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Fury Vs Wilder 3 Press Conference (la)8
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

WBC Heavyweight World Champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury and former longtime heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder squared off for a long and intense face-to-face stare down Tuesday in Los Angeles at a press conference to preview their highly anticipated third world title showdown taking place Saturday, July 24 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and live on pay-per-view.

Fury-Wilder III Press Conference
Salita wins purse bid for IBF eliminator

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  • Fury will dominate Wilder again. Could be a sloppy fight though as I see Wilder trying to tie up every time Fury lands. Wilder confidence is shot n I believe after a few rounds he will fight a survivors fight. Fury confidence sky high will land at will in the middle rounds n stop Wilder around the 8th round.

  • Agree 100%. I think Tyson getting after that knock down in the first fight killed his confidence. He went into the second fight knowing Tyson can take his punch. The 3rd fight will go the same way as #2. I’m actually excited for this for some reason.

  • Its funny how many people are against Wilder. Any other generation people would be a fan. People have been saying Wilder is a joke for his last twenty fights and after every KO they say he was lucky. Then he finally does lose and everyone says I told you so. So fast to give other boxers chance after chance, but not Wilder. AJ loses to a heavy Ruiz and doesnt lose a fan. Fury at his best narrowly beats Klitschko then fails a post fight drug test and he becomes a hero. Keeping in mind they were going to strip him of the titles, but he choose to retire and vacated them. Fans even overlooked his match with Otto Wallin. Still Wilder who managed to win the bronze medal in the Olympics and held the HW title for over five years doesnt get any support. Lets also overlook the fact the Wilder didnt have to give Fury a rematch after the draw, but he did. Fury had his best showing in the last fight and put on a performance better and more dominant than anything he had ever done in the past. He said he would go right after Wilder and Im sure Wilder never trained for that. Now I would think he has trained there is a chance Fury could walk into a solid punch. Im not overlooking Furys chance in this match, but Im not writing Wilder off because of a bad showing. Any HW can land a game changing shot and personally I think thats what Fury did. He landed the best shot hes ever landed and it was early. I think this rematch could end up like their first match with either of them winning, but I wont throw out that either is guaranteed to quick fast win.

    • We gave others chances because they actually fought real opponents and not bums like wilder. First time wilder fought a real opponent he got exposed. Simple.

      • RealBoxingAnslyst
        since winning the title, Wilder has been exposed in most every fight…

    • @Derrick Yep, Wilder always has a puncher’s chance, and did drop Fury heavily in that first fight, even though I thought he lost. The busted eardrum in the second fight didn’t do Wilder any favors, and had to contribute to him looking as unsteady as he did for the rest of the fight. Fury is clearly the better overall fighter, but I wouldn’t quite consider this a lock for him. Still confident in a Fury win here. He’s just all wrong for Wilder.

  • Derrick

    I agree with your detailed and thoughtful post 100%.

    Not really a fan of either one of them based upon their attitudes and comments in the press.

    In my opinion during that last fight one of them had their best match in a long time(maybe ever) and one of them had their worst.

    This could be a great fight and I hope it is.

  • The first two fights were different to each other, who says this third fight won’t be something different we see? Wilder will be jabbing and boxing like in this fight like he did in the first Stiverne fight I recon. Whateve, looking forward to this.

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