Eubank Jr expected to trigger rematch clause

Middleweight Chris Eubank Jr has two more weeks to exercise his rematch clause to get a return fight with Liam Smith. Smith’s promoter Ben Shalom/BOXXER told Sky Sports “[Liam Smith] wants Golovkin. It’s in Eubank’s hands and we can’t really look past that until the time has elapsed and we expect him to want to rematch. I can’t see a better option for Eubank Jr right now.”

The rematch could take place in late May in Liverpool, Smith’s hometown.

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  • Although the first fight did not get so long, I still think that a possible second figt will get a similar outcome. At best, later than the third round for all paying boxing fans.

    Still like Chris Eubank Jr. He is rather predictable, open and a bit slow which is not the best against a fighter like Liam Smith.

    Liam Smith stood well up against Canelo, moves his upper body all the time, is difficult to target, has quite fast hands and is technical.

    I definitely think he has a good chance against today’s GGG.

  • Obviously of Jr wins we get a trilogy, but if Smith wins it’s over. I see a controversial decision win for Jr of course or another stoppage for Smith.

  • Either he takes this fight or he attempts to go off and rebuild in some other way. Beating Smith won’t get him all the way back to where he was, but it’s quicker than literally having to beat… 4-5 other guys and he’s 33 years old.

  • Problem is, Eubank’s legs are shot. He looked like he was walking on stilts in that fight; could have been the result of the weight drop to 160lbs. Look at the video of Chris Byrd hitting the bag a year or so ago saying he was making a comeback, or Jordan when he was playing for the Wizards. Its tough to play or compete in any sport without legs, unless they are not required.

  • Huge mistake .. he needs to go to 168 and rebuild .. I know he’s getting older and probably does not like that route but the only other option that makes sense is retiring. Unless he and his team know that he cut corners making weight but he should leave Smith alone.

  • Conor Benn can join Ilhan Omar on the bench. Don’t do the crime if you cannot do the time.

    All Eubank did was lose a fight. He did not cheat (like Conor). Chris lost a fight. It’s all good. He can win the rematch. It’s winnable for Chris.

  • It won’t only be harder for him to win the rematch because Liam already knows he’s got the ability to knock him out, but also because he’ll likely see it necessary to have to start slow and pick and move and avoid aggression early on just to play it safe and make sure he doesn’t get rattled again by anything that could end the fight quickly. So he leaves himself open to losing on the scorecards as much as getting KO’d once more. However, he really needs to avenge this one. So, I guess we’ll see if we get fireworks again or a much more tactical affair the second time around. However, I imagine Liam comes in as the bedding favorite this time.

    • Throughout boxing history, a knocked out boxer has come back to get revenge. Revenging a knock out loss is a constant occurrence.

  • I’m looking forward to the rematch. It will be interesting to see if Eubank Jr. keeps the same attitude. The one punch wins don’t always mean that much, but I do think Smith is the better fighter overall. Still if Eubank Jr. is serious, trains hard and boxes we may have a more entertaining rematch.

  • Here’s hoping Eubank fights like Eubank and does not try to be Jones Jr. Let’s be honest, how good a coach can Roy be if his ‘advice’ to fighters is ‘fight like me and you’ll be alright”!

  • Eubank MUST get rid of Roy Jones-and work with his dad again if he is to have any chance

  • Will be a better fight if he fights his usual style. What is all this ‘fight like Jones jnr’ malarky. Plus he looks to skinny at this weight . Being a good fighter does not make you a good trainer, go back to your roots!

  • They all want a piece of the old aging lion till he is past 40 ! At 30 or 34 no one wanted to fight him lol ! He has still just one true loss on his record, what a champion !

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