Exclusive Interview David Benavidez

By Jeff Zimmerman

Unbeaten two-time WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez (23-0, 20 KOs) talks with Fightnews.com® in an exclusive interview as he prepares to face Ronald Ellis (18-1-2, 12 KOs) on Saturday, March 13.

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  • Let’s just get it over with and watch Alvarez and Benavidez square it off. My money is on Alvarez. Alvarez will keep moving forward and slowly keep chopping down Benavidez once he figures out his timing. Alvarez by UD.

  • Excellent interview. David is one of my favorite fighters. In my opinion, he has the potential to be one of the greatest fighters of his time. The only thing that will prevent him from accomplishing his goals would be his indiscretions outside of the ring. I hope and pray that he realizes his potential and maintains the necessary discipline outside of the ring.

    • SamW, you don’t think him keeping his hands down could be his demise? I’m agreeing with Scoob that canelo would win as I can picture him getting shots in when benavidez has his hands low.

  • I have seen Canelo dig deeply (obstacles/challenges) to achieve a late victory(ies). Unfortunately, to date, I have not seen enough previous challenges that forced Benavides to dig deeply in a late victory(ies).

    Canelo WILL present 12 rounds of extreme challenges/obstacles to Benavides. In preparation for a possible later fight against Canelo, I hope Benavides’ next few opponents present solid obstacles/challenges, so I can see if Benavides is capable of digging deeply for late but convincing victories. Benavides has to prepare to last 12 rounds against Canelo.

    For now, based on my reasons previously summarized, I will give the advantage to Canelo. However, let’s see how Canelo looks in his next 2-3 fights because Benavides is no joke when he is displays discipline at the dinner table during training and during proper social interactions outside the ring.

    • If he had his act together he’d be squaring off with Canelo in Jan-Feb 2022 for the last piece of Canelo’s historic conquest. But he didn’t. That puts him back of the bus behind possible matches with Charlo, Boo boo, GGG or even Murato for that matter of guys coming up in weight to fight him. Still back of the bus to Bivol or Beterbiev. Way she goes!

      • I dont believe thats true. When Benavidez had the WBC belt Canelo had no interest. It wasn’t until after he lost that title that Canelo became interested. These are just excuses to keep Canelo out of the more dangerous fights. Yildrim did nothing more than any of the other guys you named on the list.

        • I agree. Canelos fights are now a circus ..older fighters. Boxers with only 4 weeks of training. Or coming from lower weight division. He hasn’t had a rival with a full training camp.. ggg was the last one with full training and we know what happened… why people think he is danger of anything in his fights? This next guy hasn’t fought in almost 2 years and he lost and he was chosen to fight for the title… that’s a joke for true boxing fans…. berchelt vs Valdez ..that is a fight to see

  • IMO, Benavidez is the man at 168, and the only one that will make the odds makers hesitate the day Canelo decides to face him, hopefully no more than a year from now. Canelo’s speed will help him to prevail, because Benavidez has kind of clumsy footwork, but he is very aggressive with plenty of power and youth.

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