Fury-Ngannou weights

Tyson Fury 277.7 vs. Francis Ngannou 272.1

Tyson Fury Vs Francis Ngannou Pose2
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Fabio Wardley 241 vs. David Adeleye 232
Fabio Wardley Vs David Adeleye Pose2
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Joseph Parker 250.1 vs. Simon Kean 255.1
Joseph Parker Vs Simon Kean Pose
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Arslanbek Makhmudov 260 vs. Junior Anthony Wright 229.5
Makhmudov Wright Pose
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Moses Itauma 236.1 vs. Istvan Bernath 257.1
Martin Bakole 299.4 vs. Carlos Takam 257

Venue: Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Promoter: Top Rank, Queensberry

Foster, Hernandez make weight
Fury-Ngannou Odds

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    • PaulIQ,

      I saw him fight live and he is strong as an ox, not very technically sound tho.

      I would like to see him step up his competition though because he just overpowers his opponents.

      Also that head twitch drove me nuts! But I wouldn’t tell him that to his face.

  • Francis Ngannou getting knocked out early. MMA fighters don’t transition well to boxing. It’s way different than ground and pound.

    • Yep, makes sense. In addition, Fury basically stroking his ego promoting this matchup like it’s a world class prize fight. Reminds me when Fury fought Chisora in 2022. That fight was simply a predictable sparring match so Fury could hand Chisora a paycheck and suckers would pay to see it.

  • Arslanbek looks like a giant compared to Wright. Not bad undercard, but still not worth paying. At all.

    • Price is 9.99 euro. Dont have a day job? Price is good and i pay it like you said because of the undercard and bonus is that i hopefully see a ufc champion knocked the f out in round 2.

    • It’s a terrible mismatch – and it isn’t even listed on Boxrec.

  • I didn’t even know Bakole – Takam was on this card and Bakole comes in at basically 300lbs. You pick Bakole on paper, but if he’s lazy and slow as hell Takam will beat him. You don’t play with that man.

    • Most heavyweights now days are in piss poor shape. There is no logical reason for Bakole to be almost 300 pounds. He is just lazy and I hopes he loses .

      Well Takam is around 6’1 and there is no reason for him to be 260 either.

      • In Takam’s defense, he’s heavily muscled. I saw the footage for this weigh-in and, as usual, he is in fantastic shape.

    • Lucie, Bakole is a really good fighter. He beat Yoka, made him look bad. But his weight is so bad for this fight.

    • How can’t you say wardley and adelade isn’t a great fight can’t beat a british heavyweight title fight between too exciting contenders

  • The main fight may be a farce, but the undercard is packed, and some good fights.

  • Undercard is kind of interesting but i wouldn’t buy it for 80 dollars ! It reminds me of Kurt Cobain talking about the 80 dollars a ticket Madonna was asking for lol ! Nirvana at that time were asking for 25 dollars !

  • Guys, I don’t think his going to be a walk in the park for fury. Nnganou is not stupid. He’s bloody 272lbs of solid muscle and can punch. Fury is 277 of blubber. Fantastic blubber but without the fat he would be about 230

    • The problem is that Nnganou, while strong and powerful, isn’t a very technical boxer. He was getting outboxed pretty bad in his last MMA fight and had to take the guy down to win a boring decision.

  • It kills me every time I see a photo of Mahkmudov. The guy barely looks human, in fact, he doesn’t! The poor guy he’s fighting doesn’t stand a chance! He knows he’s just in there to get crushed. The biggest mistake he could make is to go in there and try to survive a few rounds. Allow yourself to get ko’d in the first 30 seconds. Why take unnecessary punishment? Screw putting forth a valiant effort in this case. This is your brain we’re talking about. Mahkmudov has a phd in astrophysics for all I know, but he looks like there is nothing else he could do but beat the shit out of people.

  • Fury is an irritating knob and I would love to see him flattened but I cannot see it happening against Ngannou.

  • >