Fury-Wilder Grand Arrivals

Fury Wilder Ga
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury and former heavyweight world champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder made their grand arrivals in Las Vegas Tuesday evening to officially kick off fight week for their highly anticipated heavyweight title trilogy showdown taking place this Saturday on PPV from T-Mobile Arena.

Tyson Fury: “You can go to college and get a master’s degree in nearly two years, so for a boxer, that’s very easy to do. No matter what Deontay Wilder does, I’m still going to knock him the fu*k out!”

Deontay Wilder: “I see me beating him up and then knocking him out. I’m going to put on a great performance Saturday night.”

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  • Here is where these gentlemen excel in their true natural skills; trash-talking. I think they should have a roasting segment against each other for 15 minutes and the winner gets a newly created WBC “trash-talking” belt. No PPV for this event, it’s free for a change. 🙂

  • I do believe Wilder is still concussed from Fury’s egg shaped knuckles. KO maybe, but Wilder will never out box Tyson Fury. First fight, Wilder was out boxed by an out of shape Fury, second fight Wilder was beat down from all four corners of the squared circle and dropped twice. No flying white towels on Saturday, If the right hand of Wilder doesn’t come home strong then its a Fury repeat.

  • Fury by ninth round TKO but he will have to come off the canvas at some point within the first five rounds to do it. Wilder is going to give it everything he’s got and will be leading after six rounds but I see him coming apart mentally after that.

    • What have you ever seen from Wilder to think he can win rounds? Unless we see something completely different from the first two fights, Wilder has to score the KO or buy off judges. He simply doesn’t box well enough to beat Fury that way.

      • Brainchild, it won’t be that Wilder will or can outbox Fury. We know he can’t, no matter how much he tries to improve. However he has so much emotion bottled up inside, I think he will come out guns blazing and put Fury in a defensive mode. He will simply win rounds because he will be the main one throwing while Fury is defending. That is why I say he will start to fold after six rounds. It will come from a combination of mental and physical fatigue. I do think he catches Tyson with a right hand and drops him, maybe round 3. As soon as Wilder hits the wall, Fury will open up offensively, eventually flooring him twice in the ninth round for the TKO.

    • Interesting. I just never saw Fury as so dominating in either fight. Sure he did dominate in the second fight but it looked to me that Wilder was outbid it from the start. No legs. No timing. Low energy. I don’t see Wilder cracking under pressure because I don’t see the pressure being that great. If anything, I see Tyson under pressure by round 10.

  • Wilder got a big right hand in at 2:09 of round 2 in the second fight, to get himself into that fight, but it didn’t do much. Fury laded a good straight right with :21 left in round 2, and Wilder seemed to know he was in trouble by backing off. The overhand right was Wilder’s big go to punch, but when he lets that fly, he needs to move in close, look for a good straight right immediately after that. He has to try to throw overhands rights that are sneaky, but he has to move in close or thinking another shorter right hand after those. Wilder had no left hook after right hands in 2nd Fury fight. He tried to throw some lead left hooks but didn’t do much landing with those. After 1:19 of round 3, Wilder seemed like he was going downhill. Some stiff jabs by Fury, and a right hand behind the head (1:08 of round 3), a right to the side of the jaw at :54 of round 3, and his legs were gone after :36 of round 3.

    • wilder would be unstoppable if he had had a long armature career. If he could parry and really jab and box, shitson…but alas, he is really flawed. Watch him trip and flop trying to go backwards is comical..like he was drunk. Really odd. Wilder came apart as soon as Fury refused to step back. When you watch the second fight, shut the sound off. It is boy against man. TF in 3

  • Fury in 3. May even end it in 2. If wilder is planning to box fury who is an extremely cerebral boxer, it will end sooner than 3. The only chance he has is to be very aggressive, back fury up and land the right hand otherwise fury will back him up and smash him to bits

    • Worst case, the fight is going to be a repeat of the first fight: Close with Fury winning the boxing match and Wilder the knockdown contest. Could end in a draw or close to it.

