks to prepare? BJS and Plant? Haha weak champions and who had they fought?
    So Canelo doesnt fight Mexicans? Heck, more than half the fights in his career has been against Mexicans, is that his way of just avoiding Benavidez and Zurdo Ramirez?
    And if Bivol loses to Ramirez he wont fight him? Ok then, Challenge Beterbiev, oh wait too dangerous?
    Why didnt he hesitate to fight Kovalev?
    Aaah Kovalev old and washed up, and coming of a very tough fight against Anthony Yarde, heck give old washed up Kovalev no time to recouperate and fight him, but avoid the real treat at 175 in Beterbiev.
    Now he refuses to fight the real treats at 168 too.
    What what a legend Clownelo is, he might start calling out Chocolatito to move up to SMW to fight him, he fits the bill. A name fighter, a little only the older side, moving up weight divisions to face him. Heck, didnt Floyd fit that bill too? Older, smaller, and moving up in weight. Lol
    We know what happened there.
    A true ring legend like Roy Jones Jr, in his prime at 168 would have mopped the floor with Canelo and his supposed greatness in a not even close scrap.
    Im sick and tired of Canelo taking proples moneys for with his BS fights.

    • Now you’re going to bring up fights from a decade+ ago? Wth? How dare a 20 year old Canelo fight someone like Matthew Hatton?!
      I don’t agree with all his opponent choices. For me, Yildirim is the bad one. The WBC had promised him a shot, but they could have invented some title for him to fight for and kept him happy, he had no business in that ring. But you know why he fought Fielding and Plant and Saunders; and Callum Smith and Kovalev are grown ass men who could have turned the offer down if they didn’t feel they’d have the time to prepare and Smith actually did turn it down the first time, if I recall correctly.
      But if you take Canelo out of the situation – you say he’s the biggest clown and a duck and he’s never going to fight Benavidez – then what? Does he suddenly go after Charlo, Andrade, Morrell and Plant or does he fight….. Uzcategui? Derevyanchenko? Why not look at what everyone does and doesn’t do and not just one guy?

      • @Lucie
        Because that ONE guy is the face of boxing.
        Hes “undisputed” and he should be giving equal opportunities to the contenders.
        Real champions dont say”oh I dont fight mexicans, winners, losers, bigger, etc. )

        • That’s a reason to look at him the deepest. You scrutinize what he does the MOST. He’s paid the best, it’s fine and it’s fair. It comes with the territory. Mayweather, DLH went through the same thing. But do you then give everyone else a pass? Benavidez has fought one time this year, against Lemieux who was at the end of his career. Last year he fought Kyrone Davis and Ronald Ellis. That’s not right Tanke.

          • Mayweather and De La Hoya are both retired, have been for a while. Early in his career mayweather was fighting better opponents than Canelo. And as for De La Hoya, he fought them all.
            He never said he doesnt fight mexicans, he fought them all.
            IMO Canelo is two notches below those guys.
            And is way overvalued, over rated.
            He is a decent fighter, but not the world beater some people say he is.
            Besides having paper belts, who had Plant, Saunders and Callum smith fought? Benavidez kept calling out Plant and plant plain out refused to face him.
            Benavidez is a young, hungry, big SMW who has a good punch, and good speed.
            Boxing fans want Canelo to face him, fans have been asking for him to get a shot.
            No one wanted GGG to move up in weight at 40 years old for the first time in his career.
            So Canelo cherry picked, did he not? Zurdo Ramirez is 44-0
            Benavidez is 26-0 and Mungia is 40-0 and Canelo already said HE AINT GONNA FIGHT THEM.
            Because they are Mexicans, I didnt know that Chavez jr, Perro angulo, Alfonso Gomez, and many, many other he already fought werent mexican. That IMO is a very lame excuse to not face those dangerous fighters.
            Canelo is all about the money and little about actual legacy.

          • If Canelo is cherry picking Tanke, what is that stuff Benavidez is doing??? What do you call that? Tomato picking? Can crushing?

            You know why he fought Plant, BJS, Smith and Fielding. He wanted to be undisputed at 168 and they had the belts. Benavidez had a belt as well, but he had gotten stripped because he failed a drug test and then got stripped again because he missed weight. It’s not Canelo’s fought that those were the guys with the belts. You can look at their records as well and, at least in my opinion, they’re comparable with Benavidez’ and I’d even take BJS’ best wins against Lemieux, Eubank Jr and Andy Lee over Benavidez’ best – an older Lemieux and Dirrell.
            If you want to sit there and scrutinize all of Canelo’s recent fights and even ones from 10-11 years ago, fine, go right ahead; but he isn’t the only one who can be looked at. Benavidez has had Plant and Charlo right there for years and never got the fights done. Then came Morrell who called him out and still no fight. Before Andrade even fights in the division, the first thing Benavidez says is ‘no thanks, I’m good’. You have all those options to pick from and instead, you pick the second one which is fight no one in particular and sit around and wait for Canelo to choose you. That’s giving one man entirely too much power over you, in my opinion.

  • Those who say crap about GGG’s
    performance, he at least got the respect from Canelo. That was actually very. i e to see from both fighters.

    Even Canelo said he knew the fight would be difficult even from the first round. Of course, a 40 years old GGG was pacing himself, but the second half of the fight Canelo did feel GGG’s pressure and became interesting. It wasn’t the best fight, but it was a high class chess match for the most part.

