Bam Rodriguez retains WBC superfly belt

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

WBC super flyweight champion, San Antonio’s Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez (17-0 11 KOs) successfully defended his title with a twelve round unanimous decision over Israel Gonzalez (28-5-1 11 KOs) of Mexico in the pay-per view co-feature at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The challenger Gonzalez wasted no time letting his hands go as Rodriguez countered with flush shots. Rodriguez pressed in round three and picked his shots patiently as he stood on top of Gonzalez. Unloading with big punches to begin the fourth, Rodriguez attacked but Gonzalez stood in the pocket exchanging, a low blow by Gonzalez prompted referee Kenny Bayless to issue a warning.

In the fifth, Rodriguez and Gonzalez stood inside exchanging as the 15-1 challenger proved though thus far. The sixth round saw Rodriguez connect with a hard right. Past the halfway point in the seventh round, Rodriguez pressed the action and continued to stay on top of Gonzalez. Proving tough thus far, Gonzalez held his own making the champ work, a low blow by Rodriguez forced Bayless to warn Rodriguez. A second low blow in the eighth prompted Bayless to deduct a point from Rodriguez.

Late in the fight in the tenth, Rodriguez and Gonzalez continued to exchange at close range. The championship rounds saw Rodriguez grinding but connected with another low blow as the champ flirted with disqualification. In the twelfth and final round, Bam Rodriguez stood busy taking it to Gonzalez. After completing twelve rounds the judges scored the bout 118-109, 117-110, and 114-113 as Rodriguez retains his WBC title.

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  • Bam Bam almost lost. Bam Bam should have lost 2 points, not 1. And the knockdown was a low blow. Leave it up to politics to save Bam Bam.

    Bam Bam’s stock dropped tonight.

  • That was a dogshit performance, seems to be going to his head already too. Will have to reavaluate my previous comments

  • That’s boxing for you…. If boxing was easy everyone would be doing it and everyone would be knocking out their opponents but it doesn’t work that way, this men are fighting pros who train and want to win! Congratulations Bam!! Keep on doing your thing.. can’t knockout everyone.

  • This guy is supposed to be the next big thing? Gimmie a break. Decent action but his name should be Jesse Bland Rodriguez. Or Bam, there goes my attention while watching him fight. Not impressed…at all.

  • I thought the fight was really close and could’ve gone either way. It also seemed to me that Rodriguez was hurt a couple of times to the body and buzzed a few times to the head. And if Bayless deducted a point on the first low blow why not the second time? I’ve always thought that Rodriguez caught both Cuadras and Sor Rungvisai at the right time. I think both Gallo Estrada and Chocolatito Gonzalez will put a beating on him.

  • GGG was shot, 3 years to late for this rematch. Anyway Canelo couldn’t stop him so respect there.

  • I think Rodriguez has spoiled us all with his previous performances. He’s still just 22 years and an undersized jr bantamweight who is quick to remind us all every chance he gets that he can easily still make 112 and even 108 for the right fight.

  • Exciting …fun fight to watch., Honestly should have been the main event… Both skilled volume punchers but Bam used very effective counter punches…Congrats Bam… Actually believe some of the credited low blows were legitimate or borderline body shots….Fun fight to watch…. nonstop action….

  • This was a lot closer fight than the scorecards indicated. Rodriguez pulled it out in the second half of the fight, but I was impressed by how Gonzalez consistently punched to the body and was effective with his jab. Those body punches were bothering Rodriguez throughout the fight.

    Gonzalez rarely allowed Rodriguez to turn and get punching angles by turning with him most of the time and negating those angles. He slowed down later in the fight, which allowed Rodriguez to be more effective in attacking. Rodriguez was clearly the harder puncher and the judges reflected that in their cards.

    In a more favorable atmosphere, Gonzalez could have been given the decision. He put up a great fight and I really expected the decision to be very close, possibly even a draw or a win. It didn’t turn out that way, but it was a great performance by Gonzalez and a lackluster one from Rodriguez. He should probably get a rest after having faced three top fighters in a row. He just didn’t look like his enthusiasm was there in the first half of the fight.

  • if bam won this fight i will kiss your ass on main street and give you half an hour to draw a crowd
    same old crap

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