Don King: WBA hasn’t sanctioned illegal bout

Heavyweight boxer Christopher Lovejoy, who has an exclusive promotional agreement with Hall of Fame boxing promoter Don King, nor the promoters of Saturday’s boxing card in Germany, are complying with the Cease & Desist letter they received several weeks ago.

Lovejoy has weighed in and plans to fight the WBA champion in recess Mahmoud Charr on Saturday night in Germany.

“Lovejoy and the German promoter are defying the law,” said King. “We have served them and justice will prevail. We will see who will be “quacking” when we get to court and the legal process decides that everything is there in black and white.

“Lovejoy is out there popping off and feels that this fight is for the WBA championship. The WBA hasn’t sanctioned this illegal bout and they certainly won’t do so. Trevor Bryan is the WBA champion.

“What fighter shows up in Germany without a trainer or cutman and is totally out of shape, weighing 306 pounds? Lovejoy lacks plain common sense. See you in court along with your German promoter! We’ll see who will be laughing last on Instagram.”

King said Lovejoy filed for bankruptcy in California before departing for Germany to try to stop King from taking action on his exclusive promotional agreement in trying to stop Saturday night’s fight.

King added that promoter Errol Ceylan is illegally promoting a fight involving a DKP exclusively promoted fighter and knowingly and willingly, tortiously interfering with King’s agreement with Lovejoy.

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  • If Lovejoy wins, does he then become the NEW WBA Champion…. In Recess?

    • Have to wonder why King is so upset about him fighting for this worthless belt which he has no chance of winning anyway.

      • Because he owns the paper on this bum. Charr’s purses are helping pay for his elder care.

  • So, Don King accused somebody else of defying the law, did he? King has been in the public eye for around 40-50 years now. When has there not been drama surrounding this man? I felt like this whole act was old 30 years ago. Can’t even put into words how played out this clown show has become.

  • From the show “Cheers” years back:

    Somebody in the bar greeting Norm: “What are you up to Norm?”

    Norm: “My ideal weight if I was 10 feet tall”

    That line came to me out of the blue when I saw Lovejoy weighed 306.

    Check out Lovejoy’s boxrec page, and take a look at the records of his opponents. It’s become somewhat normal to have a guy like Lovejoy fighting for one of the WBA’s belts. That organization is so corrupt and poorly run, and just a disorganized mess… says a lot about the sport that the WBA continues to exist.

    • I think it says everything that, even despite how much everyone loathes the sanctioning organizations, the WBA consistently manages to ‘downstage’ its peers. With this following Bermane Stiverne in a title fight after being ko’d in his two previous fights and not winning a fight at all in half a decade, having Thomas Lamanna in a title fight and Daniel DuBois following a terrible loss – I think 2021 ends up showing that the WBA does the impossible and manages to go even lower!

      • I wish all boxers would follow Riddick Bowe’s lead by just throwing the belts into the trash, where they belong. Stop paying sanctioning fees to these clowns, which helps them continue to exist. I believe Marco Antonio Barerra did something similar back in the day by dropping his belt and taking on all comers. Boxing would be so much better off without these embarrassing sanctioning bodies…..

        • Except Bowe threw his belt away to avoid all comers (read Lennox Lewis) and fight Jesse Ferguson and a washed up Michael Dokes instead…

        • Bowe only threw it in the trash so he didn’t have to fight Lennox Lewis. Hardly the actions of a heroic trailblazer

          • Alright, good point about Bowe ducking Lewis. Forgot about that detail. I believe Barrera gave up the belt without ducking anybody. I believe Larry Merchant praised him for that move. Anybody else remember that?

    • Oh Lord… you aren’t kidding . That might be the worst undefeated record record I’ve ever seen. His last four opponents were combined 20-82-9, and that was AFTER he stepped up his level of competition. He’s only fought one guy with a winning record and 8 guys who’d never won a single fight.

  • So sad. I wish Don King would just retire. Every time he shows up now days with a fighter they always end up not fighting for years at a time.

  • Old age hasn’t mellowed King he is still the a hole he was back in the Mike Tyson era…

  • DK’s bitterness knows no bounds. It’s like he can’t deliver any fights for this guy but won’t let him fight elsewhere.

  • This despicable piece of trash is still trying to destroy people’s careers and lives. He doesn’t know it but he has absolutely no authority to stop this fight. He has a contract dispute that can be sorted out after the fight. The only thing he’s entitled to is any fees or percentages that his fighter owes him. I swear boxing will be better off when he’s gone

  • I don’t understand why DK hasn’t quietly retired from promoting and moved on with his life. The guy has no network deals anymore, almost zero fighters, nearly zero relevance. He has pretty much been done for 10 years or so now. We only hear about him when he’s filing lawsuits or promoting some BS heavyweight fight.

    • King loves money and is clinging to the tiny bit of control has left as a promoter. From our point of view, yes, he needs to float away and retire.

  • DK is being robbed….stop stop that thief.DK is been taken advantage of.He is known for his good heart and acts of kindness especially with his small brother ,Jose Sulaiman.

  • Ebenezer Tete got a bad wrap too. Don forget Mr Kings got Trevor in the wings. Don you the man!

  • Oh no!!! Somebody is trying to screw over Don King. How dare they! Lmao only King has the right to screw over whomever he wishes. They obviously didnt read the contract fine print. ” I Don King herin this contract give myself the ability to screw over any fighter of mine at any time, but this is not reciprocating due to my feelings getting hurt. In the event it does happen, I do reserve the right to throw a tantrum!” Lol

  • I have a sad feeling that the day DK passes it is highly likely he will be in a courtroom, involved with a case to get him some more money that he won’t be able to take with him. But hey, maybe he has a case here…

  • I’m just saying because he is 89 years old and fighters keep running away from him. perhaps keeping overrated boxers in contract jail in hopes of another WBA “Interim title shot” or eliminator is his secret age remedy/fountain of youth..

  • I would pay to watch a DK production called “kangaroo court” where he is a unofficial judge who always rules for the promoter or gov body. All kinds of hijinks will ensue. He could use the “hear comes the judge” theme song in his entrance to the courtroom by pigmeat markham. Viewers will watch in anticipation of a ripped off heavyweight or lighting fast flyweight or lightweight try to get at either A) The judge on his decision, B) The opposing counsel who is particularly rude during cross examination, or C) The promoter or gov body representative after the verdict. Since it’s not a REAL courtroom then if the ripped off fighter gets screwed (and you KNOW he’s gonna get screwed) gets angry enough then he gets his own kind of “street justice” because as we all know. It’s not a REAL courtroom. Just as wild but more believable than a Jerry Springer show.

  • No Trevor Bryan is WBA paper champion. Anthony Joshua is the WBA Champion. Just ignore the nonsense from the WBA which has like 4 champions listed for each weight class. Better idea just ignore the WBA all together.

  • Theres 2 Rivers in the middle east…older than time..But whose got the famous song…? Locomotive breadth….Lovejoy..Tete…etc..
    I send these long Island dudes silly..Mr King your secretery is a cool lady..The only one that gave me acknowloedement..Not Arum Not cuzin Lew..I dont remember if it was befoa r after Guillermo Jones bested Lebedev. but you know…Tanks four the mammories,
    And nevermind Boyd..Smith..and especially Algeri that guy is an opportunist..Its obvious…
    Nevermind the anser..Whose next…Changing complexionand focus? No.. You have no clue about the Salmon…And wehere? Troy Ross tu u. And Erkan by the way..

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