Fury-Usyk Final Press Conference

Fury Usyk Pc2
Photo: Queensberry Promotions

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (34-0-1, 24 KOs) refused to look at WBO/IBF/WBA heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) during the face-off following the final press conference for their PPV clash on Saturday at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Neither fighter had much to say during their turn at the mic. They were both very respectful and serious.

Tyson Fury: “I’m ready. I’ve got nothing to say apart from I’m ready for a good fight. And if it’s tough or easy, either way, I’ll be ready.”

Oleksandr Usyk: “I’m excited. I’m grateful for His Excellency, the reason this fight happened. Let’s make history!”

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  • Hopefully it won’t be a last-minute cancellation from Fury’s side. I honestly wish that, in all agreement, the sanctioning bodies forbid the immediate rematch clause, at least if there is a valid justification.

    • Fury has his fake eye injury makeup kit with him just in case he changes his mind at the last minute.

  • The key to this fight will be Usyk not getting drawn in to any engagement where Fury can hold him, lean on him, and catch him on the break. Usyk is probably the only heavyweight boxer alive who has the footwork and movement to ensure this never happens. Lateral movement to get out of range every time Fury comes in to hold. Fury *has* to hold Usyk to drain his strength, and to rest. Also, apart from the Dylian White uppercut KO, which was a fluke at center-ring, Fury has a single signature go-to move: get his man against the ropes, then throw a STRAIGHT 1-2 combo. Straight left is HUGE, because of Fury’s reach and weight. While his opponent is trying to avoid the straight left, he quickly follows it with a straight right, which is like being hit with the end of a tree. I believe Usyk is intelligent enough to know all this, and can pitch an agile shut-out on an increasingly frustrated and desperate Fury. But Usyk also appears to be vulnerable to a body shot…

    • Fury wont be able to hold him Usyk will slip away or shrug him off Fury will be surprised by Usyk’s strength of body and mind and wont be able to keep him off ,I see Usyk operating in the pocket maybe even bullying and backing Tyson up to a clear points decision or TKO.

      • I think Fury is physically very strong. If he gets a hold of you, it’s hard to extricate yourself. The exception to this was ngannou, who manhandled Fury on the inside like a child. I think Fury was shocked by Ngannou’s physical strength

      • Very possible outcome. I think if there’s a stoppage, it will be Usyk stopping Fury on his feet. That will be pretty hard to do. The fight is in Saudi Arabia and I think that the Saudi want the loser to go out on their shield.

    • Good post, except this part:

      “But Usyk also appears to be vulnerable to a body shot…”

      They try to say that because Usyk once got dropped by a LOW BLOW which they try to rebrand as a “body shot”.

      • From what I’ve read, although Usyk had a stellar amateur career (of course! that’s where his skill comes from) in the amateurs, Usyk was stopped twice by body shots. But he did stand up well to Joshua’s body attack

  • For once, the big lummox Fury has his big mouth shut. It will be interesting to see him hiding behind his height advantage, as he’s being outboxed and outsmarted, by a better, more athletic fighter. Usyk not the usual slug that Fury fights at a blistering pace of one fight a year maybe.

    • How does one hide behind a height advantage? It feels like it would be harder to hide behind a tall height.

  • Tyson Fury at his best wins easily. I don’t think this goes the distance…

  • I rate fury and usyk along with Lennox Lewis rocky Marciano and riddick bowe gene tunny jack dempsey and vitali klitshko the best of all time . These are in no particular order. These fighters are battle proven. Please don’t give me all the bums that sustained loss after loss and beat down after beat down like mike tyson and ali.

    • Joe Louis should be in there. Ali also as losses came after past his prime.

  • I’m taking Fury by tko in 12.

    Usyk while great is just way undersized. He’s also the older fighter and Fury has always had great stamina for a giant.

    Jab, jab, jab, hold, lean on usyk jab, jab, jab, big right hand. Fury will hold and lean on usyk every time he slips a jab and gets inside .

    Wash rinse repeat, usyk will get worn down and stopped.

    Usyk will have some moments early But this fight will look a lot like the steve cunningham fight.

    • Steve, I agree about Fury holding too much in fights. Yet, no referee has ever done crap about it. Holding is not boxing. Slipping and laterally moving away from an opponent is boxing to prevent holding.

  • Hmmmmm. Interesting. I have not been keeping up with Fury’s training So I did not notice how slim he was going to be. Fury can normally fire 3 shots in quick succession (jab-straight-hook or jab-straight-uppercut) from both sides of the plate, but it’s not sustainable(no climate change). As the rounds go on, the combos appear less and less and he becomes flat-footed.

    I believe that Usyk’s combos are a major concern. If Fury fires 3 shots, Usyk can start his combo after the second shot and fire 5 back, winning the exchange. Plus, Usyk can fire combos all fight long. Fury is afraid of getting outworked and rightfully so.

    I would have thought that Fury would come in with his regular weight and maul his way through the fight and aim for a late finish.

    This changes my thoughts on the fight. Fury is going to fight like he did against Klitschko, few combos here and there, staying on the outside with plenty of movement and turning at every chance. He’s naturally heavier now and coming in this light might not yield the results he’s expecting. Recovery between exchanges typically slows down as we get older and dropping in weight won’t help reverse the clock.

    Usyk can take this fight by decision by outboxing Fury. One or 2 rounds in the first half, then cranking up the heat from the 7th forward. If there’s a stoppage, it would be Usyk by TKO. Other than that, this fight is going to the cards and it will be better than I originally thought.

  • taking place is a “country “ where women are considered lower than dogs. Not sponsoring toilet dictatorships

    • Now tell us about America and all the Big Noses running out government

  • Fury after the fight: “My mistake was losing too much weight and getting weak. I’ll be totally different for the rematch. I’ll destroy that little rabbit!”

    Meanwhile John Fury will be wandering the halls looking for some little fellow who is looking the other way so he can head butt him.

  • Usyk is the better all-around athlete comparing the two. Fury will win by UD. Here is my analysis.
    Fury will hold Usyk 45% of the fight with no warnings from the referee once they engage on the inside. Fury’s hidden weapon is holding and laying on opponents which is not boxing. Fury’s long jab will dictate most of the rounds. Usyk will have his moments, but Fury’s rough house tactics will offset Usyk’s pace.

    • Scooby-Doo honestly have you ever picked a winner on this board. You had wilder destroying fury and the list goes on and on. I am laying my money on usyk now. It’s a guaranteed winner since you are picking fury.

      • Also like Usyk- there is a reason it took so long for this fight to be made. Fury knows how difficult this fight would be for him and didn’t really want it. Many good heavyweights were the same size as Usyk and did well against taller opponents.

      • I am 50% on accuracy with picks…..In another posting on this website, I said Fury by UD. Reach, size, etc…will rack up points.

        • Wilder’s power was why I picked him beating Fury. I was wrong. No big deal. It’s the fun of it by making predictions.

      • Ricardo, if you win with your betting skills, be sure to enjoy an ice cold beer on my behalf. 🙂

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