Fury-Ngannou world title status

WBC President Mauricio Suliaman has clarified the details of the Fury-Ngannou fight.

“Last night it was announced that heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will be fighting in Saudi Arabia against the UFC’s former champion in a ten round fight. He asked for special permission from the WBC. As you know, Fury did everything possible to fight Usyk since December of last year, has tried everything possible to fight Joshua, to fight against Andy Ruiz…anyway he wasn’t able to land a top-tier fight and because of that, and not having an official challenger, he has been granted permission to do a fight on October 28 in Saudi Arabia.”

So Fury’s next fight will be a ten round, non-title affair.

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  • YES!!!!! I’m hopeful this fight takes place. I’m not just a boxing fan but a UFC fan as well. Dana White treats those fighters like dirt and underpays them. If Francis can get this fight it sends a message to other UFC fights to take ownership of their career while in their prime. Of course Fury wins but Francis will make a ton losing. I don’t see why boxers and UFC fighters can crossover every now and then. We’re all going to watch.

    • The largest hurdle with cross overs comes down to fans and how one sided we are. It takes a lot for Dana to allow a UFC fighter to box. When he sees boxing fans ripping apart fights because many have blinders and only see boxing as a real sport he doesnt see any money in the fight. The only exception so far has been conor and floyd. As far as the pay structure with UFC goes its low, but clear and outlined. I think they are really under paid for the most part, but it is nice that there is one and only one promotor (white) and fights get made.
      Im a casual UFC watcher and a boxing fan, but I can appreciate this fight since its the top UFC hw vs the top boxing hw. unfortunately most boxing fans will crap on these fights and anyone who posts something positive about it. As you see your comment has one up and one down and there is nothing wrong with anything you posted.

      • I never base what I say as right or wrong based on ups and downs on this site. I just give my opinion which are usually fact. Here is a fact, as much as haters complain about Mayweather exhibitions he’s making millions. Haters are also fans who can’t seem to stop commenting whenever he fights as if someone is forcing them to watch. This has 31 comments and counting trust me there is interest in this fight not just from boxing fans but MMA fans. It’s terrible that Dana is the primary promoter because he plays favorites which goes against your claim that he’s somewhat consistent. Never trust boxing fans. As much as they complain and whine they’re going to watch Fury vs Francis. These are the same folks who have probably said after a terrible decision, “I’m never going to watch boxing again.” Anyone who is complaining about this match given we’ve been gifted with so many super fights is just ungrateful in general.

    • Make these chump boxers fight in the ufc then . That makes more sense . It’s obvious whose scared of that

      • Sean, why would they want to fight in the UFC and make no money? It’s ALL ABOUT MONEY. That’s why its a one sided trip from UFC to Boxing. UFC fans are of a younger demographic, are drunks, and know nothing about boxing or MMA. They’re there for the party. UFC/MMA cannot complete financially with boxing…not even close. Period.

        • One sport is subsidized by the UAE government. The other is subsidized by the Saudi Arabian government.

        • “and make no money”

          You got some data to back that statement up?

          I haven’t heard of anyone on the UFC roster fighting for free.

          • It’s no secret UFC fighters make chump change compared to boxers.

        • I’m not really for boxers goin to ufc but these fights in the boxing ring are just stupid, it’s not competitive, I could beat Francis in a boxing match why would I want to see him fight the champ? He’s never boxed in his life

      • Sean, why make? Fury wasn’t out there wanting an mma fight. He clearly said he wouldn’t go into something he’s not familiar with and admitted he would get his ass kicked. Ngannu is the one who has said he wants to be a professional boxer.

        • Fury said he would fight Velazquez in the UFC when Cain was champ.

          Of course he could claim that because he knew it would actually happen.

        • So if Lebron James wants to fight Fury next are they gonna make that happen too and if not why not it’s the same thing

    • I get it but you must admit that these are very “indirect” reasons for wanting to see this fight happen.

    • Don’t bet on it Hawn, I wouldn’t watch it even if it was free.

    • Personally, I’d rather see UFC/Belator/One/Rizen/PFL crossovers in MMA and WBO/WBA/WBC/IBF crossovers in boxing.

    • No, we are NOT all going to watch. 5 years ago, the heavyweight division promised to deliver a whole series of top fights. Apart from the Fury-Wilder circle line tour, no other fights have generated the sort of pre-fight anticipation that we were told were going ti happen. Wilder-Joshua, Fury-Joshua etc…..
      Fury-Ngannou? I’d rather watch bread go mouldy; bit like heavyweight boxing really…..

