Fury says he’ll box UFC champ Miocic

Unbeaten former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has accepted an offer of a boxing match with UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. “Stipe says he wants to box me, that would be a good fight for sure. After I get Wilder out of the way, I’ll fight Stipe in a boxing match if he wants it. It would be a big crossover fight like Mayweather and McGregor,” Fury told mtkglobal.com. “I’m open to that fight so he should come and see me. It would be the same outcome for any of them, they’ll all get smashed.”

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  • Tyson Fury is awesome and hilarious. If he beats Deontay Wilder in the rematch, then yes, I could see him pulling a Mayweather/McGregor exibition.

    I’m sure we all agree that Mayweather’s win against McGregor is not technically a 50th win for Mayweather right? I got him at 49-0 still.

    • Fury’s mechanics as a fighter is so odd. He moves very well and is very elusive, but lacks that “big man” power most big guys possess. The way he fought in his very last fight, I am not so sure he will sneak past Wilder. I was not impressed.

    • No one cares what you have him at. It was a boxing match and Mayweather won. Before the fight many thought the 28 year old taller, stronger, longer reach knock out artist Mac could beat the 42 yr old May and when May won then all of a sudden it’s not a real match

  • There is no way in hell Wilder wins a rematch legit. His boxing IQ is dormant. Fury is a ring general.. I assure fury took more away as far as knowledge of how to win easily next time.

    • I can agree with that Caligula. Fury was beating him. Fury already has alot more skill than Wilder. The one thing that Fury cannot train for is the same thing that cost him that last fight and that is a suspect chin. Although he did get him, next time he might not be so lucky.

      • Tony, excellent point! Fury knows Wilder can level him with one right hand regardless of who is ahead on points. Wilder will step-it-up this time against Fury and land more punches earlier in the rounds should they have a rematch. Fury looked lazy and the sluggish in his very last match against a no-name fighter who created problems for him at times. Not really impressed……

    • Fury has such a high iq but he was so scared he had to stack his corner and even adding hofer Freddy Roach to the corner! Deontay kept his same corner came in weighing 211lbs and still put the giant on his ass and back twice! A 220lb Wilder will time him and take him out. That is, IF he beats the dangerous Ortiz

  • Miocic is too heavy handed.. But the bigger gloves proved to be an issue for McGregor.. So we will see

  • Laughable.
    Miocic is a C level boxer and couldn’t beat any of Fury’s opponents that i can think of.
    But, an MMA fight could be a different story

  • Could change my mind after Ortiz but I get the feeling (if they fight each other) Wilder will manage to get the KO. I have said before that Fury fights better when he feels under threat – and he may see Wilder as more of a threat this time around – but I get the feeling that Wilder wants the rematch more because he knew what he did wrong last time and feels he can put it right.

    • It hasn’t though because it is real competition! Plus doesn’t the UFC have many of its star fighters descending into the ranks of pro wrestling? Caine Valasquez, Ronda Rousey etc?! Didn’t Brock Lesner come from pro wrestling to become the UFC hw champ? Didn’t another pro wrestler go to the UFC? Who has more fighters in Wwe?

  • I doubt Fury steps back in the ring with Wilder. He doesn’t want the fight. He outweighed Wilder 60lbs and still got stretched. Even Fury’s wife is scarred of a Wilder fight. He did good playing patty-cakes with Wilder up until…

    • You hit it right on the head! Fury is a great boxer but his same tricks won’t work the next fight with wilder and he won’t even have a sixty lb advantage

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