Diaz defeats Farmer, seizes IBF 130lb title

Super featherweight JoJo Diaz (31-1, 15 KOs) scored a won a twelve round unanimous decision over reigning IBF champion Tevin Farmer (30-5-1, 6 KOs) on Thursday night at Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami, Florida.

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Diaz suffered a bad cut over his left eye from an unintentional headbutt in round two, but he pressed the action and landed more punches to win 116-112, 115-113, 115-113.

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  • I knew Diaz would beat farmer even though he was underdog like +125 i saw him fight Russel & he had more than just power he fought better opponentents than Farmer ,Farmer is a bad version of Paulie Malanaggi ,Paulie only had 7 ko’s his whole carreer but his speed & skills & IQ got him 2 world titles ,Farmer has slick moves ,but they dont work with a good boxer who has decent power ,he should never fight Davis or Santa Cruz or Abner Marris

  • Was it jus me, or does Farmer look like he may have developed an unhealthy condition. Ive bever seen him like that before.

    • Farmer should not move up to 135. Hes too small for that weight & not enough power he would do better at 126

      • Looks like another case of someone trying to squeeze into a “division” too small for him. Better in the old days when lightweight was 126 plus to 135. That is only nine pounds-no need for these extra divisions that also discourage the best from fighting the best.

    • Farmer was one step behind Diaz most of the fight. Diaz wanted it more. Farmer looked drained to me starting in round 2. Farmer then kicked in his “afterburners” as the fight progressed. Maybe Farmer’s weight loss for this fight snagged him some on his output and finesse.

    • Agree 100%.
      The Latin Snake(bites) thought he was looking at the clock, but EVERYONE else watching could see there was an issue. I hope the kid is alright and returns soon…

  • Diaz just outfought Farmer tonight. He mixed up his head and body punches and pushed Farmer back often throughout the fight. Jojo is still too economical with his punches, but he threw them in combination most of the time. He didn’t resort to the earmuff defense which failed miserably against Russell.

    Neither fighter is a knockout puncher, so I didn’t expect a knockout. However, the decision should have been a lot wider than the officials had it. I gave Diaz 9 rounds to 3 for Farmer. At worst it should have been 8-4 in rounds or 116-112. 115-113 twice just wasn’t the fight I saw tonight.

    Congratulations to Diaz on winning the title on his 3rd try. As usually happens in boxing, it sometimes is a lot harder to retain a title than to win it. He really needs to come in in great shape for each fight and avoid any problems on the scales.

    By the way, that gash on Diaz’s eyelid was really bad. I don’t know how the cut man was able to keep it from being a big problem in the fight.

    • That cut may actually require plastic surgery based on the location. The old rule of thumb was 1% healing time per day with such injuries. Basically, that would be 100 days of heal time with no full contact. However, this is based off case-by-case fighters.

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