    • Boxing fans paying for this are telling Sulaiman it’s OK to bilk the public with fake exhibition sparring sessions. Boycott Fury!

  • “Fury did everything possible to fight Usyk since December of last year, has tried everything possible to fight Joshua, to fight against Andy Ruiz”

    BS. This Sulamain creep is worse than Greedy Belly himself.

    • Rubbish, Fury tuned down an offer from Usyk that included a clause that gave a large donation to Ukraine if he lost and wouldn’t agree to a return fight.

  • “As you know, Fury did everything possible to fight Usyk since December of last year, has tried everything possible to fight Joshua, to fight against Andy Ruiz…”,

    He’s the champ and no one else wants his belts.

    I didn’t expect that.

  • WBC just wants the money ….it’s a money grab for those involved and garbage fight for the fans

  • Ten rounds is more an exhibition than anything else, but Fury should put his feet on the ground and behave as man, as a real world champion and put aside those ridiculous demands. There are plenty of decent opponents that qould be more than glad to fight him, two of them: Makhmudov and Zhang, but he seems ro be afraid of risky challenges and his best option to avoid them is asking for impossible demands

  • “As you know, Fury did everything possible to fight Usyk since December of last year, has tried everything possible to fight Joshua, to fight against Andy Ruiz…anyway he wasn’t able to land a top-tier fight and because of that.” This is hysterical, and what does he even mean, he tried everything possible to get these fights and that’s why he couldn’t get them? This moron isn’t even making sense, but of course it’s probably hard to do so when you’re telling lies at the same time.

    • Your guess is as good as mine, it’s not professional boxing if you only have one boxer in there I know that

    • What happens if Fury is caught cold and gets K.Od ? Does the title become vacant, and does it count as a loss on his record? Or is still just a very expensive exhibition?

  • What a lame comment, “Fury did everything possible to fight Usyk” what BS, The Gypsy Drama Queen did everything possible to avoid fighting Usyk with his unreasonable demands, media comments, by his own admission that he did not want to fight Usyk saying there was no point in it.

  • Fury just like the Klitschko brothers belongs in a SUPER HEAVY WEIGHT division NOT in the heavy Weight division.
    He has impressive boxing skills that is indisputable, but his size & weight advantage is too much for competitive Heavy Weight fights.
    The heavy weight division would IMMEDIATELY become more competitive & MUCH more interesting if giants like Fury were given their own weight division & excluded from fighting normal heavy weights.

    • I’ve been saying that for years, tc! Whereas the lighter weight classes are separated by ridiculous 2 or 3 pounds, and light heavyweight now encompasses all of 7 pounds, 169-175, a man who weighs 201 is supposed to be in the same division as the giants who are a head taller and 50, 60, 100 pounds heavier.

      Now they toy around with a stupidly named “bridgerweight” division which helps, but the whole antiquated boxing weight classification system should be revamped on a logical basis with percentage increments from one class to the next.

    • Wlad and Vitali often fought guys much heavier than they were. That’s not the case with Fury.

    • No.. As a boxing fan, UFC offers way more exciting match ups and fights.

  • This fight should’ve taken place on the undercard of the midsummer classic,

  • If it’s one round of fight in boxing, then the next round in MMA, that’d be cool. Otherwise, how would an MMA fighter beat a boxer in boxing? Ask a boxer to challenge Jon Jones, or even a Volkanovski to a fight in MMA. What do you think will happen? I don’t get these types of match ups. It’d be fine if the fighters agree to fight in both boxing rules and a separate bout with the MMA rules.

  • This is THEE prime example as to why we look at Mauricio Sulaimán as a joke. He’s unrepentantly full of sh*t.

    Fury was only looking for the biggest financial deal with the least amount of risk. Nganou is outgunned, outskilled and way too green to pose any serious threat.

  • So the ‘Gypsy Queen’ tried everything to make the Usyk fight?

    Now THAT has to be the biggest JOKE of the century!!!!!!!! She’s running scared of Usyk….

  • I guess the #1 heavyweight badminton player wasn’t available. Fury tried everything he could to get the best guys out there to fight him but none of them were willing to fight for free. What can he do but fight someone who has never boxed before?

  • The WBC are certainly gonna release some shitty belt for this fight, guesses on the name anyone……

  • I hope Ngannou chins him. I know he won’t but I hope he does.

  • A ten-round sparring session to bilk mainly MMA fans and a few stray Fury fanatics.

  • Tyson is a brave man to fight Angannou. MMA greats have tried and felt that power. Maybe Fury can box him till the later rounds and tire him out. Don’t think 10 rounds is a good idea. Good luck.
    Ronnie Miller
    Magnolia Springs Alabama

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