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Gervonta Davis nets two WBA awards

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The fight on October 31st between Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz was designated as the best of the year by the World Boxing Association (WBA), while the knockout delivered by the American to the Mexican also received the award for the best KO of the year.

The fight, held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, featured the WBA Super Featherweight Super Championship and Lightweight Championship. It ended by knockout in the sixth round after a frantic action by both of them in which they gave their all and made great performances.

Santa Cruz’s aggressive style crossed paths with Gervonta’s technical style and the Mexican put him in trouble several times during the fight. However, the American’s strategy and his excellent skills prevailed as the rounds went by.

In the sixth round, a beautiful left uppercut blew into Leo’s jaw and put him to sleep. In spite of the tension due to Santa Cruz’s condition, the spectacular hit shocked the fans by its perfection and great impact, and this is the reason why it has been designated as KO of the Year.

Gervonta proved to be one of the best pound-for-pounders today and one of the top names in the 130-135 pound range.

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  • Talk about getting a trophy just for participation. This ugly little troll gets nine ‘world’ titles and two awards for knocking out a bantamweight 🙂 boxing really is a joke just like america is.

    • The guy is a star. His fighting style is awesome. Santa Cruz has moved up in weight over the years and Davis moved down. Plus he gives up height. You don’t know anything about boxing.

    • We’re living in the era of mass contenders, all claiming to be Champs, courteousy of the bent sanctioning bodies.

      A great business model for the alphabet organisations, a shit deal for the fans who get a watered down product, but still pay a premium for it.

    • Just say that you hate successful black fighters. He’s short and has shorter limbs. He has to do a lot to overcome those obstacles. His opponent wasn’t a “bantamweight”. When you move up in weight you are now in that weight class with no excuses.

      • I agree with most of what you said, but as far as your first sentence…..throwing the racism accusation into it was totally unnecessary. Don’t forget that Tank has had multiple assault charges, including one on his girlfriend, on camera no-less. There are reasons to dislike him that have nothing to do with skin color.

      • Tank rubs a lot of people the wrong way by his look and demeanor. Not sure its because he’s black. His skin is bright as it gets. Most wimps will hate any guy who is sure of himself. If your a true Boxing fan its hard not to like what Tank brings to the sport.

        • NJ, he definitely brings a lot to the sport. Not many I’d rather watch than him, but it’s understandable if someone doesn’t like him. Not crazy about people throwing the racism thing out there when there’s no proof that it applies. Also, most top boxers seem to be sure of themselves. It’s possible to be sure of yourself without being an arrogant douche (GGG, Holyfield come to mind, also not necessarily saying Tank is arrogant). I don’t mind either way. Even Prince Naseem Hamed didn’t bother me, but it was easy to see how he might be annoying to some…

      • When you spend 80% of your career at bantamweight that’s what you are. He didn’t go to 126 to fight Rigo, Russell or anyone dangerous but goes up to 130 to cash out to fight one of the biggest punchers at the elite level. LSC is a 122lb who fought a 135lber at 130.

  • That Tank is one dangerous fighter. I hope Haney, Garcia, Davis and Teo fight each other this year.

  • Forget Haney as he hasn’t done anything to deserve a big fight. As for Garcia if Lopez or Davis hit him like Campbell did it will be over fast!!! Best fight in that division will probably be Davis v Lopez. Both can punch and are durable. I would take Davis to ko Lopez late!

  • Yea those fake ass awards they are actually charging Davis $$ for! I’d rather watch a fight with no bogus belt on the line than some meaningless ridiculous wba wbc ibf wbo bullshit. I remember when I was a youngster back in the early 80’s when there was just the wba and wbc and I’d watch 2 contenders with no belt fighting on nbc on a Saturday afternoon whether it was the beast mugabi or hard rock green or animal fletcher those guys would be multiple time champions today like how in the world is an over rated clown like adrien broner a 4 division champion? Pathetic that true champions like arguello and duran and hearns had to really prove themselves to be given a shot now anyone can be a multi champion just a total joke these “titles” have become…

    • Good points Robert. I would also point out that Hagler didn’t get a title shot until his 50th fight, and still ended up with 12 title defenses. Take today’s Lightweight division for example. You have the different “Champions” in that division debating who “The Man” is in that division. In that scenario, were you have several belt holders claiming to be Champions, there really is no Champion in that division until someone unifies all the belts. The WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, etc really are hurting the sport, and aren’t going away. Wish all belt holders would just trash their belts, and maybe use The Ring belt, or something like it, as the one and only belt.

  • Even better. Garcia vs Haney and Davis Vs Lopez. Winner gets winner and loser gets loser. Guaranteed to separate the men from the kids!!! Plus, that wld be a win for us fans

  • No hate from me, both are good boxers and its always nice to see name fighters stepping up and fighting each other, It was a entertaining matchup and the KO was unexpected but nether less excellent. WBA giving the fight a reward is ok by me.

    • Good call, although Santa Cruz was a division smaller I didn’t expect that shot to land like that! Shows Tank don’t play!

  • Gervonta is a kid with a ton of talent and power as well, but the way he has been carefully matched with opponents way under his real limits, clearly reflects the matchmaking mentality of Leonard Ellerbe and Floyd Mayweather, sort of safety first. When Davis is about to fight overmatched opponents, always give me the impression of an expensive sport car used solely as a funeral car that is crying to be where he is belong: a race track competing with others the same type.

  • You can’t blame Davis for beating the shit out of Santa Cruz at any weight. That was purely Santa Cruz trying to move up in weight. And let’s not take anything away from Davis. He ko’d a guy who had never been ko’d in awesome fashion regardless of the weight.

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