Fury beats Chisora again, retains WBC title

Tyson Fury Vs Derek Chisora Action17
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) made it 3-0 against Derek Chisora (33-13, 23 KOs), winning by tenth round TKO on Saturday night before 60,000 shivering boxing fans at the outdoor Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. Fury began punishing Chisora in round two and battered him some more in round three. Fury then eased up, content to outbox Chisora the rest of the way. Chisora was running on fumes by round eight as he continued to eat shots. Referee Victor Loughlin finally waved it off in round ten. Time was 2:51.

WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk took in the action from ringside, seated next to top contender Joe Joyce. After the fight, the pair came up to the ring ropes. After Fury verbally abused Usyk, he told Joyce he’d fight him if the Usyk fight can’t be made. He also teased a fourth fight against Deontay Wilder.

Fury added that he has injuries to his right hand and right elbow that may require surgery.

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  • Would Joe Tessitore and the rest of the clowns at ESPN just shut the **** up already? Jesus they were annoying throughout this entire fight.

        • He got punched in the face and knocked down and injured his leg when he almost got ktfo. Thats what it is.

      • Not to mention the heavy favourite getting dropped three times in strange circumstances and they didn’t even show any replays between rounds.

    • I think this speaks to the decline of the sport, but boxing is at an all time worst when it comes to ringside commentary and judging.

      I went through ABC’s judging certification. There is no reason every ringside commentator t should skip it. It can be done at zero cost and zero inconvenience. It causes a lot of issues because fans (understandably so) are influenced by commentators and will often cry wolf on bad decisions.

      Aside from the judging though, the analysis and commentary is awful. It’s pretty much routine that I’m way ahead of them seeing what’s transpiring in a fight. A lot of times they are missing very key elements too. For the past few years now, I never listen with volume. It used to add something. Now it’s more of an annoyance.

      They are supposed to be experts. They are there for fans who may not be seeing or understanding some things. It shouldn’t be the case where anyone at home is constantly ahead of them.

  • Bravo for Chisora for showing incredible amounts of heart taking a massive beating. Say what you want about Tyson Fury but I don’t think Usyk has a chance at beating Fury. What Tyson does in the ring with his height and reach It’s humanly impossible for Usyk to beat Tyson Fury.

    • Lol are you stupid or just stupid? Tyson Fury was down on the card and almost knocked out by light punching 6’1 180 pound Steve Cunnigham. People like you need to stop pretending to watch boxing and stick to watching Pokemon. Tyson Fury is 6’7. There have been tons of 6’7 boxers. So Tyson Fury’s height isn’t thing special. Tyson Fury is also completely unskilled.

      Chisora isn’t that tough. Which is why a prime Chisora got his clocked cleaned by David Haye a blown up cruiserweight. This fight proves how bad Fury is though.

      • First of all, Fury is 6’9″. And if you think Fury isn’t skilled, then you are simply a hater who can’t post an unbiased comment. You’ll be quiet as a church mouse after Fury dominates Usyk. That I guarantee.

        • Lol wait you think Tyson Fury is 6’9 because goggle says it right? Fury is shorter than David Price. David Price is listed at 6’8. Second if you think Tyson Fury throwing slapping arm punches and holding against a washed up Chisora then you clearly don’t know boxing.

      • Thats why he was robbed in the first wilder fight and then destroyed wilder the last 2 times, Ummm ok.

        • Lol Wilder is a bum. Fury went down two time against Wilder. When you go down you lose a point. The fight was a draw. Get over it.

        • I agree. Wilder had two 10 – 8 rounds but the rest was pretty much in Fury’s favor as I recall.

          Even if we generously give two extra rounds to Wilder, the fight would have been 114 – 112 with Fury as the winner.

          115 – 111 in Wilder’s favor as one of the judges saw the fight is not on the map.

      • You’re still bringing up
        Cunningham? That was YEARS ago. You gotta do better than that.

        • Lol and who are you bringing up? Tyson Fury just beat Chisora. A bum who got smoked years ago. You only like Tyson Fury because you are white and he is white. You have to do better than that.

          • I don’t need to bring up a knockdown from 9 and a half years ago like it has some bearing on the present.

            And I don’t need to lower myself to guessing someone’s skin colour over a message board to attempt to make a point.

