Fundora dethrones Tszyu in bloodbath

Tim Tszyu Vs Sebastian Fundora 03 30 2024 Fight
Photo: Esther Lin/Premier Boxing Champions

6’6 Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora (21-1-1, 13 KOs) won a bloody twelve round split decision over previously undefeated WBO super welterweight champion Tim Tszyu (24-1, 17 KOs) to take Tszyu’s WBO title and claim the vacant WBC title on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Tszyu repeatedly connected with hard right hands against the much taller Fundora early on. The bout changed when Tszyu suffered a bad gash on the top of his head when he inadvertently dipped into Fundora’s elbow at the end of round two. Fundora was also busted up, but Tszyu had the worst of it and his corner couldn’t stop the bleeding. Tyszu had blood dripping into his left eye for the rest of the fight. Fundora kept Tszyu at the end of his jab and pulled ahead. Scores were 116-112 Tszyu, 116-112, 115-113 Fundora.

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  • Nice win for Fundora. Hoping to see the Spence fight next instead of a rematch. Really thought Fundora was going to lose in brutal fashion. I hope there is a rematch at some point because I think Tim was looking great and it just looked like a matter of time before the cut. Congrats to the Fundora family.

        • No buddy! Tszyu lost because of the cut! Congratulations to Fundora though, I was hoping that he could pull it out!!

        • I don’t think so, watching the fight, it looked like tsyzu could not see and was almost feeling his way around the ring. He was unable to block or stop that jab. Did he get beat, I believe so, and that’s boxing.

        • I 100%agree with all you said here , people(Tzyu’s fans)see what they want to see. First of all if you are an honest neutral, you will noticed that Tzyu ducked low in to Fundura’ elbow. Most of Tzyu’s swings before the cut, were missing the target, and those that connected caused him very little discomfort. Fundura’s jab had already found a home on Tzyu’s noggin, and he was landing a few straight lefts as well. I won money on this and I will win more on the return, and I am not even a fan of Fundura.

      • We will never know Warren…but Fundora won tonight. I get the feeling Fundora will always give Tzyu problems. Not saying he beats him in the rematch but he exclusively used the 2-1 combo (right jab – staight left) all night …the reason is that he didn’t need to do anything differently. For whatever reason (maybe the cut) Tzyu never forced him too. I like Tzyu and hope they both stay relevant as they are both good for the sport.

      • There is an old saying, “if the queen had balls she’d be the king.” The cut happened, it was Tszyu’s action that caused the cut. Fundora won, end of story. We will see what happens in the rematch. Get over it.

      • You really can’t blame Tim’s loss on the cut. In boxing cuts, swellings, broken hands, can happen at any moment, you have to be prepared for it. Very it looks like his corner wasn’t able to stop the blood because they may not have had the proper equipment. But nonetheless, you have to be a warrior and have the skills to fight through adversity. While it is hard to see when blood is in your eyes, nonetheless, to be a champion, you have to have the skills that it takes to work through adversity. I think Sebastian did a great job at boxing and even while he didn’t look good in the beginning auction is a 12 round sport. It looks like Sebastian found his range and rhythm presented a lot of problems for Tim.

  • I thought Fundora was leading from the 7th round. I dont think it was a SD, at least the fighter I thought was winning won.

    Valiant effort by Tim

  • Great win by Fundora well deserved better man won I thought Tim Tszyu would won i was wrong hopefully his sister didn’t get arrested for excess screaming hopefully see a rematch in Australia Errol Spence need to fight a world rated 154 fighter before thinking fighting Fundora or Tszyu.

    • why would Fundora go to Austrailia for a rematch?… he’s the champ he & his team dictate the terms.

  • I’m surprised Tim Tszyu didn’t go for the body more as he a superb body puncher maybe if there a rematch attack the body more.

