De Carolis shocks Scardina

Foto 5 Scardina De Carolis
Photo: Matteo Innocenti/Opi Since 82

In a huge upset, 37-year-old former WBA super middleweight champion Giovanni De Carolis (31-10-1, 15 KOs) scored a spectacular fifth round KO over previously unbeaten IBF #8, WBO #9 rated Daniele Scardina (20-1, 16 KOs) on Friday night at the Allianz Cloud in Milan, Italy. De Carolis dropped Scardina hard in round four. The referee totally botched the knockdown, giving the reeling Scardina extra time. No matter, De Carolis rushed out in round five to floor Scardina again ending it.

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  • Ref should be banned for life. That was absolutely diabolical refereeing at the end.

    • Looked like the refs were in on the fix and didn’t know what to do to save the fighters. The other 10 round fight where the house fighter got knocked out the ref was just as bad.

    • Exactly.

      You (I’m mean people in general, not specifically you) really need to follow this sport so closely to understand who the top guys are in each division.

      Knowing who holds a belt doesn’t actually mean you know who’s the best, or even close to being the best.

      Boxings never been the most honest and transparent game, and with the way things are, it seems it’ll continue to become less honest and less transparent… That’s a real shame.

      • Most sports fans these days won’t try to follow all the confusing organizations and divisions any more.

  • Always superbly conditioned De Carolis put on a show. Well done. Credits to Scardina who didn’t back up although clearly outboxed.

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