    In a hind sight, their first fight should have made sooner, as well as their third fight. As far as this fight goes, Canelo coming off the loss and the age of GGG had something to do with both being cautious.

  • Archie really didn’t impressed, he tried so hard to ko a much slower,older 3g! He shouldn’t even be thinking bivol and any of those heavier dudes cause the power isn’t there!

  • All of the interviews and talk to state what we already knew. Canelo waited GGG out until he got older and was no longer a threat. This is what happened. Nothing more nothing less. That was the “tactic” and “chess” GGG was talking about except he didn’t realize he was on the receiving end of it. Checkmate.

  • Bottom line…Canelo is the shot caller in boxing like Mayweather was, and will give paydays to whoever he chooses at this point until he suffers another loss or two, and he don’t want that, so he’ll be real selective moving forward.

  • What ever happened to the jab, jab, right and jab again to get out of harms way. It was strange to see GGG jabbing but hardly throwing that powerful right in the first 7 rounds. In many occassions his jab snapped Canelo’s face back and that was the perfect opportunity to land that big right . That never happened until late in the fight. Maybe it was fixed. Or, GGG was afraid to pull the trigger and engage Canelo early in the fight for fear of running out of gas. Interesting.

  • Lousy contenders, lousy fight, lousy judges,lousy night. A black eye for boxing.Some people paid U$5000 to see this(!) Alvarez is way overvalued (but he’s Mexican …) and GGG is plain old. He came to get his hefty purse. He got it.

  • Golovkin: “This is high level, like chess match”.
    Translation: “No big drama show just collecting a fat payday”

    • I like Golovkin but this comment made me laugh. GGG-Canelo 3 was the antithesis of a BIG DRAMA SHOW.

  • Thought the decision was fair. GGG’s reflexes are there any more and he just simply cant get his power punches off anymore to fight at the highest level. That being said i think Canelo has lost a step as well hes had alot of fights and didnt look as sharp as he was a few years ago. If he gasses out against benavides late like he did with GGG and Bivol hell be lucky to hear the final bell.

  • Well the Canelo GGG fight was nothing that I expected I’m not really a Canelo fan but he won the fight . As far as I’m concerned the trainers on both side and Eddie heard saying it was going to be a war. Was just to sell tickets. Best man won congratulations to Canelo

  • What country issues Benavidez passport? USA, he’s American , stop the BS he’s not Mexican. Can you imagine Morales not fighting Marco Antonio because he’s Mexican? Bud should avoid Spence he not only American but black as well. Canelo logic at work

  • Did anyone tell GGG that he needs to throw punches back in order to have a chance of winning????

  • Triple G didn’t show up in the first half of the fight. He was tentative, threw very few punches and his jab had no snap. He was slow and looked like a shot fighter. He came alive in the second half and the fight became competitive. I gave it to Canelo 9-3. A hugely disappointing performance by Golovkin.

    It was also an uninspired performance by Canelo. For such a big fight, he threw a lot of wild punches that didn’t connect. The big difference is he was attacking and throwing punches while Golovkin just circled around without letting his hands go. Canelo is a lot quicker than Triple G and Golovkin didn’t seem to have any confidence in attacking and backing Canelo up. The much busier Canelo had the fight won by the 6th round.

    Triple G had success when he turned it up and became much more aggressive. However, he didn’t press his advantage and backed off whenever he had Canelo going backwards. A mobile fighter with a great jab and straight punches will beat Canelo, as Bivol showed. Unfortunately, as he showed last night, Triple G is not that fighter.

    Triple G will probably go back to middleweight and defend his title in the future. However, he is clearly no longer at the top tier of fighters today and no rhetoric from him or his handlers will change that. His day has passed.

  • Canelo still 168 King there is NOBODY out there that can beat him there all these barking chihuahuas wanting to get a fight aka big payday need to fight each other and “earn” it not bark your way into it

    • Benavidez is canelo’s mandatory challenger . he doesn’t need to fight anyone else! Its very simple for canelo: defend vs Benavidez or vacate title. i guarantee you canelo will vacate elt: He wants no part of Benavidez. if canelo really believed he could beat Benavidez, he would have fought him already

  • Canelo beat an aging Golovkin for the first time. For once the scorecards were correct. I guess Golovkin deserved his pay check having been robbed twice by the judges. Canelo of course is more of a star attraction than Golovkin who struggled with his English in those years and is neither Mexican not American.
    As a contest it was a disappointment and I hope Golovkin retires.

  • i thought canelo faded or golovkin picjed up steam…golovkin looked much quicker than canelo late…if he`d fought like that from the jump,he would`ve won in a walk…….

    canelo has serious problems wwith quick,dsavvy boxers….he looked ponderous jumping in with wide punches from outside…

  • ok here goes… Bivol will stop him.
    GGG looked 80 and canola won by one, one, and two rounds…check…lets see…dear God Benevedes stops Canola in two.
    Um, the “gloss” is , or should be off of Canola. Pant? Etc…better look at those recent “wins” as frankly fertilizer for this . Canola has three punches . He has predictable “combinations”. Think…old Duran beat a huge killer in the twice beater of Thomas Hearns…Iran Barkley.
    Think for one second that canelo beats Benevedes?

    Boxing is a “science” trust the boxing science…

    nuff said

  • Good God, All the Canelo haters came out of the closet all at once!!! Shame shame shame

  • >