      • I cheering for Tim Tszyu Fundora had a busted nose blood was streaming out couldn’t breathe through it swallow blood so he was against the odds they are both warriors and worthy champions

  • Supposedly there’s a rematch clause in place for a second fight in Aus. Even Fundora said so. Guess we will see

    • not buying a rematch clause on a fight made on a 2 week notice.

  • Tzyu should’ve only said one word in the post fight interview.


  • I hate to see a bad cut happen early in a fight. But Tszyu had a lot of trouble dealing with Fundora’s size and reach and could have lost even without the cut. Hope there’s a rematch.

    • This is the only comment that was correct in my view, Fundura was jabbing him from the first round and throwing in some straigt lefts as well. In the first round Tzysu landed 1 right hand (his only punch) and the comentators went balistic, while not mentioning anything about Fundura’s work. People are here talking about Tzysu’s 12 days he had to prepare, but forgetting that Fundura was a 12 day sub.

    • No buddy he lost because he couldn’t see I guaranteed you he will ko fundora out next time

      • Carlos….Tzysu was doing well…then the cut….know this will not be popular ….just feel like Tzysu got a raw deal…last minute change of opponent…a very awkward difficult opponent….then the cut….maybe Tzysu has to continue fighting based on the dynamics surrounding the first fight card on Prime…Yes Fundora won and performed admirably…just don’t past the smell test ..hats off to Tzysu for showing courage….and then here comes Spence….What the???? Spence you may have some unfinished business before you go for the easy picking…. just a thought

        • Boxing is difficult enough with two eyes, so limited vision can cause serious problems. Unless you’ve been in that position, you can’t really fathom how difficult it is to fight with blood in your eye. I’ve had blood in my eye, as well as torn retinas. Tzsyu and Fundora are two of boxing’s finest gentlemen, and I’d be happy to see a rematch.

    • Not necessarily! Most boxers fight at a higher level once they win a world championship!!

  • These kind of fights are disappointing. It’s really hard to know what the actual outcome would’ve been if it hadn’t been for that cut. It’s like when Klitschko fought Lewis, that cut saved Lewis’ life. I hope they run it back though for the sake of posterity.

    • If I remember correctly that lewis fight was caused by a punch and klitschko was done anyhow totally different scenario, its ridiculous they let this fight go on completely differnt fight after the elbow

    • York that’s the most tired piece of revisionist history. Suggesting “that cut” saved Lewis when there were SIX cuts for 80+ stitches, including his mouth guard being driven into the roof of his mouth and through his lip – and his eye brow literally hanging off is face… that is an outright laughable take. Vitali Klitchko suffered horrific facial trauma in that fight akin to a car crash victim. Lennox Lewis landed 50% of his power punches in that fight, and it resulted in a horrific beating to Klitschko’s face that was so bad he couldn’t continue. Suggesting a cut “saved” Lewis when he literally beat his face into hamburger is really quite amusing, and a putrid take.

      • As a Lennox fan, yes he was spared a knockout from klitschko due to those cuts.

        Lennox was wilting as the rounds went on, and klitschko was coming on strong.

        Lennox realized as much and then promptly retired instead of giving him a rematch.

        And I think Lennox is one of the best heavyweights in history, probably number 2 behind Ali. There isn’t a fighter in history that he wouldn’t give problems to, but he was getting older and klitschko was in his prime.

        both klitschkos deserve way more credit for what they accomplished as well.wlad’s record and reign was similar to joe louis’.

        • SteveG that’s nonsense. Watch round six again. Lewis landed an uppercut that was the best punch of the fight and Klitschko was the one fading. Vitali doesn’t even throw a punch in the last 30 seconds and was holding on in desperation. His face was beaten so badly it looked like he’d been beaten with a baseball bat. The amount of people who delude themselves about this fight is staggering. Despite a valiant effort Klitschko’s face was absolutely battered. It wad a deserved TKO

    • Lewis should have been disqualified in that Vitali Klitschko fight. He opened the cut by raking his gloves on Vitali’s face and spent the entire rest of the fight deliberately making the cut worse by raking his glove and head on it. Vitali had never even been cut before either in boxing or kick boxing. I watched the replay of that fight very carefully and saw all the times that Lewis did that.