  • Deontay Wilder saying what he will do to Fury,is Exactly what Fury did to him 2nd fight….Wilder is Pathetic….

  • Malk Scott was knocked out by Wilder in 1, participated in a farcical fight with Ortiz where he fell over with unprecedented regularity and was schooled by Fury in training. He will not turn Wilder into a schooled boxer or teach how to how to fight under pressure. They seem to have beefed Wilder up to stop Fury bullying him like in the last fight instead of thinking of ways that he can beat Fury.

    • like it when comments are from smart boxing fans. Boxing is so difficult to love as much as I would like, but seeing intelligent comments helps to know boxing is not dead. Thank you. You know your shit.

    • Come on Peter, you never know. Malik Scott could turn out to be the next Freddy Roach, a HOF trainer who had a non stellar boxing career and guided boxer to multiple world championships……….. any believers, anyone……….. Buddy Mc Girt maybe. Seriously I hope that Malik refrains from throwing in the towel, just so Wilder can understand that protecting your fighter’s health/life is not the same as betrayal.

    • That alone doesn’t prove anything. A lot of trainers were not top level fighters. B or C level in many cases, if even that. And look at Ben Davison who helped Fury get where he is; never a pro boxer.

  • Wilder’s best chance is to be the wild free swinging fighter he was earlier in his career. There’s no way he can outbox Fury he will have to out hustle him and throw caution to the wind in 30 second bursts towards the end of rounds to try to steal rounds if he wants to win rounds and maybe get that right hand in at some point but he cant wait and rely on that.

    • Wilder has been saved by the right hand in a number of fights. Fury being 7 foot tall is hard to hit when he leans back. Wilder doesn’t set up punches, he just waits for the chance. He is not skilled, but very dangerous. If a boxer uses the skills of a boxer, Wilder is easy. If you try to stand and bang, he gets you because you are there to be hit. Step left, right, he is befuddled. Watch his past fights with the sound off. Silent viewing really reveals fighters skills or lack thereof.

  • Wilder will make this Hagler Hearns from round 1
    Wilder by vicious. Vicious k.O

  • There’s nothing Wilder can do to beat Fury. This fight is over when Fury decides it’s over. As for all the talk about Tyson not caring, could care less and disappearing from boxing because of his attitude; don’t buy the hype!

    Fury has played head games especially in the last several fights. He likes to make the opponent think he’s weak so they almost feel like the fight is in the bag for them. He did it with Klitschko(coming in to a press conference WAY overweight and proudly showing his huge gut.. only to come to the prefight press conference completely in shape. He put on a light fisted clinic in the first fight and then told Wilder he was going to bring the fight the second time and knock him the f*** out. Nobody believed him and even thought it was a joke. Fury has also off and on used mental illness as a vulnerability like his interest isn’t there, his want to keep boxing has left, etc… Wilder just isn’t in the same universe as Fury.

    • Fury is easily the smartest established heavyweight champ…however Uzyk is coming and he is maybe smarter

    • Good points. Could be. Ultimately he will have to fight better than Wilder seems prepared to and I suspect that won’t happen this fight. Going to be close in my view. Like the first fight.

  • these heavyweight boxers are as boring as watching a soap opera.

  • This should be a great fight. If Wilder comes out swinging he might KO Fury in the first round.. Very important for Wilder NOT fall into Fury’s traps. The longer the fight goes on the better chance Fury has. I have NO favorites in this fight.. Again should be a great one… I’m expecting KO … could come either fighter…

  • Looking to see a good scrap here. I may actually root for the under-dog, Wilder. We’ll see.

  • Fury was way ahead in first fight before 12rd knockdown. He then handled Wilder in 2nd. All logic says Tyson early yet the generally racist pundits pick Deontay. I say Fury in 3. Nuff said.

