Carl Weathers, Apollo Creed actor, passes at 76


Carl Weathers — famous from a number of movies, but most prominently as Sylvester Stallone’s early nemesis in the ‘Rocky’ movies — has sadly died … TMZ has confirmed.

The beloved actor passed away peacefully Thursday while surrounded by loved ones — this according to a statement from his family. They say, “We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Carl Weathers.”

They add, “He died peacefully in his sleep on Thursday, February 1st, 2024. … Carl was an exceptional human being who lived an extraordinary life. Through his contributions to film, television, the arts and sports, he has left an indelible mark and is recognized worldwide and across generations. He was a beloved brother, father, grandfather, partner, and friend.”

Unclear what ailments, if any, Carl may have been battling lately … he’d been actively acting in recent years — and on the surface, there didn’t seem to be much wrong with him.

In any case … it’s an absolute blow to showbiz — Carl was a titan in the movie industry, with acting credits dating back to the early 1970s when he was guest starring on shows like ‘Good Times,’ ‘Kung Fu,’ ‘S.W.A.T.,’ ‘The Six Million Dollar Man,’ ‘Cannon’ ‘McCloud’ and more.

His true big break came courtesy of Sly … Carl was cast as the brash and bold heavyweight champ of the world, Apollo, and he was pitted against Rocky in the ring for two films.

His character stuck around for another two ‘Rocky’ films … in the third one, he actually brought the Italian Stallion out of a slump and back to glory with a new type of training he’d never experienced … making for some iconic, memorable scenes as part of a montage.

The shot of them slow-mo running on the beach, and Sly eventually pulling ahead, goes down in movie history as one of the most awesome and inspiring things caught on camera.

Apollo was killed off in ‘Rocky IV’ — in dramatic fashion, no less — but his imprint in that movie franchise lives on even today … Michael B. Jordan plays his fictional son in the ‘Creed’ flicks, which are still going strong — and which continue to be cranked out in Hollywood.

Even outside of ‘Rocky,’ Carl’s presence left an impression in just about every cult classic flick he’s been a part of. Just to name a few right off the bat — ‘Predator,’ ‘Happy Gilmore,’ ‘Action Jackson,’ ‘The Defiant Ones,’ ‘Braker,’ ‘Death Hunt,’ ‘Hurricane Smith,’ and others.

His TV credits are also quite impressive … CW was on shows like ‘Fortune Dane,’ ‘Tour of Duty,’ ‘Street Justice,’ ‘In the Heat of the Night,’ ‘Brothers,’ ‘The Shield,’ ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Chicago Justice,’ … and more recently, in Star Wars’ ‘The Mandalorian.’

He’d appeared in episodes of the latter as recently as 2023. In all, he has 80 acting credits.

Outside of Hollywood, Carl was involved in noble charitable efforts — including Lupus L.A., The L.A. Police Memorial Foundation, The PEACE Fund and The Tower Cancer Research Foundation.

He’s survived by his two sons. Carl was 76.


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  • Great man, great legend and very humble. Without Carl Weathers in The Rocky movies, the Rocky movies would have been mediocre at best. Carl Weathers brought the magic in The Rocky Franchise.
    May he rest in Peace and may God comfort his family and loved ones…

  • This is surprising news because I saw him at a restaurant 2 months ago and he looked and seemed great. Honestly, I was surprised to see him then because I thought he had already died, but he was very much alive. Had he been ill? He was never a professional boxer but he did play professional football briefly for the Oakland Raiders. He always seemed like a genuinely nice guy. RIP Mr Weathers!

  • RIP legend, Will smith got nothing on you when impersonating the greatest!! In fact he isn’t in your league God bless!!

  • Rest in peace Apollo I have been a fan since your bout with Mack Lee Green was cancelled and you fought Rocky Balboa. Circa Jan 1976… always a flamboyant champ and trainer. You will be missed

  • What a bummer Burt young died recently and now Carl Weathers. loved you in the Rocky movies in predator and even in action Jackson. Rest in peace Apollo. We love you.

  • He actually never boxed before the Rocky movies, but the little bit of training that he did leading and during the movies, he looked liked a natural. RIP Carl Weathers…aka…Apollo Creed. Rocky 1,2,3, and 4, all classic films.

    • Agreed. He had better footwork than most actual boxers. Best boxing character ever, and a good man by all accounts. RIP Carl Weathers.

  • This is sad to hear. Carl Weathers was a great actor and a great man. He exuded dignity, strength, power, character, vitality, versatility, and class. Watching him on the screen was always inspirational and enjoyable for me. Rest in peace and my sincere condolences to his magnificent family.

  • Sad to hear. Always liked Carl, great actor, incredible presence on screen.

    What a career, from Rocky to the Mandaolorian!

    Will definitely be missed!

  • “Ain’t gonna be no rematch…. Don’t want one.” One of the best exchanges ever. RIP Champ. Just saw him on a Super Bowl commercial with Gronk. He looked great. Live every day like your last. You never know.

  • Oh no. I’ve been disconnected from all media besides here for the last few days. How sad is this? Devastated. Carl appeared in many movies besides the Rocky franchise and will always be remembered as one of the very few actors who was never involved in any foul play or conspiratorial rumors.

    I pray that his family is at peace and may GOD fiil their hearts with peace, joy, and understanding.

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