    • Disappointing .. blimey it’s real life boxing . Zero disapointment in action packed bout like this .
      These things happen in sport ..
      out of shape LL v VK also happened ..
      LL had been motivated and fought his best against VK , the great VK would never have had the career he had .. he would have been Ko’d out cold . ( I’m a massive Klitschko fans of both brothers )
      LL ‘s 18 world title fights against the best .. means btw you have done everything over and over at some point .. your going to lose interest .

    • Yeah but bLewis busted him open bwith punches not an elbow bto get the stoppage totally different

  • Sad, sad…when Tszyu heals, get a rematch going – minus the bloody stuff. When the rematch occurs, let’s hope both fighters do not suffer any significant cuts or gashes. A hard fought victory for Fundora.

    Although Tszyu had a gash on his head, I am wondering if his cut man was fully prepared for the worse moments.

      • This was exactly my thought. They couldn’t stop the bleeding. It was a nasty cut, no doubt, but they didn’t have any kind of sealant in the corner? Even if they just pasted it with liquid bandage, it would’ve been manageable. Tszyu would get off his stool and already be drenched in blood.

  • Great win for Fundora, obviously that cut on Tszyu was a major factor. Tszyu. I doubt Spence could beat Fundora especially since Fundora learned from his last loss. But you never know…

  • I thought Tsyzu edged it by 1 round. There’s no way that deep of a cut doesn’t throw, even the best fighters off their game. They’re operating at about 80% capacity. Impaired vision AND psychologically.

  • that fight should be stop tszuy cant see for the cut they go to the remacht.

  • Tim can surely rise to be great. His father was knocked out by Philips yet he became one of the great pound for pounds.

      • I guess we can ask ‘why’ didn’t Phillips rematch Kostya. He would have made top money?

        • You must be new to this, Phillips wanted the rematch (even in Australia) Tyzu didn’t.

          • Thanks Roots, he implies that Phillips somehow avoided a rematch?! Kostya wanted no parts of anymore of those slashing rights from Cool Vince.

  • I’m a fan of any fighter who enters the ring to Rammstein, as Fundora did!

    • I thought that was rammstien great ring entrance music just like rolly Romero ring entrance by AC/DC

  • I really think the loss to Mendoza was a blessing for Fundora. He fought a much more technical fight than ever before and it paid off. Tim gave it his best shot but Sebastian deserved the decision. The cut may have played a part in the outcome, but in all honesty Tszyu actually ran into the forearm of Fundora while charging in head down. It was in no way any fault of either man, just a fluke occurrence. These things happen. The cut man was terrible. Just glopping Vaseline on the cut after using a single small q-tip isn’t going to do anything. I know he has his own team, but if Stitch was there it might have made a difference in the outcome. Congratulations to the Fundora family. They are all very nice and classy. Boxing needs more people like this and less like idiots such as Broner.

  • I was at the fights and really enjoyed the show! However, I still say Charles Conwell is the best 154-lber in the world, and no super welterweight will ever call him out!!!

  • I guess this is the blood and guts fight you guys like instead of seeing an ability to hit and NOT get hit.
    Ive been saying the guy dont move his head enough.
    Just walking straight in to land a big shot wont work against a young strong fighter that’s in his actual weight class. This is why they wanted a guy moving up in weight like Thurman and was/is looking for a fight with Spence or Crawford. His punches don’t have that huge effect on actual jr. middleweights.
    A good fight, and will have plenty more. He’s just not as good as you guys ‘hoped’
    He better stay away from Crawford.

    • One brick city always trying to the fans to like his style of a fight. Nope. You keep watching your idol, Shakur. Boring.

  • Great job, Sebastian Fundora. A+

    I am very proud of Fundora. He deserved this.

