Eddie Chambers returns

Photo: Marc Abrams

40-year-old former heavyweight title challenger “Fast” Eddie Chambers (42-5, 23 KOs) will return for his first fight since 2016 when he takes on 305lb Corey Williams (6-13-2, 4 KOs) on Tuesday night at the Texas Troubadour in Nashville, Tennessee.

Eddie Chambers 226.8 vs. Corey Williams 305.6
Evan Gubera 199.4 vs. Demetrius Banks 197.4
Eduardo Aguilar 140.8 vs. John Hale 140.8
Erick Arellano 209 vs. Raquan Ashby (will weigh on tomorrow)
Ricardo Wallers (will weigh in tomorrow) vs. Jerrell Nettles (will weigh in tomorrow)

*Iegor Plevako will particiapte in an exhibition

Venue: The Texas Troubadour in Nashville
Promoter: Lion Heart Promotions
1st Bell 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT
Stream: FITE.TV

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  • WTH! I used to like Eddie Chambers, back in da day. Really smooth boxing heavyweight. Too small and he got down to cruiser and didn’t do as well as I thought he might. Clearly he’s been inspired to get back in the gym at the formation of the bridgerweight division.

  • So that’s his opponent who he’s facing off with. I thought it might have been the old, fat promoter. I too loved the way Chambers fought back in the day. He was often described as a right handed Chris Byrd; a true stylist who completely outclassed most of his opponents. In his day, giants ruled the heavyweight division (still do) and he really didn’t have the size to compete with them. Over the years, there have several heavyweights who didn’t quite have the size to compete with the monsters of the division, guys like Chris Byrd, Herbie Hide, Jeremy Williams. Common wisdom would be they would dominate if they dipped down to the cruisers. Like Chambers, they all tried and failed. That never seemed to work out. That makes you appreciate Evander Holyfield and James Toney so much more- they too lacked the size to compete as heavyweights, but were still able to hang and bang amongst the biggest and the best.

  • That’s a joke right? The other bloke just fell off a bar stool somewhere, staggered through a kebab shop and wandered into this photoshoot

    • It’s shame when an Englishman has to use “kebab shop” in a sentence when referring to his own country. Another 50 or so years and England, along with most of Europe, will be completely destroyed by Marxist multiculturalism.

  • Look at that picture. How can anyone that seriously? Looks like a picture of a face off before a flip cup final.

  • I laughed at the comments “confusing” Chambers opponent as the promoter.
    In reality not far off. Boxrec lists his opponent Corey Williams as the matchmaker for the card!

  • Is the guy pictured on the right a “stand in” for Corey Williams? Or is that really Corey Williams?
    Eddie should have no problems as he will be in better shape. This could be a short fight

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