Fury outweighs Whyte by eleven pounds

Tyson Fury Vs Dillian Whyte Faceoff Wide
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Tyson Fury 264.8 vs. Dillian Whyte 253.25
(WBC heavyweight title)

*Some confusion about Fury’s weight. Ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. initially announced Fury’s weight as “264 pounds, 13 ounces.” He quickly amended Fury’s weight to “263 pounds, 13 ounces.” Turns out Jimmy had it right the first time.

Ekow Essuman 146.5 vs. Darren Tetley 145.75
Isaac Lowe 125.25 vs. Nick Ball 125.5
Tommy Fury 177.75 vs. Daniel Bocianski 175
David Adeleye 232.4 vs. Chris Healey 282
Royston Barney-Smith 132 vs. Constantin Radoi 132
Karol Itauma 175.75 vs. Michal Ciach 175.75
Kurt Walker 129 vs. Stefan Nicolae 127.4

Venue: Wembley Stadium, London
Promoter: Queensberry, Top Rank
TV: PPV, ESPN+ (undercard)

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  • Fury and Whyte both look ready. Looking forward to this. Heavyweights, can go either way, up to about round 8, if later Whyte is in trouble.

  • David Adeleye looks to be bulking up. Opponent has a terrible record though, that really spoils it.

  • He was 277 for the second Wilder fight, but that was probably to press his advantage even more in that one. Probably a good idea to lose a bit in this one. Whyte is up from the second Povetkin fight, that’s probably a good idea too.
    The rest of that card is absolutely useless.

  • I was right Whyte is a good fighter although I wish he was a little lighter. But its clear Tyson Fury will decide the winner here. Best wishes James

      • Right weight is a big factor. Every HW has a best fighting weight. Any one knows boxing knows that.

    • You can come in too heavy like Tony tubbs,buster Douglas & become target practice or too light like David haye & be thrown around the ring like I throw your mother around.. just kidding 😉

  • Fury’s back side of his body is kind of weird, seems that his crack begins right under his shoulder blades, weird SMH.

    • Crunches and sit-ups don’t give you abs, low body fat does. Have you ever seen Fury ripped before?? He may have done 50,000 sit-ups during camp but it’ll never show because someone his size has a hard time getting such low body fat %. Also, who cares? The guy was over 400 pounds at one point and is now in the 260’s. Quite the achievement.

  • Sorry, I will watch the pirate upload after the fight is over. Can’t see spending all my allowance money on this one. 🙂

  • I think it’s the worst undercard on a major title fight so far this year.. Sorry but I won’t buy it, and please don’t reply about my financial situation it has nothing to do with it !
    We die hard boxing fans have to make sometimes a statement to the promoters and broadcasters because boxing is going to die with the prices they ask for shitty PPV cards..
    Don’t take us for idiot’s..

    • I can’t recall an undercard this bad for a major title fight in recent or not so recent memory. You’re gonna have 90,000 or more fans on hand and others shelling out to see it on PPV, and this is the best you can do.

      • When the main event takes all the money this is the undercard you get

  • This fight will end when TF wants it to end. TF is as exciting and elusive as Muhammad Ali…

  • Easy fight for Fury mark my words
    Whyte is way below this guy in everything that matters

  • Fury looks absolutely pathetic. I’m offended as a long time fan of the Sweet Science that he doesn’t even have enough respect for the sport to train well enough to lose that tire around his waist. The man wears his butt on his back. Unbelievable. Quite a low point in heavyweight boxing history we’re witnessing with this guy representing himself as a “champion”.

    • It’s a fight not a bodybuilding competition. Fury is an excellent fighter with a bad physique, Joshua is an ok fighter with a great physique. Fury has a better gas tank. Fernando Vargas never had any muscle tone until he fought oscar and that didn’t do him any good.

    • Sorry, but muscles don’t win fights. Like Willis said, it’s not a bodybuilding competition. The man once weighed over 400 pounds and is now in the 260’s. Who gives a shit what he looks like, he’ll box circles around any every HW out there.

  • Some of the strongest men in the world do not have great looking bodies.

  • Genetics has a lot to do with muscularity. Irish Travelers are not known to be naturally ripped with muscles. Tyson Fury & former heavyweight champ Mike Weaver obviously have different genetics. Weaver was born ripped!

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