    • You were right lekaren james jnr you pick the better fighter won on the night hopefully Tszyu sister didn’t get arrested for excess screaming lol

  • I thought Tszyu was going to make quick work of Fundora, but that Fundora chin got him past those first two rounds. After that, it was a mistake for Tszyu to sit on the end of those Fundora punches, he never quite found his range against the taller man. Maybe Tszyu will have a better performance in the rematch without all that blood going into his eyes. Congrats to Fundora, terrific and well-deserved win.

    • See how you go with blood pissing out of your head impairing your vision,,,,

  • Someone like Vitali Klitckso would have said he couldn’t see after the third round. It’s just sport, like he said after the Byrd fight.

  • Look its a fair result as i wanted my man Tszyu to win but cant complain. Would deff like to see a rematch. Well done Fundora.

  • The waterfall of blood pouring down Tszyu’s face obviously had a negative effect on him, both physically and mentally.

    But that wasn’t the only thing.

    Already in the first two rounds I was confused by Tszyu’s gameplan. Is 5’8” Tszyu trying to stay at range and win the fight from there against 6’5” Fundora? It cannot be possible. He’s probably just studying his opponent. I thought.

    But honestly not much more came from Tszyu’s side.

    Fundora’s game plan was served on a silverplate in front of him. He could stay at a distance and shoot at Tszyu all evening. Fundora’s jab in particular tapped Tszyu’s forehead like a stubborn woodpecker that keeps you up all night when you’re trying to sleep.

    Of course the injury was a contributing factor but for me Tszyu’s lack of a functioning gameplan was the real reason for the loss. If you want to beat Fundora, you have to get through that wall and if you don’t, you’re locked out.

    Fundora learned something from his defeat. I’m both hopefull and confident that Tszyu will as well. I like the kid. But this night belonged to Fundora and he for sure deserved this.

    Hats off and congratulations!

  • He said last year, after he lost to Bryan Mendoza, that he would be back to take over the division. He did!

  • they might become the next great trilogy, ward/gatti,bowe/holyfield with that said Tim needs a corner man that knows how to stop the bleeding or at least someone who could buy time, ex.dundee/Cooper.if they fight again this is the most important thing, but hats off to Fundora who came in with an excellent gameplan.

  • Great fight given the circumstance each fighter had to deal with, eventually they gotta rematch as one can only imagine if those blood waterfall injuries had not occured would the result be different
    Love that neither really used excuses to the point where it sounded like crying
    I get it though but it is what it is
    Their performance will only grant them better things the result is by no means a setback for Tim and for Fundora Congrats

  • Let’s give massive credit to Tim
    Tszyu. This is a fight he agreed to take on 12 days notice after Thurman’s injury. Fundora is a freakishly tall southpaw. While Tszyu was in camp and training for this card, he had to hit the actual 154 target instead of a slightly higher catch weight and implement a completely different game plan. Other fighters would have refused to fight. Tszyu said “bring it on” to a more difficult fighter than the original opponent.

  • What a hard bloody fight , sheer blood and guts and bravery with no quit from both fighters .
    Things happen in the middle of battle.
    TT , can come back .. the blood hampered him immensely .
    Take nowt away from Fundora .. he and sister both champs . Hope he gets too fight Spence , and take in massive payday .
    Spence need a boost and will likely get it here .. but for now this is Fundora’s five mins of glory !

  • hopefully canelo was watching the fight and taking notes. That’s how real fighters fight .

  • Bad cutman there is something that stops bleeding cuts in good time bad job!!

  • Close fight. I liked the power over the jabs though. Tszyu definitely deserves a rematch. Anything less would be disrespectful. Good card over all. Claudia Trejo looked awesome.

  • Bad night for the Aussies but Tim fought hard with a terrible cut. He should get an immediate rematch. What has Spence done? NOTHING.

    • Aside from Crawford, Spence has beaten every fighter put in front of him! Listen to your hatred! What has Timmy done to make him special? Nothing! Same as Kambosas! Nothing! But Timmy gets a pass? When Spence and Crawford annihilate Timmy, what would be your excuse l? Tzysu isn’t as good as you think he is. Time will tell! Źzzzz! Wake me up when the contract is signed!

