Fury gives Joshua a 5PM deadline to sign

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has set a deadline of 5PM today for Anthony Joshua to sign a contract to fight him on December 3 with a 60/40 split.

“Today is D-Day people. F**king D-Day,” stated Fury on social media. “Are you going to sign the contract, you big pussy? Or are you not going to sign it? When Wilder sent me the contract for Wilder 1, I signed it within 24 hours because I wanted to smash his face in. You’ve had the contract for 10 days now, bitch, and still ain’t signed it. If it’s not done by 5PM today, GK (Gypsy King) is moving on!”

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  • The thing about Fury is that between the lawyers, promoters, etc. you get a watered down version of what Fury is actually saying…..I wish they would take the filters off and let him speak freely!

  • I feel Joshua is setting himself up for another defeat as his mental status is on the edge after another recent loss from Usyk. Yet, Fury calls him out knowing he is vulnerable in a matchup. Other than Joshua making a paycheck on this one, I feel Fury will pick him apart if they do fight. Easy fight for Fury to win in my opinion.

  • I wont expect any class act comments when it comes to Fury…
    Doesn’t make much sense giving a guy a title shot after 2 straight losses. Why not give Joe Joyce the shot or fight Usyck for undisputed? Instead he wants to pick on a guy thats shattered. No matter how much you guys defend and ride Fury’s coattail, he will always expose the bad person he is. This is a guy that had to be dragged into court to fulfill his contracted agreement but he publicly bash a fellow pugilist for taking 10 days to agree to his terms. This is a man-boy acting out because he hasn’t been held accountable for his actions.

    • He may or may not be a bad person, but the HW division would be much more dynamic without him. Props to him for beating the nearly 40yo Klitschko by slapping, running and holding all night, but he’s certainly been cherry picking opponents since recovering from his mental health issues.

      Rather than going for the gold against Joshua, he went after the hard hitting but woefully unskilled Wilder. Mix in some fights against club fighters during the Wilder trilogy and then tack on the dangerous but wild and weak chinned Whyte and then announce an insincere retirement.

      Notice how he never mentions giving a rematch to Wallin? Yeah, the guy who gave him a tough fight and busted him open like a ripe tomato. How about him on December 3rd?

  • I find it interesting how Fury is allowed to derogatorily constantly insult people and there is little to no recourse for his actions. As far is a potential fight with Joshua, I agree with some prior comments on how he sees the vulnerability in Joshua after two straight defats and then he wants to force him into a fight in 2 months, disgracefull.

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