    • Spot on Kurtis. I’m done playing politically correct. The guy got owned both fights and Fury is WAY IN HIS HEAD. Anyone who thinks Wilder is gonna win.. much less dominate just isn’t working with a full deck of cards.

  • breland saved wilder by trowing in the towel fury will demolish wilder this time wilder should retire he has no legs no defense fury wins in the later rounds by tko

  • we might as well put the entire NBA in the boxing ring and let them duke it out. these 2 boxers are no different from seeing 2 basketball players fight on nba court. even canelo can knock out these 2 clowns they both slow as turtles

  • All wider has to is keep punching and he will win don’t let him hold on and lay on you that’s how he beat you the last time tried you out

  • That’s it?? That’s all they got for us in this article? What’s the point? Give us a little bit more information on the fight here. Anyways, most likely fury wins this third encounter. I see Wilder taking a few early chances in the fight, but with little success I see him turning cautious in an attempt to try and go the distance this time. Fury winner thru 12 rounds.

  • All we know for sure if the winner will be moving on to great things. Tyson is a two time world champion who is defending a title for the first time. Wilder is an exciting fighter with or without the belt. Saturday Fury will either be considered a great world champion or Wilder will prove everybody wrong. I wont call a winner because there are just too many unknowns with both of them.

  • Consider this: Deontay Wilder blamed Fury of cheating even when the athletic commission checks their gloves. However, WILDER AGREED TO FIGHT FURY IN THE STATE OF NEVADA FOR THE 3RD TIME! Is it me, or is someone full of s***???

  • I know in boxing there are no guarantees especially when both are big punchers. BUT in this case there is a 100 percent GUARANTEE that Tyson Fury WILL DESTROY Wilder…

  • Here’s the skinny. If it goes the distance, Fury almost definitely wins. However, Wilder always has a good chance for a KO. Also, Fury has been prone to cuts, so the fight could end by stoppage. I agree that Fury has the advantage, but not by much.

  • Wilder by 7th round KO. In the first fight, Wilder was totally befuddled by Fury’s height, reach, stance and herky-jerky movement. As he did against Klitsko, Fury made it an ugly, awkward fight, with neither man being able to establish any rhythm. He frustrated and confused Wilder with distance, while really doing nothing. Wilder finally caught Fury with a huge right in the 12th, and Fury showed his fighting spirit by getting up. Many people (myself included) expected the 2nd fight to be rounds 13-24 of the first fight, with Wilder attempting to walk Fury down to land the right-bomb, and Fury fighting off the back foot and making things awkward and ugly. Fury surprised everyone, especially Wilder, by taking the fight straight to Wilder, and beating the hell out of him. I believe that surprise factor is gone for the 3rd fight. Wilder will use a Malik Scott-instructed jab to keep Fury honest (even though it will not land) and Malik Scott-instructed athletic lateral movement to keep off the lumbering Fury. One of Wilder’s bombs will land, and Fury will unravel. Fury is slow and lumbering, and needs space and time to operate effectively. He may also be complacent. A mobile Wilder will cause problems.

    • Deji, I could see that happening. I don’t think it will but it is a possibility.

      • If Fury is in the right state of mind, he brutalizes Wilder. I re-watched their 2nd fight yesterday. At the end of one of the rounds, Fury looked at Wilder with such complete malevolence and dominance that it had nothing to do with boxing. It was an alpha male dominating and subjugating a weaker one, and Wilder wilted. If Wilder has shaken off that intimidation factor, and if Fury has some doubts, then we’ll have a fight. Otherwise, it’s another domination.

  • My original opinion was Fury by slaughter. Wilder not being able to get past that mental barrier of dropping Fury in first fight and Fury getting up and finishing strong. Second fight, Wilder was mentally defeated before they entered the ring and he was destroyed. I would now say Fury has a major mental edge. The problem Fury is facing is physicality. Coming off of several postponed fight dates with AJ and recently having Covid changes things considerably. Going with Wilder to out hustle Fury over the distance!

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