Ennis demolishes Clayton in two

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Photo: Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

By Rocky Morales at ringside

Jaron “Boots” Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs) annihilated previously undefeated Custio Clayton (19-1-1, 12 KOs) by way of crushing second round knockout in an IBF welterweight title eliminator on Saturday night in the Charlo-Castaño co-feature at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

After an initial feeling out round, the IBF #1 rated welterweight, Ennis, went on a seek and destroy mission and landed a right cross to the temple of his Canadian opponent. Clayton went down hard, flopped around, somehow found his way to his feet but then continued to lose his footing causing the referee to stop the fight. With the victory, Ennis puts himself in line for a title shot against IBF/WBC/WBA welterweight champ, Errol Spence Jr., should a unification with WBO champ, Terence Crawford, not take place.

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  • Clayton didn’t want to fight boots is a beast I would like to see him fight Thurman,Garcia, Conner Been or Ugas or Ext in the Loaded 147lbs division let get the Spence and Crawford fight out the way first Boots then your the Future but Boots is gonna be a problem for the Division

    • He sure can… and hes still humble. Lets hope that lasts. Hes an overall good dude.

      • He is! Very humble! This is the first I saw him fight but that talent and how humble he is makes you have to like him. Great fighter.

      • U guys want your cake… the posters here want humble killers.. as soon as he promotes himself through trash talk, call outs, and put-on arrogance then you’ll wish the downfall of the “thug” and wish he was “classy” like Mickey Ward.

        • “Want your cake”? There’s nothing wrong with being humble and if I like a fighter I don’t care if he ends up calling people out. Fury does it, Crawford does it.. I love them. Personally I think if you build a solid record and you’re unbeaten you can afford to call people out.. that’s how it goes. Sometimes it can go really wrong if someone begins that to early or before theyre tested.. like Adrian broner.

      • He is. I’ve seen several interviews with Ennis and he sounds like he’s definitely from the hood, but he doesn’t have that hood rat mentality. He just sounds like an excited young man who wants the very best for his career and is thankful to be making a living doing what he loves. No entitlement attitude from this kid.

    • Lol you can’t be serious. Boots is not ready for that “big fish” he just asked for. He destroyed Clayton which has no indication of how he would do against a guy of Spence’s level.

      • The fight was the eliminator for Spence IBF title. Don’t take him likely. He reminds me of a take and stringer Crawford. He is very capable of beating Spence. I wouldn’t bet against him. He’s the real deal.

  • Ennis ‘ last two knockouts have been behind the head, rabbit punches. What’s with that “Boots?”

    • Did not like that punch, boxing, rules, refs, should be more strict on this. Even if not intentional, should be treated like a low blow.

      • It was clearly a shot at the back of the head. Which clearly messed Clayton up. I like boots he’s a really good fighter and I don’t think he would have hit there on purpose. I do believe the ref should have seen it.

  • Wow…that Ennis cat still has not lost a round. Regardless of the rounds, maybe this young man is just that HOF type special at 147 and possibly later at 154…we will see. Meanwhile, I remain impressed with Ennis.

  • Ennis is a very likeable and humble young man,and boy can he fight,a future champion for sure

  • Hate hate hate this crap. A guy who could have actually give Ennis a fight gives up in a crappy acting job and Ennis acts like he crushed Crawford. Fake , or just stupid, boxing has to do better. I know Ennis is being “managed” by hurried dumb asses , but really, this? The ref, bless his heart tried to give quitter boy a chance so que the equilibrium to “give out” perfectly timed as the camera zoomed in. Gross . Erase this memory. HOWEVER the dummies will say he is ready for Spence and yada. I see flaws and I am just a half blind old man who loves boxing. The love / hate of this sport continues in my heart though when this crap happens. Grrrrrr

      • the consideration of risk/reward
        he thought about it and said ..um no. His fake wiggle is what I am referring to. Is anybody saying he wasn’t faking it? Looked fake to me.

    • Yo Kurtis, why are you always so pessimistic? Always bitching and complaining about something! If you got caught with a shot that affected your equilibrium you would be flopping all around the canvas only you would be pissing all over yourself! You my friend are a real arm chair warrior talking all that crap.

    • I like your content but I gotta disagree. I think this dude got smashed proper and his equilibrium was shot completely during that time. He didn’t know which was was up, literally.

  • I’ve sad this before, Ennis vs Danny Garcia in an all Philly showdown would be a good final test for Ennis before he goes after the Spence/Crawford winner (if it happens). 12 tough rounds for Ennis is needed. He’s getting close, but still needs to fight a former champ IMO. He’s the future for sure.

  • Fight was over from the start, Clayton couldn’t even look him in the eye!

  • BOOTS is finna get ktfo buy someone who touches that chinny chin chin

  • Ennis really needs a test now. Enough of these coke cans. I like him but…….

    • This was the eliminator for Spence IBF belts. Don’t overlook him. He’s a stronger and taller version of Crawford.

  • Ennis deserves a title shot since two years ago as minimum. He is a champion without crown. He has real chance against Spence and Crawford, no doubt for me

  • who wants to fight ennis the paycheck for hiss opponent has to be decent like to see him fight garcia battle of philly

    • yep, blatant shot behind the head/neck while clayton was ducking. totally took his equilibrium away. Clayton wasn’t hurt by any shots before that punch. if i was his management id be screaming to change the result to no-contest. not that he was winning but still. blatent illegal shot.

  • If you are practicing proper fundamentals in boxing, and you are of similar stature to your opponent, its highly unlikely that you will get hit in the back of the head. Ducking is not a proper defense strategy in boxing. Slipping punches is how its done. Ducking is for street fighters and mma.

  • The punch was a glancing blow. Boots opponent deserves on Oscar for that acting job.
    All of that fake flopping would make LBJ proud.
    Fake. Fixed.

  • Ennis is awesome for sure. I think he will soon if not already be able to beat Spence, not so much Crawford.

    • Crawford is 34 & Spence is 32. in one year Ennis will destroy both of them as they are both passed their primes already.

  • Let’s see top guys fight each other now, no more dodging each other. It’s getting sickening

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