          • “You only like Tyson Fury because you are white and he is white. You have to do better than that.”
            – Idiotic comment of the month do far….

      • There is a lot factually wrong with what you wrote. Steve Cunningham wasn’t 180. He knocked Fury down with a hard, clean shot. Fury was never in danger of being KO’d and proceeded to dominate the entire rest of the fight en route to winning by knockout.

        • Cunningham started his career at 180. Second Cunnigham isn’t considered a hard puncher even for cruiser weight standards. Third Fury was down on the score card so he wasn’t dominating anything. You racially biased Tyson Fury fanboys crack me up.

          • You are the one who constantly uses skin color as a bat when you write. Totally unnecessary. Leave it behind and judge people by their actions instead.

        • Actually Fury was hurt pretty badly with that KD and he got hurt again the following round by a straight right from Cunningham. He was getting his ass kicked before he started holding and mauling the much smaller but vastly faster and more skilled Cunningham.

          Of course Fury showed a lot by recognizing that he had no chance of outboxing Cunningham and was able to adapt and start mugging him instead.

        • What you’re all failing to include in Cunninghams knockdown of Fury is that Fury had hair at the time, which not only served as a bigger target for Cunningham, but also assisted in his gravitational descent to the canvas.

      • Tyson Fury is the best unskilled boxer I have ever seen. I think you need to get glasses! Tyson is not Ali but he uses his size to his advantage.

        • Okay racist little white boy. Tyson Fury is skilled because of what? He ran from a old Wladimir Klitschko or because he just Chisora a third tier fighter?

          • Ok racist little black boy. Tyson outboxed Wilder in their first fight and then outslugged him in the second and third fights to show his versatility. I do agree with you that Wilder isn’t a great fighter but he was one of the best at that time. You can only beat the fighters willing to get in the ring.

      • What a dumb remark. Fury/Cunningham happened years ago. Fighters do improve you now. It looks like you’re suggesting Cunningham hits harder than Wilder. Fury is not a Primo Carnera.

        • Tyson Fury was a grown man when he fought Cunningham. Your chin doesn’t get better with age. Tyson Fury wasn’t skilled then and he isn’t skilled now.

          • So, Ali gets knocked down by Henry Cooper and withstands punches from Foreman, Frazier, etc. Explain that, puke face. Be glad I’m not a moderator on here or you would have been banned for using the very offensive term “retard”.

          • You’re one of those people that brings race into everything and then cries racist. Waste of a conversation.

          • Your language shows your lack of education. Who won the second and third fight between Ali and Frazier? Also, if Ali didn’t hit Frazier in the first fight, why did Frazier stay in the hospital for over a week?

      • These people are not boxing fans they are Fury fans, Fury is more entertaining outside the ring than in it. Fury is the biggest fraud in boxing. The all powerful Corporations run boxing if they think you can make them lots of money they can make you a champion. These days it’s not enough be a good fighter you have to be media friendly.

        • I am not sure he’s the biggest fraud in all of boxing. Jack Paul takes that title.

          The reality is Fury can fight, uses his size and reach v well, moves v well for such a big man, is far fitter than he looks, hits reasonable hard, and can box well. His biggest attribute is his ability to sell a fight by hyping it up. Good for him, his promotor, and his opponent, and you might argue draws casual fans into the sport. I am amazed 60000 bothered with the Chisora fight / not so many hard core fans there I suspect.

          A top 10 all time heavyweight- nowhere near yet. Lewis, Tyson, Holmes and probably Holyfield are 4 recent fights who would have beaten him. However, right now he starts as favourite against Usyk and everyone else, so he can fight!

      • These people are not boxing fans they are Fury fans, Fury is more entertaining outside the ring than in it. Fury is the biggest fraud in boxing. The all powerful Corporations run boxing if they think you can make them lots of money they can make you a champion. These days it’s not enough be a good fighter you have to be media friendly.

      • Dude stop living in the past. Its boxing not ballet. So what he got put down by Cunningham. Have you been watching him lately? Outside of Haney, he is the ONE guy in boxing who wants all of the smoke. He’s calling guys out by name and pursing them. Fury is the best HW in the world and he’s going to beat Usyk. The only one who can beat Fury is Fury.

