Franco-Moloney 3 in the works?

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum could be promoting a third bout between current WBA super flyweight champion Joshua Franco and former champion Andrew Moloney Down Under. Controversy erupted on Saturday in Las Vegas when referee Russell Mora ruled the Franco-Moloney bout a no-decision.

“I’ve honestly had so many messages, thousands of them from people all over the world,” Moloney told the Daily Telegraph. “So I guess that’s the silver lining to being ripped off. With so many people knowing who I am now – and knowing what happened — Bob Arum is already in talks about bringing my title rematch to Australia.

“Right now, Bob still wants the decision overturned. He’s furious. On the night when they didn’t overturn the decision, he told the referee to get out of the ring, called him a bum.

“But who knows what will happen? There’s a chance I’ll have a rematch and, if that happens, Bob wants it to be in Australia. That would be really special.”

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  • There must be an immediate rematch – complete sham fight. Was the ref given instructions to call a headbut if Franco started getting busted up early ? He was so quick to call head butt and then instruct the judges also.
    Like Moloney said how can franco walk around and call himself champ he was getting lit up.

    • Donkey Punch- I get it.. I didnt see a headbutt either but I doubt the ref was given that instruction lol
      but yea Moloney’s statement was dumb. to be honest, i agree to a certain extent, but then again, how can Moloney say he was winning when he shoved his thumb in dudes eye. yea, legal “punch” but thats a crappy veteran move to gain an upper hand. a “Real Champ” doesnt need to pull those whack a$$ moves to win. 3rd fight.. we all want it.. hopefully they make it happen.

  • The headbutt has been identified. I’m a person who must see to believe and I saw it on a few boxing sites.

  • If Golden boy get there way there will be no rematch. Lets just hope the WBA review it and do the right thing.

  • Headbutt or not headbutt, the huge controversy created have made this very interesting. It’s a good matchup and for the sake of both guys (more money) lets make the third fight. BTW, if the fight gets made in Australia, both guy might get 5 times what they can get in USA. The winner this time should get a shot to Erwin Ancajas.

  • Regardless of how this turned out –which ruling they made– this one was headed for a rubber match and appropriately so. The only question is whether you make it immediately or let them have a fight in between. I’d pick immediately, take it to Australia and I’m still taking Franco.

  • No need for a third fight.. it was a clear headbutt that has been backed up further with additional photographic evidence. Franco next defense should be home in San Antonio, Texas.

  • I doubt Franco wants that trilogy. Franco looked beat-up and sad after the rematch. Looking at his body language I almost felt sorry for him. Im guessing the ref and the commission felt for Franco also.

  • Well if it wasn’t called a head butt and instead a punch then they would be 1-1, so I think a third fight would still be the ideal thing. But , bob arum’s behavior gets worse as he gets older. To jump in the ring and tell the ref to get out of the ring and call him a bum is out of line. Age shouldn’t be an excuse to get away with it.

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