Fury: I’m going to absolutely obliterate him

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has vowed that he will knock out Deontay Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) in even more devastating fashion than last time when the two men meet in their PPV showdown next month at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Fury said: “This time, I’m going to absolutely obliterate him. It isn’t going to seven rounds this time, I’m going to get him out of there nice and quick.

“He was the biggest puncher in history, but I knocked him out. I’m the biggest and toughest puncher. He’s only a threat in somebody’s nightmares but not in mine.

“They’ve always got a puncher’s chance but so has every heavyweight out there. When I say I’m going to annihilate him, what did I say last time? I said I was going to drop him, knock him out, smash him and I did.

“In the last seven years I’ve had two years back and five years off so there are no miles on the clock. I actually feel sorry for Wilder. He’s had time to get over the beating, now has a new trainer, and more bag carriers and yes men.

“I think he will come in fired up, but after one round he will realise he’s back where he started. If he couldn’t beat me after three years out and 10 stone weight loss, he never will.”

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  • Fury will end it whenever he wants. He could literally knock Deontay out within 30 seconds if he makes it a slugfest.

  • Does Fury actually believe what he is saying? Sure it is good to hype the fight up but I am sure Fury will be careful and fight a boring fight and if the KO comes, it comes but it will likely be after the 7th rd if at all.

  • I sincerely believe that Fury is going to get knocked out in this fight. Stopped in 2 rounds. He will lose to Wilder by TKO in the 2nd round.

    • Most people did in the second fight too. I see Wilder implementing some of what he learned early in the fight but once he starts getting hit and getting fatigued trying create angles to land big shots he’ll revert back to his old ways. Nothing M. Scott would advise on the corner will change that.

    • I think there is a very good chance. Over-confidence combined with a lack of focus and preparation.

  • Fury literally spent millions of dollars and valuable time out the ring just to avoid this fight with Wilder, for such big talk. Showed very bad business ethics trying to renege on what was agreed. If Fury isnt back on PEDs or figured some other way to cheat he likely doesn’t go through with the Wilder fight and retire. Prob needed more time to flush his system just like Valdez tried.

  • AJ will lose to Usyk. Likely by TKO.

    Wilder will knock out Fury in 2. Fury will look like Tito Ortiz.

    Mark my words.

  • Here we go again with the manic behavior of Fury. Trash talking at its finest. Enough with the mouth, please. Let’s get the fight over with since it was delayed by some careless excuse with COVID, but we all know you were not ready since other media outlets saw you in Vegas the week you delayed the fight out running around. The longer Fury stays in boxing, I swear the more mentally distracted he becomes and it’s hit/miss when he’s ready. Sorry, but only saying my opinion.

  • I hope all the “bags” he has been obliterating in Vegas doesn’t affect his performance

  • Both Wilder and Fury are historically pathetic, mediocre fighters. Fury is such a liar. Wilder wasn’t considered by anyone to be the “biggest puncher in history”, except to those clueless suckers who don’t know anything about the sport or its history. Fury himself is not the “biggest and toughest puncher”. God, this is all so damn pathetic. I hate the hype.

    As pathetic as Fury is, Wilder is worse. He’s strictly an arm-puncher with a glass jaw, bird legs, and absolutely no boxing ability. He doesn’t have the skills to overcome the awkward, pathetic Fury’s height, weight, and bulk advantage. Edge to Fury.

  • Every Fury fanboy on this page will dis-agree but i don`t care. Although Fury beat up Wilder in their last match, i think both he and his dad are scared about the the outcome of this match.

    • I don’t agree at all. Fury knows exactly how to beat Wilder. Wilder on the other hand has still not come to terms with his devastating loss. A beating like that can make you or break you. The fact that he is still in denial, that he blamed Breland for drugging him, his costume for being too heavy, and fired his entire crew, only to bring aboard a pathetic yess man like Malik Scott, who clearly took a dive in his loss to Wilder tells me he is in for an even bigger @ss kicking than he suffered in the 2nd fight. As soon as he gets hit, he’ll revert to his old self, only worse.

  • I can’t explain it, but I’m just not into this fight with the energy and motivation that I thought I’d be into. Maybe as the fight gets closer. We’ll see.

    • Interesting. For me, the fight is very exciting because I want to see how Wilder reacts psychologically this time given the last fight.

  • I guess Fury forgot the part where he got knocked out cold and Jack Reis, the ref was counting him out with his eyes closed. Fury had a good fight plan the second fight loaded gloves, rabbit punching, head locks, and leaning on Wilder on the ropes with all your weight and still Wilder’s corner had to throw in the towel for you to get the victory and now you are going to obliterate him maybe after you get well from the virus, right.

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