    • I agree. It’s impossible to fight cute against him. It’ll likely be a dull fight.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you, but there seems to be a David that rises up eventually in every Goliath’s life. Who knows?

    • Just saying, a quick scan says Ali, Norton, Shavers, Holmes and Holyfield all fought about at the same size and weight as Usyk.
      And EG: Frazier, Tua, Tyson were all shorter but about the same weight. Foreman and Lyle were a bit taller at 6′ 4″ and heavier.
      And there is of course, the likes of Lennox…
      At 6′ 6″ the “Grim Weeper”Joshua is about two inches shorter than Tyson Fury and Usyk boxed his ears off and had him rocking and rolling along the ropes towards the canvas…
      Just saying…

  • Oh well! It was expected. Chisora deserves a little credit for lasting waaaaaay more tham expected, taking hard head blows worst than a punching bag for 10 rounds l. No sence for fury to be fighting this burnt out done boxers like chisora and dillian whyte! I hope this dudes hang it before they get seriously hurt. Fury needs to step up his game to a world champion level by fighting real top 5 ranked boxers or young talented blood deserving a titleshot.

    • Fury will only fight hand picked opponents. He knows his stupid biased British fanbase will hero worship him no matter what he does.

      • White people dumb, English stupid; we get it.

        What’s your ethnicity may I ask? I bet I know…

      • Most of the fighters today hand pick their opposition. That is why you have some divisions with five of the top ten fighters are undefeated.

  • Fury…not only is very skilled…he is excellent ring intelligence and Fury mastered the art of using his leverage and core to generate maximum power on his punches…looks as if Fury is slapping with his combination punches but like Ali..those punches are coming in bunches …with excellent pinpoint accuracy…most importantly from a 6’9 at least 250 lb man..power not from his legs …but his core and leverage….distance is his defense…on the inside ..uses size effectively by smuttering punches and shoulder roll…with a great chin…hard to beat…weakness is he stands straight up…a shift combination puncher will give Fury fits…Don’t see that with the landscape of heavyweights…Make no mistake Fury can Fight

    • Lol the moment a person says Tyson Fury is 6’9 you know they don’t watch boxing. Tyson Fury was measured at 6’7. As time went a long he started lying and saying he is 6’9. Even Wladimir Klitschko called him out about lying about his height.

      Second Tyson Fury isn’t remotely skilled. He constantly throws slapping arm punches. This is why little kids like you should stick to watching Pokemon and stop trying to pretend to be legit boxing fans

      • Could it be this simple? Something has gone wrong when cm has been translated to inches?

        In Boxrec it says that Tyson Fury is 6’9”/ 206 cm and the problem is that these two numbers do not match.

        206 cm corresponds to 6’75”.

  • Enough of the clown show and the distractions, let’s see Uysk-Fury and screw all the alphabet mandatories that the corrupt sanctioning bodies will definitely try to inject.

    • Fury is going to fight Wilder 3 more times, Chisora 4 more times, Doing that time frame he is also going to call out Dillian Whyte so they fan fight 5 more times too.

    • that’s 6 fights. he could have given the opportunity to 4 other fighters to fight for the title. and could have lost to one of them. My opinion of course

      • Uh no, out of those six fights Fury was only defending the title in two of them. The first two against Chisora, neither had a belt. The first two against Wilder, Wilder was the defending champion. The Chisora fight was ridiculous and should not have happened, but the third Wilder was forced to happen by a lawsuit. Research first, speak second

  • This fight was a big nothing.

    Fury vs Wilder IV?!? Well, enough is enough.

    There are two, maybe three, true challengers to Fury today. Oleksandr Usyk of course. The other one his ringside mate Joe Joyce. The third one a fully prepared Andy Ruiz Jr.

    Fury has the speed, talent, experience and reach to manage Usyk in my opinion. Ruiz Jr might be a bigger problem than Usyk thanks to his hand speed and weight. But if he’s not at his top he will be easily handled.

    The true challenge for Fury is Joe Joyce. Give me a break! He’s slow, stiff and predictable! Well, yes!

    But I think that nut is harder to crack than you might think. The pressure will never stop. A smile and then back in attack mode. That fight might take unexpected turns in the later rounds.

    Usyk is a proven phenomenon. He has achieved everything you can ask for. Fury is a phenomenon too but he needs two or three more fights before he can retire without questionmarks.

