Tank-Kingry Update (not good)

Let’s hope the clash between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia doesn’t end up like the Crawford-Spence debacle. Promoter Oscar de la Hoya told ESPN that the only remaining hang-up for Davis-Garcia is who will promote the rematch if Kingry wins and Tank exercises his rematch clause. It’s agreed that the first fight will be on Showtime PPV. PBC insists that they should also promote the rematch with Showtime getting both fights. As promoter of the winning fighter, Oscar wants to be lead promoter for the rematch and put it on DAZN.

On Monday night Oscar tweeted, “It’s Super Bowl week, and we’re on the one yard line looking to score @Gervontaa vs. @RyanGarcia! Let’s hope PBC doesn’t let the fans down and f**ken fumble!!”

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  • They’re supposedly sending DAZN a nice check for Garcia to fight on Showtime in the first fight. If he wins, either let Oscar do the rematch or you pay DAZN a much, much NICER check for the rights to it as well

  • There should be no rematch. If Garcia win, why should he have to fight on PBC and drain to 136 lbs a 2nd time. If Ryan wins, should do the rematch at 139 lbs. If PBC is so confident in Tank, it should be 1 and done. Tank was a bad dude at 130, that was years ago. He needs to fight Haney at 135 after KingRy fight

  • Automatic rematch clause rule is ruining boxing ! Whatever happened to winner takes all ?

  • Fight not happening. Oscar the cross dresser will find a way to make sure it doesnt happen smh Queenry and Oscar two queers smh

  • Boxing needs to blow up the whole system and move to a UFC type format. Best fight the best, boss makes all the fights, one champion. Will never happen but that’s what would make almost everyone happy. Fight bonuses are a huge motivator. Only the top fighters in boxing make any money at all. It’s disgusting. My friend, who has trained tons of fighters and many world championships, told me a terrible story today. We were laughing about Rocky when spider Rico made $17.20 for the fight and Rocky made $40.55, winners share, after they took out all the expenses. He said he worked as a cut man once for a guy who got $600 for a 6 rounder( which was normal in the 90s). He said it was an absolute war and his guy had bad cuts over both eyes and was pretty beat up. The fight was a draw. The fighter actually wound up -$22 after his manager took his cut and the doctor and all. He told my friend he was sorry but he had no money to pay him. Of course my buddy didn’t care, but it’s such a sad story. Dana White would have gave them both a 50k bonus. There are too many stories like this. Boxing is a brutal sport in the ring but much worse out of it. F*** all these greedy promoters.

    • Dana White, the savior of boxing? You need your head examined. He’s a bigger Snake than any of the promoters in boxing, paying fighters 10 percent

      • That’s fake news. I live in Vegas and know a lot of people who work for him and they all love him. He’s a very generous guy. He is also a business man who works for somebody else. You can’t give away all the profits, they built this thing from the ground up and deserve to make money. If you are a star in the UFC you will make more money than you will ever need. If you fight hard you will also be rewarded and do miles better than any second rate boxer.

      • And yet Dana White tends to make the best fight the best. Why should the fans always lose? It’s the fans’ money that propels the sport.

  • What I’m concerned about is who promotes the rubber match in the event its 1 a piece of they have a rematch…. Omg, and who promotes the 4th of the rubber match is a draw?

  • Gervonta’s ppl don’t want this fight. They know garcia is too tall & too fast.

    I will be surprised if it ever happens.

  • And Oscar thinks he’ll have a chance promoting Spence-Crawford?! Not a chance in HELL!!

  • The winner should get the promotional rights. I really hope that this doesn’t sink the fight. Being a boxing fan can be so frustrating at times.

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