  • Make no mistake about it.Tim will flog Fundora if they have a rematch,the first 2 rounds were just a feeling out stretch for him………..tough,high pressure and good punching power !!

  • Great fight for Fundora considering his previous fight was a knock out loss but he will always remain vulnerable. Congratulations and enjoy the belts for awhile Champ.

  • Fundora is friend here from same town and from same gym. He dies good with basic 1-2 punches but his dad need to get him to use the jab left uppercut. Cannot go wring and will never miss. Especially with those long arms and maybe give a little morw speed and thump in his punches.

  • I don’t see fundura holding the belt for long! He got a lucky break when tzyu got cut early in the fight or else it would have been a different outcome.

  • Fundora is friend here from same town and from same gym. He dies good with basic 1-2 punches but his dad need to get him to use the jab left uppercut. Cannot go wring and will never miss. Especially with those long arms and maybe give a little more speed and thump in his punches.

  • Fundora is friend here from same town and from same gym. He does good with basic 1-2 punches but his dad need to get him to use the jab left uppercut. Cannot go wrong and will never miss. Especially with those long arms and maybe give a little more speed and thump in his punches.

  • Deadset most of use wake up. Tszyu only lost cause of cut. Yes Fundora was bleeding also but give tszyu his eye sight and fundora gets put to sleep inside 5 rounds. Rematch tszyu KOs him inside 3 rounds. Any other fight and this gets called off. Tszyu is a rare breed. The only thing that Tim lost was blood.

  • The fight should have been stopped. There is no way this did not effect the outcome of the fight, but the results are official and the rematch hopefully will be better. Its crazy how many people comment who have no idea what its like to box let alone with that much blood loss. The closest you might come is donating blood then try to do a hard thirty min workout.

    Congrats to Sebastian who took advantage of what happened and that’s his job. It was an accidental cut so he keep boxing.

    Tszyu showed a lot of heart fighting without seeing a lot of the shots coming his way.
    Getting blood in your eyes sucks and its not something you can focus through.

  • Curious, the cut was obviously caused by an unintentional foul. It was one of those unfortunate situations. Understanding it happened before round 4 and it was a glaring problem, wouldn’t Tszyu have been granted a no-contest? It didn’t seem like that was ever explained.

  • Fundora got a gift and he knows it
    Fundoras elbows
    moved into it as well
    Tszyus corner made a bad error fight should clearly have been stopped
    Totally different fight after the cut
    Tszyu will be back

  • Great night for boxing. They were all excellent fights.
    Tszyu being such a calm boxer and being so good at sticking to a game plan really worked against him last night.
    He needed to get rough and crank things up to TEN as soon as he got the cut.
    His cutman really is the guy that lost the fight for him. What were they using on the cut?
    Honey would have been better. They didn’t even wipe his face good in between rounds. They could have done a much better job of just wiping the blood away from his eyes and face.

  • I do not know the rules, but fight should of been stopped within a certain number of rounds after he received the cut from Fundora elbow and ruled a no contest.

  • I was totally wrong on this one. I predicted Tszyu would stop him. They definitely have to run it back. I’ll admit I am am intrigued at a Spence vs Fondora fight but given the circumstances he can’t get demolished by TC, move up to another weight class and jump the line. Fondora and Tszyu must run it back.

  • Tszyu was trainning for a shorter smaller guy and suddenly he faces an opponet that is totally opposite. He could have cancelled but he wanted to give his fans a fight… WE SHOULD BE GRATETFUL to his credit he took the fight on less than 10 days notice.. and still got a split decision

  • Fundura had only 12 days to prepare for his first VM match, he will be better prepared for the return, and will repeat. And all these “Excusers” will have even more excuses, it never fails, they build up a “Superman “, and when he is beaten, the excuses come running down the road.

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