WBO champ Andrade TKOs Keeler in nine

WBO middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (29-0, 18 KOs) scored a convincing ninth round TKO over unheralded Luke Keeler (17-3-1, 5 KOs) on Thursday night at Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami, Florida.

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Andrade dropped Keeler in the first 10 seconds, but Keeler got out of the round. 70:1 favorite Andrade floored Keeler again in the second round, then continued to dominate Keeler until referee Telis Assimenios finally waved it off at 2:59 of round nine.

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  • In spite of winning, Andrade looked absolutely terrible. He’s a second tier fighter. Any other top 20 Middleweight would have blasted out Keeler in 2 rounds. Embarrassing!

  • This Andrade is a farce, a boring one at that. This opponent is the type of guy who GGG, Cinnamon or Charlo blow out in one round. Andrade is delusional and flatters himself way too much when he says no one wants to fight him the problem is he brings nothing to the table but a bogus belt and a horrendous style.

  • He’s a joke! He want’s Saunders next? Saunders is not the fighter he once was and is another “light hitter”, I wish one of the Charlos would fight him just to see him get KOed in brutal fashion…

  • That was a terrible fight. A total mismatch but Andrade didn’t take advantage of it. He looked amateurish with his swings for the fences against a Keeler who couldn’t seem to coordinate his punches with his footwork. His punches as he moved rapidly forward almost always threw him off balance. He had no head movement to speak of and actually had his hands down when Andrade caught him in the 2nd round and sent him to the floor.

    Too much wrestling, wild swings by Andrade and a really hard fight to watch. To be frank, I had had enough by the 7th round and switched it to something else.

    Instead of boxing, throwing sharp punches in combination and getting Keeler out of there with a sustained attack, Andrade was trying for the KO punch with every shot and looked bad doing it. I don’t think I would want to watch it again even if somebody paid me to do so. Life is too short.

    • The fight was sloppy, fast-paced, wild at times, and going for broke in spirts, but I thought it was entertaining. Compared to AJ vs Ruiz 2, this fight was well worth the viewing. Sometimes I think we as fans need to watch some flawed, crazy, sloppy, and head banging fights to keep us in-check! LOL……..

  • As boxing fans can we all come together and agree Andrade would get beat up against GGG and Canelo! That fight was embarrassing! Congrats to JOJO!

  • Fk me dead, that was a shocking fight, How is Boo Boo a champion? Needs to be striped for being the most boring fighter there is.

  • Andrade thinks he’s cute and hip with that silly hairdo but he actually looks just like a transient, on second thoughts even a transient has more class

  • For a guy that cries so much about not getting big fights he’s not making a case for himself taking on guys like Keeler. I’ve literally never heard of him.

  • Hard to argue for Andrade after that performance. This fight should have been over inside two rounds. Needing 9 rounds to finish this guy is very disappointing.

  • Yawn. Andrade will not be making noise against the elite of the division. He will get stretched out as soon as he faces one.

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