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Photo: Stacey M. Snyder

“King” Gabriel Rosado (26-13-1, 14 KOs) reacts after his spectacular one-punch knockout victory over Bektemir Melikuziev (7-1, 6 KOs). After suffering a knockdown, Rosado landed a fight-finishing right hand at 1:21 of the third round.

“I knew I would have to dig deep,” said Rosado. “I had more experience than he, but he’s very strong and throws heavy shots. I was trying to time him, but he caught me with the body shot. He didn’t drop me, but I took a knee to recover. And then I got the win.”

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  • Gabe Rosado did an A+ job yesterday.

    Simon Tov & Mazel Tov.

    Great Job, Gabe.

  • Gabe has learned that he’ll never get a decision over an unbeaten prospect. I’m glad he took this one out of the judges’ hands.

  • Great short right hand on the button… Lights out.
    Good to see Gabe get an emphatic win.
    He’s a warrior, who’s been on the wrong end of too many dodgy decisions, no chance of that this time.

  • Gotta love Rosado’s style because he displays maximum effort for his boxing pride, his camp and for the crowd.

  • Good to see Rosado get a good win, he fought the best out there!!!

  • This guy finally got exposed. Hands down and chin up usually ends this way with experienced fighters. Rosado has a lot of losses but he aint no bum. Experience and timing beats power everytime. Rosado timed that big wide hook and good night.

  • Awesome pic! HAPPY for GABE!!!!! Beautiful, well timed shot, on the button dropped that guy like a bag of hammers.

  • Did anyone else JUMP OUT OF THEIR SEAT And cheer!?!??? I gotta be honest… I did!!!

  • Idk if it’s Fury’s rise from the ashes in his first fight against Wilder. Not sure if it’s how people are supporting the underdogs now and acknowledging mental health. But something is different… people are quitting their jobs and starting something new. Retired fighters are coming back to get a taste of glory. Then supposed gatekeepers are getting a second wind and causing upsets. I mean, guys that are supposed to get washed are putting up a better fight now period. They say boxing is 90% mental. Notice the underdogs attitudes changing .. idk what it is but I love it.

  • That pic for the article was a few seconds after his butt was up in the air and his heels went up lol…not that I was looking for that, but hilarious nonetheless.

  • Berlanga has been dropping his name, now Rosado has set the table and increased his stock for an all-Puerto Rican showdown. He can go from gatekeeper to dream crusher and derail Berlangas lofty goals!

  • Lucky punch. Of course Melikuziev has no defensive skills. Mistakes determine boxing outcomes as much, if not more than anything else. In this case, he made a rookie mistake. A big one that cost him dearly.

    • If he “has no defensive skills”. it wouldn’t require a “lucky punch “ to win it.

      • “Boxing Don,” `it wasn’t what Rosado did right, but what Melikuziev did wrong. Rosado didn’t create an opening or a feint… so in that sense he was “lucky” his opponent had no defensive skills. I guarantee if there’s a rematch Melikuziev won’t make the same mistake again.

  • It’s hard not to like Rosado to start with. He is always in the ring 100% +

    I also think that lack of boxing skills is a common problem for Uzbek boxers.

    Everyone is fully trained like no other, they are totally dedicated and mentally professional, but the skills in boxing skills do not always match the ranking.

    Therefore, I think we will see more Uzbek boxers exposed in the near future.

    Congratulations Gabriel! Quick recovery Bektemir!

    • zockerbit, I think the thing with gabe is the fact that he’s game for any opponent. He’s not picking and choosing. That’s what makes him a fan favorite.

  • I met Gabe Rosado at the fights one night.
    He’s a nice person and I wish him the best.

  • dude was 7-0, good for Rosado, but any fighter in the top 10 will destroy him, as his record shows. Don’t know why they allow these fights to be made. A fighter with 7 fights should not step in the ring with a fighter that has had 40 fights.

    • He had tons of international amateur experience which puts him way ahead in the pro game. Lomachenko was a World Champion after what, two fights? That Cuban kid David Morrell became a “World Champion” in his 3rd fight, albeit the WBA regular belt.

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