Soliman to receive replacement IBF belt

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former IBF middleweight champion Sam “King” Soliman contacted® to give an update on his IBF championship belt that was stolen recently. “After I explained the circumstances to the IBF how my car was stolen along with my world championship belt, I was contacted today by IBF Public Relations Director Jeanette Salazar who said that IBF President Daryl Peoples will send me a new IBF championship belt and there will be no charge,” said Soliman. “I would like to thank Daryl and Jeanette for their kind generosity. It is much appreciated.”

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  • Let’s face it it’s hardly a Lonsdale or Ring mag belt, so it shouldn’t cost too much to knock one up!

    • Guys will use anything to impress women. Thats the only reason I can figure.
      Flex his muscles and show that championship belt = chic magnet.

  • They sent him a plastic belt…don’t forget to keep it safe just behind the passenger seat ok?

  • He gives talks to school kids who are at risk of taking the wrong path. Part of the talk is to show the belt which gets the kids more involved.

  • >