FBHOF Class of 2021

FBHOF Class of 2021
Photo: Damon Gonzalez/LatinBox Sports

Fighters: Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson, Jameel McCline, Danny Santiago, *Frankie Randall, Marcel Clay, Danny Sanchez
Trainers: Orlando Cuellar, Luis Camacho
Promoters: Terry Trekas
Historians: Carole Myer
Media: Arcadio Castro Jr., Brad Berkwitt
Participants: Rodolfo Aguilar, Walter “Butch” Flansburg, Orlando Fernandez, *Charley “Doc” Williams
Officials/Commission: Alex Levin, John Birmingham, Richard Green

Special Achievement Award: Steve Harris, Joey Orduna
Lifetime Achievement Award: *Bob Nicholson


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    • Well said. I still recall that moment in boxing when Frankie Randall knocked down Chavez Sr. and carried himself to a victory. Chavez got his revenge later, but Randall sealed the deal to be the first to defeat Chavez. Major news outlets were even reporting on the story.

      • That was a great night for Randall and a great accomplishment, but I didn’t realize he had any ties to Florida. Anybody know what those ties might have been that landed him in the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame?

        • This is a good question. Based on reports, he passed away in an extended care facility in Tennesee. I assumed maybe he resided in Florida at one time.

          • Thanks for that link AJ. I knew Tarver and Johnson resided here, now I have an idea how the others are tied in. I remember a restaurant on Dale Mabry Hwy. near Raymond James Stadium in Tampa had “Congratulations Antonio Tarver” on it rather than whatever specials they normally had posted after he KO’d Jones. Tarver was a Tampa resident at the time, along with Jeff Lacy and Winky Wright. Not 100% sure, but I believe all three had belts at the same time, or very close to it….

  • Glen Johnson was a special, special fighter who reminded me of Hagler because of his hard work ethic, boxing pride, humbleness, determination and ‘True Grit.’

    • When I first read, I didn’t realize it was the Florida Hall of Fame, so I thought-Antonio Tarver, sure. Glen Johnson?…not in my opinion, but I guess so. Jameel McCline??? …no fucking way! Then I saw it was the FLORIDA Hall of Fame! Makes sense. I do, however, think standards do seem a little lower in boxing for the Canasota Hall of Fame than in other sports. There are quite a few boxers in there I wouldn’t necessarily consider Hall of Famers.

  • I love to see a guy like Glen Johnson get these type of honors. Shows you dont need a pristine record to be a hall of famer. A bunch of well protected fighters with better records didnt make it. You can see in the choices he made and the way he fought Glen behaved like a fighter. Congrats to FBHOF Class of 2021

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