Fury-Ngannou Odds

These boxing matches between boxers and MMA fighters will likely continue to be one-sided – and people will likely keep ordering the PPVs. And with viewership come wagers. So with no further ado, here are some props for Saturday’s fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou courtesy of BetOnline.ag.

Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury
Francis Ngannou +700 (7/1)
Tyson Fury -1250 (2/25)
Note: These odds equate to a 92.6% chance of Fury winning.

Exact Outcome
TKO 4/7 (-175)
KO 3/2 (+150)
Unanimous Decision 13/2 (+650)
Split Decision 25/1 (+2500)
DQ 35/1 (+3500)
Majority Decision 40/1 (+4000)

Direct links to the bout can be found at https://www.betonline.ag/sportsbook/boxing/bouts/bouts, while lines for fight props can be found at https://www.betonline.ag/sportsbook/futures-and-props/boxing-props/francis-ngannou-vs-tyson-fury.

Fury-Ngannou weights
Fight Club OC results

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  • “……and people will likely keep ordering the PPVs.”
    – Because they are idiots…….

  • I was thinking, what “if” I place $100 on Nogannu for sh*ts and giggles? He wins and I’m $700 richer. However, I came to my senses. If “if” was a spliff I’d rather roll it up and smoke it.

    • Smarter bet may be to drop a few on a DQ. 35/1 I ca see Ngannou getting rocked and resorting to his MMA training.

  • Ngannou is pretty slow with his punches and there is nothing Iron Mike can teach him in six weeks that will change the outcome of this fight. It’s the fun money fight before Tyson has to get serious against the Ukrainian.

  • Ya the real bet is which round Fury knocks him out.

    Ngannou is strong but slow with wide punches that he telegraphs.

    A better opponent for him would be Makhmudov. I would probably watch that fight. Both strong with terrible technique. Hahaha

  • This bout should never be sanctioned. Tyson fury is the most powerful boxer in the world against a guy who can’t punch his way out of a paper bag.

    • Not really a smart bet-as the old timers said that is like risking a forest to win a toothpick.

  • >