    And I think he will.

    • Styles make fights…. absolutely agree with zockerbit…that John Ruiz could give Fury problems with those quick combos … particularly on the inside….

  • No surprise
    The event Looks to have gone well. However fury will probably need usyk, joshua or joyce,, to fill another huge stadium

  • Wow after the first two fights I just didn’t see this coming……..
    Now can these greedy promoters put on a fight the fans actually want to see.

    • 60,000 sat in 40 degree weather to see this fight. I think that Fury gave Chisora this fight to help him (Chisora) financially. He could probably use the cut from this fight.

      • And Fury made great millions …off of a glorified sparring session…this is prize fighting …not pride fighting…smart move for both

  • Derek Chisora, thanks for the memories. We greatly appreciate your efforts. Now is the time for you to retire and find a new line of work.

    • Chisora has find his new line of work allready at his onlyfans as he has promoted. There is going to be lot´s of beating also.
      Harry Sachs can tell you more of the contents.

  • Fury should fight Usyk next. Then Joe Joyce. Then the winner of AJ vs (the winner between Deontay Wilder & Andy Ruiz).

    Honest Predictions.

    Fury beats both Usyk & Joe Joyce.
    Wilder beats Ruiz.
    AJ beats Wilder
    Fury beats AJ
    Fury then retires & enters the IBHOF.

    • You were making sense until you said “AJ beat Wilder.” You realize he’s on a losing streak right? There is a reason why he’s not responding to Wilder’s call-out.

  • Ho hum didn’t even know it was today or care. I figure Usyk will dance circles around him and make him look stupid and then he can retire for real and devote the rest of his life to taking drugs and getting fat.

  • I didn’t watch the fight and the outcome was predictable. Until Fury faces an opponent who has the ability to overcome his height advantage, he can enjoy these type of wins, against easy opponents who are no threat. Has Chisora ever been a good fighter? I don’t think so. Nevertheless, both fighters enjoyed a good payday for sure.

  • He goes from saying usyk next early year, to he having surgery which won’t let him fight then , to fighting Joyce, then he fighting wilder next

  • Aside from Jared Anderson, are there any young heavyweights out there to get excited about? There’s a bunch of decent ones coming, but they’re around 30 years old and don’t really look that spectacular-Stephen Shaw, Efe Ajagba, Frank Sanchez (the best of this lot) and that Flip guy. Of course Anderson is completely untested, but he’s been pretty impressive so far.

    • Surely it is little as you say.

      Apart from what you wrote. Jalolov I would like to have tested too. I doubt he has the mentality to step up to the top. Dubois is out of the picture for me. Yoka had many expectations for but no. Boxers such as Makhmudov, Kossobutskiy and Wallin do not have that little extra and so on. Someone young and untested as armenian Hovhannisyan? Just to play a wild card.

      Maybe someone in the amateurs? But then you’re back with Jalolov.

      I have no name to forward either right now. I don’t see the undisputed champion of the future in anyone right now even if I try.

      It looks empty.

  • I can’t believe anyone watched this fight… especially those who paid to sit in freezing cold weather.

  • Fury is a clown and I hope he doesn’t hold up Undisputed in the heavyweight division like he sounds like he’s going to. Now all of a sudden he has all these injuries when just last week he was going to fight every month for the next year? Sounds like he’s got a little of the yellow part of the Ukrainian flag running down his back, LOL.

  • To pad his record, Tyson Fury should take on Larry Holmes in his next fight. This fight with Chisora was a complete waste of time to any serious fan of boxing.

  • One can only be concerned with Chosora’s health in later life. A brutal beatdown that probably should not have been sanctioned in the first place.

  • Fight Chisora a fourth time and a fifth and a sixth and keep saying you’re the best lol

  • Fury is only seen as the best because he won’t fight Joshua. Fact. Fury’s good but overrated, reminds me of wimpy halstead a lot and he was just ok but at least we all knew that. Oh well that was back in the day when boxing was a decent sport it sucks now

    • Hahah won’t fight Joshua?? He was trying to get the Joshua fight over and over before he ended up fighting Chisora. I’d love to see him fight and beat Joshua but unfortunately Joshua didn’t want three straight losses on his record. Usyk beat him twice, Fury will embarrass him and beat him EASILY.

  • >