Fury praises Paul Bros; breath of fresh air

By TMZ.com

Not every boxing superstar hates Logan and Jake Paul … ’cause heavyweight champion Tyson Fury tells TMZ Sports the two brothers have been AWESOME for the sport!!! Remember, Canelo Alvarez felt the exact opposite when he spoke to us about the YouTubers-turned-fighters back in December 2020 … saying they were being “disrespectful” to boxing.

But, the Gypsy King couldn’t be more kind about Logan and Jake … saying, “I’ve been pretty impressed with the Pauls — both of them — to be fair, they’ve been a good breath of fresh air to the boxing scene. Fantastic, guys. Well done if you’re watching.”

After all, both brothers have been able to put on a show — Logan just went 8 rounds with Floyd freakin’ Mayweather … and Jake most recently KO’d former UFC star Ben Askren.

Very kind words coming from the 30-0-1 fighter, but don’t get it twisted — Fury thinks his little brother, Tommy will completely wreck Jake if they ever get in the ring together.

“I think Tommy knocks him out cold. I think [Jake’s] a decent fighter for sure. But, I know Tommy’s a dynamite puncher.”

Tommy has been going back and forth with Jake for months … and even told us back in April he thinks Paul is a “massive p***y.”

Jake’s busy prepping for his fight with Tyron Woodley … but it’s clear Tyson wants his brother to get a piece next.

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  • Fury, like everyone else, is entitled to an opinion. Unfortunately, we may not agree.

    • True! I don’t agree either. But I do think Tyson Fury is a massive breath of fresh air.

      • Fury is a massive breath of hot air, like a fart basically. This nandrolone chump is a walking contradiction.. And of course he would say that these two are good for boxing. They already have better resumes than Fury does.

        • Dude… do you know anything about nandrolone? Tyson Fury doesn’t have a nandrolone enhanced body at all. In fact, he couldn’t look different than an oral anabolic user. I think he once tested positive for an ester to nandrolone, but it wasn’t a failed test.

          • Not saying he is taking it now, but that he and his cousin did and got caught. Also, name another hall of fame boxer on his resume? Other than Wilder and Klitschko. You can’t. Because he has fought mostly bums his entire career. So let’s recap. PEDs user, No title defenses. Terrible resume. Kisses men in the ring. And you guys support this fraud????

        • It sucks that such a fat chump actually not only handles super cool trained and tattooed guys but actually beats them?

          • Sucks even more that the fat chump has 0 title defenses and got caught taking PEDs in his biggest fight.

    • Knowing Fury he’ll probably disagree with his own opinion next week – if not sooner

  • I get the feeling that some here are offended by the Paul Brothers existence. I really don’t have a problem with them pursuing their dream, and making a lot of money in the process. I’ve watched each of their fights so far, and plan on watching the Paul-Woodley fight as well. Not expecting Ali-Frazier, but it could be a fun fight. I don’t expect Jake to accept a Tommy Fury fight anytime soon. He can make plenty of money fighting NBA, MMA, and other known athletes from outside the boxing world. If I were his promoter/manager, seeing the money he’s been making, I’d probably continue down that same path. It’s working.

    • Good afternoon. On a side note, I think Streetbeefs on Youtube is more entertaining to watch than the over-inflated Pauls being in the spotlight with the next circus show. However, everyone has their endeavors in life. Have a great day today.

      • Fair enough. I would never pay to watch either of them, but I’ll always catch the YouTube replay….and judging by the number of comments their fights usually get on this forum, I suspect most here do the same. I can definitely see why some would be put off by them, but I’m willing to watch.

  • If you’re gonna knock the Paul brothers, then you’re gonna have to knock the great Floyd Mayweather! Money May made over $100 million “fighting” an MMA guy who was in his pro boxing debut. How on earth the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved that “fight” I’ll never know.

    • Actually, if folks would not invest, the demand drops or goes away. I have not spent a dime yet for such conjecture. I am saving my cash for real matchups to see. Your mileage may vary.

    • Because they knew it wasn’t a real fight. Also a few dollars probably thrown the commissions way. You may not like Mayweather, but he is smart enough to get people to believe they are paying for something other than a well rehearsed circus act. Pro wrestling has been using the format for years-Mayweather has just improved on it.

  • If Jake fights a famous heavyweights brother, and wants to accept the reasonable small steps up in talent he should fight the mediocre (at best) fighter in Marcellos Wilder on a free broadcast as a special feature such as the opener on a Showtime new generation going 6 or 8 rounds. Marcellos has been inactive since his KO loss but also was considered a “real” boxer although it’s only because he was also a athlete who started late and was connected to Deontay. He has enough raw talent and a handful of fights like Jake and that would be a proper test fight before he consider a step up to Tommy Fury level. Otherwise he can just make the big money fighting MMA guys with big names. But I won’t PAY to watch him.

    • I like the Wilder idea. He’s an actual boxer, albeit not a very good one, and that might be a winnable fight for Paul. The Wilder name carries some weight. There might be some interest in that.

    • I dunno, I’m thinking Logan Paul vs Charlie Zelenoff is a real fight. If you want to have two YouTube Fighters go at it for real, that’s the fight to make. Zelenoff has got some speed and pop in his punches and loads up so either he’s getting knocked unconscious by Logan, or he’s knocking Logan cold. I would favor the better brother Jake over Charlie though. Charlie versus Logan is a 50-50 fight.

  • Fury, a glorified YouTuber himself in skill, has an opinion about the pathetic Paul brothers, that is no more relevant to me than an attempt by Donald Trump, to talk about the migration patterns of the Monarch butterfly. Just not something I care about!

  • Fury is simply trying to get a piece of the Paul Brother pie for this Tommy guy.

  • Fury will have a different view next time. I think Fury is both good and bad for the sport. His Jeckyll and Hyde banter is good but his inactivity and the crap with AJ is not.

    I think it all depends on how you view it re the Paul brothers etc. It can certainly raise the sports profile which can only be good for the fighters purses. But the purist doesn’t want all the other bits that go with it.
    What is sad is that you get real fights like the recent Light Welter Undisputed fight which seem to get less attention and promotion than these match ups.

  • I think Fury just sealed his fate he will get knocked out and I like Fury. Same thing happened to my fellow 305 native Jorge Masvidal! The second he hung out with the Paul bro’s I knew he was doomed and Usman made sure of that!

  • >