Dominick Guinn ends career with a win

In what was announced as his final bout, 44-year-old former heavyweight contender Dominick Guinn (38-13-1, 26 KOs) won by six round split decision over Terrell Jamal Woods (23-46-7, 16 KOs) on Saturday night at the Arabia Shrine Center in Houston, Texas. Scores were 58-56, 59-55 for Guinn, 58-56 for Woods. Guinn won the vacant American Boxing Federation “American West” heavyweight title.

Super welterweight Evan “Yung Holy” Holyfield moved to 2-0 with 2 KOs after a third round knockout over debuting Henry Mendez. A body shot put Mendez down for the count. Holyfield is the son of legendary former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, who was in attendance.

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  • Dominick Guinn was one of those fighters that could box, had decent power, and was dangerous if you got too relaxed in a matchup. Thank you Mr. Guinn for the years you have put forth in boxing and entertained those around you. Have a wonderful retirement and enjoy life!

  • Guinn could have beaten Juniur Fa when he fought him at Pechangas Casino a few months ago. He knocked Fa down and had him out on his feet. For some reason he chose to carry Fa the distance. Either way, good for Guinn, always a humble young man. God Bless him…

  • He fought some good fighters and never got knocked out after all these years. Good for him!

  • I would rank his chin among the best of all time. Never koed. Never that badly hurt. He took some major shots from hard hitters and came right back.

  • In his early career Dominick Guinn looked like he was for sure going to be champion. Fast, technically very good, great style. Then the Monte Barrett fight happened and they both punished each other and they both never looked the same again after that fight. Great respect for Guinn, glad he has decided to stop now.

  • Guinn was considered a major player in the division after wins over Micheal Grant and Duncan Dokiwari, but lost most of his big fights after that. The man could box really well, but could be oddly passive in the ring. I saw several of his fights where he wasn’t outboxed, but clearly loosing the fight, yet didn’t make a move to get back in it. I heard him interviewed where he said he was over thinking things, trying to be “smart” in the ring, rather than getting in there and mixing it up. Maybe he was just too nice a guy for the sport of boxing! I hope he enjoys life away outside of the ring!

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