WBC Convention moved to Mexico City

The WBC has decided to proceed with their WBC Annual Convention in Mexico City from November 14-18 and will have extreme precaution and safety protocols in place to safeguard everyone’s health. The convention was originally announced for Thailand, then shifted to Cancun, before the final move to Mexico City.

* Full vaccination will be mandatory in order to attend and participate.
* PCR negative test prior to travel must be submitted.
* PCR test will be performed upon arrival to the host hotel.
* PCR test will be performed prior to departure back home.
* All events and places will have sanitation and hygiene protocols.

The dates are as follows:

November 14, All day: Arrival of the delegates
November 14, Evening: Opening cocktail
November 15: Opening of the convention
November 16 and 17: Meetings
November 18: Closing of the convention and departure

The WBC asks its members to kindly confirm their attendance as soon as possible due to the time restrictions in order to prepare everything.

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  • How can you ask people to be fully vaccinated if they already have the antibodies? In other words they recovered from it and developed antibodies far better than the vaccine could ever give? If they show negative test results why take the vaccine? Especially they have good immune system! And why should you worry about people who didn’t take it vs people who have taken it? And why worry about a virus that has a 98 percent recovery with people who have good body systems? Where is the logic?!

    • Abraham:
      – There is no logic.
      – The way the Media makes it sound, we’re tripping over dead bodies on the way to WalMart.

      • I don’t even know someone who has died from it. Definitely not tripping over the bodies. It’s fairly clear what is going on. If anyone dare mention that things aren’t adding they are ridiculed and shamed.
        Jack Kennedy actually warned this would happen in the speech titled “The President and the Press” also known as the “Secret Societies Speech”. Found a copy of the part in question


    • Hats off to the elite for being able to brainwash 98% of the worlds population into paying for their own Genocide. I believe Henry Kissinger had said something similar.

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      – Take his post down, please.

      • Why do they let you post? What makes you special whatever dude. You can’t accept someone else’s opinion ? Are you butthurt

        • Simple Sean:
          – I can accept someone’s opinion, no problem.
          – “Jake Paul is big fat pussy”. Now there’s an intelligent post.
          Question: What does your post have to do with the subject of “WBC Convention moved to Mexico City”?
          Answer: Nothing
          Reason: You are a boxing troll
          – “Are you butthurt” WTF is dat?
          – ChuckleHead…………..

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  • I don’t think Conor mcnutsack has very much talent either and another reason is cause who cares as a fight fan/commenter of the sport if the wbc moved their convention in pretty sure none of us are invited

  • I’d like to know the price for officials in order to make the necessary arrangements.

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