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  • Canelo Alvarez? Is that Spanish for Jake Paul?

    Saul Paul did not impress me last night.

  • GGG got a taste of his own medicine. It wasnt his age that slowed him down. Take round 8-12. He was trying to cone back. It was round 1 that he felt that hars heavier weighted punch come in and had to throw more calculated punches so he wldnt get countered. Now he knows what all those 154 pound fighters felt when they moved ip to 160 to fight him.

      • LeKaren, possibly lol… but you dont have to be so bitter cuz ur boy crush got his butt handed to him. Man, u and ur idol are sore losers huh. Wow. The worst part about GGG isnt GGG himself. Its his fans like you that dis-credit situations that dont favor him. Canelo fought great and gave GGG a beat down. Accept it

    • Middleweight was 147-160 for years before 154 was created to create more champions and sanctioning fees so moving up six pounds not a big deal.

  • The best part of the fight was when GGG was walking back to his dressing room and gestured a sign and even made a comment saying “almost”. No bro, u didnt almost win.You “almost” lost every single round regardless of what the judges thought

  • What country issues Benavidez passport? USA, he’s American , stop the BS he’s not Mexican. Can you imagine Morales not fighting Marco Antonio because he’s Mexican? Bud should avoid Spence he’s not only American but black as well. Canelo logic at work

    • What did i miss? Did Canelo say he wont fight Benavidez cuz hes Mexican? I know he said that about Zurdo but didnt know he said that about Benavidez

    • Spence will get destroyed by King Canelo, Benavides is trash…his fought nothing but washed up bums.

  • I had some friends/family over for a BBQ and they aren’t big boxing fans, and I ordered the fight. It’s always nice to have a interesting, competitive main event when you have non, die hard, boxing fans over. This was a disappointment to say the least. I can’t remember the last time Canelo was in a good fight. I’m not hating just wondering. Last halfway decent fight was the James Kirkland one. Lara? Trout? GGG 1 or 2, plant, BJ sanders? Come on guys, help me out.. Canelo kinda reminds me of a Mexican Style Mayweather. Seriously. At least Oscar had some scraps against excellent opposition.

  • Good tactical battle between two great, but aging fighters. Such tactical battles in the sport are never boring to me. Canelo promised to KO Golovkin, an uncharacteristic claim to sell a fight that didn’t need such hype. He couldn’t do it. Credit to Golovkin. Be interesting to see what’s next for both.

  • Nothing but a bunch of losers making comments about two professional athletes that none of us could ever come close to knowing what that feels like, boxing is a joke these days, nothing but a spectacle before the event and the actual fight can’t live up to, miss the old days of boxing 1960s up to mid 90s.

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