Duran confirmed positive on Covid-19

By Héctor Villarreal

Update: Roberto Duran’s result was confirmed positive for Covid-19 his son Robin Duran published on his Instagram.

“My dad’s exams have just arrived, and it’s our duty as a family to communicate the accurate information. For now, he still has no symptoms beyond a simple cold. He’s not in intensive care or a ventilator, he’s still under observation. We just spoke to the doctor and he tells us that the lungs are fine and there’s no indication of gravity. Let’s keep faith that everything will be fine. I’ll keep you informed.”

Hall of Famer Roberto “Hands of Stone” Durán has been admitted to a private hospital in his native Panama City due to a respiratory complaint on Thursday afternoon. The result of the Covid_19 test applied to Durán is not yet known.

“Having symptoms of respiratory problems, we did not hesitate to take him to the hospital, not only because of the Covid-19 risk at his age but also because of the injury to the lung that my father suffered in a car accident in Argentina in 2001, which forced his definitive retirement”, said his son Robin Duran to Telemetro channel 13 where he works as a presenter.

Roberto Durán turned 69 on June 16th. His age places him in a high-risk group in case he tests positive on Covid-19. Telemetro’s post on Instagram does not specify a link between Duran’s situation and the Corona Virus pandemic.

This reporter contacted Duran’s daughter, former fighter and commentator Irichelle, who lives in Florida, USA. She confirmed that Durán “was admitted for observation because one of his lungs does not work 100% since the car accident.

“He was supposed to undergo a routine Covid-19 test due to the current situation but as you know the results are not inmediately known”, Irichelle added.

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  • In the battle of Duran Vs Covid…. Duran hopefully wins by quick KO.

  • Duran will be fine, It’s Just the Flu With Minimal Mortality. It’s not a pandemic It’s a scamdemic.

  • Roberto Duran is not scared of the Bill Gates Flu.

    Roberto Duran is 70 years old, life expectancy in UN (WHO) managed Sub-Saharan Africa is 59 years old

  • Just last week, Duran was talking about possibly coming out of retirement for an exhibition match. Now we’re hearing he has an “injury to the lung” at 69? Get well champ, and take it easy.

    • Yes, an “injury to the lung” is so vague. That could mean so many things. Out of curiousity, would like to know. Have a great weekend.

  • Sad for me to say I now have to accept that this is actually a worldwide pandemic and not a political conspiracy.
    When a legend like Roberto Duran is negatively impacted by something like this, it makes me change my mind.
    “No mas” living in denial for this boxing fan, get well champ!!

    • WOW, too bad it took Roberto Duran to get this virus to make you see the light. Not the other 9,682,414 cases in the world !
      The only political conspiracy is the one that President Trump and Fox news are playing on the public. Do yourself a favor – wear a mask and listen to Trump’s lies about this disease ” No Mas”.

      • If someone this healthy can be inflicted, then nobody’s safe – especially your high-risk mom, dad, grandparent, etc! Please wear masks!

        • Plus, wash hands frequently, social distance, and stay away from huge family gatherings!

    • And how could you possibly have ever considered this a “political conspiracy”? Since every corner of the globe has been affected, exactly who would the conspirators have been?

      Boris Johnson being infected and hospitalized wasn’t good enough?

  • Our thoughts and prayers to you Champ Manos de Piedra & family too, the fans pray Duran will KO Covid-19 too, get well soon Champ

  • I hope you get well Champ without much problems. I always been your #1fan since you beat Hirochi Kobayashi in 1971 in Panama City.

  • I’m hoping for the best for one of my favorite fighters of all time, the great Roberto Duran.

  • Hopefully he has no other major health issues, otherwise testing positive is not a death sentence.

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