Fury injured, Usyk fight postponed

Fury Cut

Queensberry Promotions Statement: WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury has been forced to postpone his fight with unified Champion Oleksandr Usyk after sustaining a freak cut during a sparring session in Riyadh.

The cut, which opened above Fury’s right eye, required urgent medical attention and significant stitching, and will obviously require a period of recovery, scuppering any possibility of the fight with Usyk taking place on 17th February in Saudi Arabia.

A spokesperson said: “Whilst this is still breaking news it is clearly a massive disappointment, after the work that has been done by so many people to finally deliver this historic event to the world. Once the Doctors have appraised Tyson’s eye, we will have a better idea of the period of recovery needed. Once known we will work diligently with all the stakeholders and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reschedule this fight as soon as possible and will of course keep everyone updated with developments.”

A disappointed Tyson added: “I am absolutely devastated after preparing for this fight for so long and being in such superb condition. I feel bad for everyone involved in this huge event and I will work diligently towards the rescheduled date once the eye has healed. I can only apologise to everyone affected including my own team, Team Usyk, the undercard fighters, partners, and fans as well as our hosts and my friends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

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  • Generally, cuts near the eye/orbital area heal approximately 1% per day. That being said, 100 days out from the ring for the fight to take place. Then a person has to wonder if Fury will delay the fight longer if his mental health is not intact. He has done this before. Usyk is getting older, and the time is now to face off. Fury will hold Usyk on the inside during the fight. Usyk is the much better boxer per say. However, Fury resorts to holding and laying on fighters when he’s outgunned on the inside.

      • Based on my medical background with wound healing rates. It’s not an exact figure, but an average. Wound healing rates can vary based on underlying conditions as well such diabetes, location of wound in high friction areas, depth of the wound, etc.

        • But you’re still talking about his mental health. Enough of the bullshit. My guy Tyson hasn’t shown any mental weakness since 2017 but you clowns still talking mental health. Gtfoh. The guy is a legend

  • We’ve been saying Fury will find some excuse to avoid the fight. Did he have to bang his head against the wall to get that cut, or is it Hollywood makeup?

    • Fury went up against Wilder 3 times yet you don’t think he wants this fight. Why?

      • Because Tyson can take a punch but Usyk is a much better boxer than Wilder. Also, Fury knows he can’t get into Usyk’s head like he did with Wilder.

      • Lets pretend Fury didnt need to be taken to court to honor his rematch agreement with Wilder. He didnt wanna fight then either.

      • What’s so special about Wilder besides his right hand? Who has he beat that would eventually be a champion or a hall of famer?

        • They produce “injuries” just like that all the time in movies.

          • I don’t give a toss about Fury but your comments are ridiculous. Does the term ‘postponement’ mean anything to you? The fight has not been canceled.

          • You’re dealing with Fury here so “postponed” may as well mean “cancel”….most of us knew Fury would pull some sort of like this

      • That’s nuts. This was the biggest purse Fury has ever gotten. Win or lose, he could buy a yacht and five Ferraris and still have enough left over from the check to live comfortably forever. Granted, he’s already made that kind of money, but this is a legacy fight and the boxing public would always hold him in high regard. I’m sure he wanted this fight in a bad way. As does Usyk. When your purse is as big as this one, it makes the risk of losing seem a lot less risky. It was the biggest fight in boxing for a reason.

  • I really feel bad for the boxers in supporting fights on this card. Will they still be able to box on that date, or will they have to wait also? I was not one, but there were a lot of skeptics whether this fight would take place, and many feeling that Fury would be the one to have some kind of injury so the match would not go on. But with the amount of money he would receive, I can’t suggest he did this purposely. I felt that way many years ago when David Haye was supposed to box him, and Haye came up with two different injuries.

    • the supporting boxers are usually the ones impacted the most, specially the up and coming fighters

  • Absolutely Knew this would happen , Fury knows Usyk has got his number , It just shows he will do anything to wriggle out of this fight until he’s in better shape , Probably got his brother to give him a No glove dig so it looks genuine , I used to like Fury but I’m not falling for this…..all I see now when I look at Fury is a blocked toilet .

  • That cut needs a lot of time to heal and clearly very light sparring if any. Fight will b rescheduled for July or September.

  • Fury looks like an old man here. Thats a very bad cut for sparring. Seems he has bad scar tissue that will keep giving him problems.
    Thank you Otto Wallin!!

  • At least a statement was made right away. There are times we hear the rumors days before anything official gets out. I cant tell if the cut is slice or ripped and no idea how much scar tissue is involved. So its not clear how long it will take to get safely back into training, but hopefully less than six months.

    • Hope they have a replacement to take the place of Fury and the whole card still goes on and all the undercard fighters still get their due.

      • It would be good if they could get a top guy to replace Fury – who should just retire or go into WWE wrestling. Most are already scheduled at this point, but there’s Hrgovic, or maybe Kabayel, tho I think his last win was a fluke. Wallin could be one of them if he didn’t, IMHO, deliberately throw his last fight. They’d need more time to prepare, though.

        • I’m wondering whether they should put Zhang in with Usyk since he has already been in camp for next month’s fight with Parker. Then Hrgovic can train for four or five
          weeks and fight Parker instead on the March card.

  • It happens
    Just gotta wait a bit longer for this match but it will happen, with all the money invested and to be earned I doubt anybody does not want this bout to happen.
    I just wonder if Usyk will stay active or just remain inactive and wait till Fury is good to go
    Hope for a speedy recovery and see you soon

  • There is about 30 million reasons$ why this isn’t Tyson wanting to pull out, in saying that, both of them are holding up the belts, usyk at least should defend his belts instead of waiting another 6 months

  • Unfortunate. But maybe fury takes this extra time to get into true world class fighting condition/shape.
    Or will he just get fatter? Lol

  • Ahah hah, like anyone believed this fight was really going to happen! It’s already past it’s best-before-date! Someday it’ll be served up, and it’ll be like charging top dollar for spoiled milk!

  • Superb condition? Wasn’t long ago he nearly got beat and he was a fat slob when entering the ring. No way can he be in tip top condition so soon. But a cuts a cut and does take time to heal. If I’m not mistaken it’s the same eye Wallin opened up when Fury fought him.
    Just had a thought…..not an old pic? Lol who knows in the crazy world of boxing!

  • I’m starting to hate Fury from being an absolute superfan. I don’t care how he got the cut he will have been fucking around. He is just annoying. You can’t look forward to fights anymore.

  • What kind of headgear was he using? Most sparring headgear would prevent that kind of cut. I don’t know if I’d say I doubt this is legit injury, but somehow I’m not surprised. It seems par for the course with him these days.

  • Bullishhhht, that looks like an altered photoshop picture! They probably gave uzyk good money under the table to keep it quiet! I see fury holding the belt for another year or 2! This fat blob should be stripped or be forced to vacate the titles and make him a mandatory challenger onced he decided to come back! On the mean time, # 1 vs # 2 ranked fighters should fight for fury’s tittle and whoever wins then, fight fury when he is ready to stop the bullishhht injury game or go straight to uzyk if he chooses!

  • For the Vlad return, he claimed he had an injured leg, the very next day he was jumping up and down on the same leg at a England soccer match in Holland. I said before, this con man will find a way to drop out of this beating. This is the biggest con man in the history of the game.

  • We all knew this would happen. Greedy Belly is so full of just like his annoying dad. Can’t wait til that entire family leaves boxing

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