Fury-Wilder III Press Conference

By Miguel Maravilla

The stage is set for WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury and former heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder as they stood face-to-face for the first time in over a year as they held the press conference in Los Angeles to announce their showdown. The champ was all fun as Wilder did not speak and was serious. Fury and Wilder will continue their rivalry on Saturday, July 24, live on pay-per-view from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

In what has become one of boxing’s latest heavyweight rivalries, Fury and Wilder first met in December of 2018 fighting to a wild draw. Last year in February in their rematch Fury knocked Wilder out. Now the two will square off for a third time.

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    • Wilder did knock him down 2x and even though it’s getting more popular the ref did give Fury extra time to recover. One could view it as 1-1. The 2nd one was not competitive but Fury changed his game 100%. I’m not sure anyone has ever seen any fighter do that. Can Wilder adjust? Can Wilder learn to fight backing up? If the answer is yes to either he can still ko him.

  • Around the 20:40 mark of the video:

    “What do you make of the fact that Deontay doesn’t want to answer any questions”

    Fury: “It shows how weak of a mental person he is”

    Probably about spot on.

  • So what happened to the video they were playing at the start? Not sure , but it was definitely Eddie Hearn’s fault!
    This pretty much sums up the whole event. No video , no one (by the sounds of it) actually turning up. Where’s Frank Warren and Shelly Finkell?
    Can’t make out Wilder. Is this a mind games thing or is it showing weakness? Wilder could do anything from actually go in there and KO Fury to pull out of the fight at the last minute.

  • Have you guys seen them trainng? Wilder looks amazingly sharp and with better balance and defensive moves.

    • True, but that is training. When the real fight happens people learning new tricks sometimes revert back to what they know during trouble. We’ll see.

  • Recon we will see Wilder boxing and jabbing as in the first Stiverne fight. If that works against Fury, don’t know.

  • Of course….you have to perform in the ring….talk is talk…..It just seems as if Wilder is weak mentally and Tyson just have that will to win….add that with his skillset…just don’t see a different outcome than the second fight…

    Wilder could improve by mixing his jab up, using it more, especially to the body…..throw body shots….typically if a boxer can punch, that boxer can hurt you even if they punch you in the the arms and shoulder….Wilder needs to throw body shots….

    just believe that you can not knock out every fighter, must be able to box effectively. Do not know if Wilder is capable of that against this opponent……more concerned about this mental state….most important part of any sport..rooting for Wilder…..just being realistic

  • I’m glad Wilder isn’t doing a lot of talking. It would be silly considering the last fight. He’s supposed to be more focus w/ the dark glasses & headphones etc but I tend to agree with Fury. Wilder looks good in training but he will revert back to what he does when he’s in trouble, big right hand. The fight is happening so obviously there is some validity to cheating on Fury’s part. Hopefully this fight will setting it once and for all.

    • Dark glasses and headphones aren’t signs that you’re more focused. Dark glasses and headphones are signs that you’re scared ****less, and don’t want to face what’s coming.

      And if you give any credence toward the notion that Fury ‘cheated’ in some fashion? You are remarkably ignorant of how professional fights are staged.

  • Yawn.
    Someone let me know when Fury and Joshua finally get their **** together. I’m not terribly interested in watching the Heavyweight Champion of Alabama getting his ass handed to him yet again.

  • Fans seem to forget that it was obvious in the 2nd fight that Wilder had his ear drum injured early on, affecting his performance going forward. Of course it was brought on by a Fury punch, but anyways, it must be difficult to continue with such an injury. I say this is very unlikely to happen again, there I believe Wilder will give a much better showing the 3rd fight. I still think Fury wins, as long as he is in good shape. But this time around, I don’t envision Fury taking him out so easily. I say Fury win via W12, or possibly a late round TKO at best. It’s amazing what the power of God can do for a man like Fury. Wilder. on the other hand, likes to think he is a god himself.

    • Good points. Make no mistake, Wilder dangerous at all times with that right hand. Boxer or not, he has some power in that right hand to upset the apple cart.

  • Sunglasses at face off to hide his eyes. Earphones so Fury can’t get in his head. Not talking VERY unlike Wilder. My takeaway: Wilder is broken by Fury(much like Jeff Lacy and Mikkel Kessler were never the same after Calzaghe fought them.

  • Boommbb Sqquauudd! Wilder knocks Fury out this time like he did in the first fight, so some of you need to stop saying its 2-0 Fury, when you know he got a long count. I think Wilder’s focused and not broken, and his new found boxing ability will set up the KO. Never mind Fury being in shape or not, if he’s not on tainted boar meat or using suspect gloves, his chances of winning are lessened.

  • At any weight, a puncher has a chance. At heavyweight, anything can happen. It’s going to come down to who gets hit when and where. I don’t go for that confidence or head game stuff. It’s not Ali vs. Foreman. These guys have met twice and have hurt each other. It’s going to come down to who made the adjustments and who studied the tapes. It’s the sweet science, remember. Can’t wait.

  • Fury is back to being a fat slob. he probably cheated in the rematch. this time the wilder camp will be watching him like a hawk, especially since they got rid of breland. wilder will bust through that soft, obese, overrated oaf and put and end to all discussion.

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