Crawford TKOs Porter in ten

Terence Crawford V Shawn Porter
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Undefeated WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) stopped former two-time welterweight world champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter (31-4-1, 17 KOs) in the tenth round on Saturday night before 11,568 at the sold out Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Rounds were mostly close until Crawford dropped Porter twice in round ten and Porter’s corner stopped it. Time was 1:21.

At the time of the stoppage, Crawford was ahead on all three cards 86-85, 86-85, 87-84. WBC/IBF champ Errol Spence was on hand and immediately left the building upon the completion of the fight.

Porter came out aggressively going right at Crawford from the opening bell in what was a very busy round for Porter. In the second, Crawford worked the jab, but Porter connected with a solid right, the champ returned with some solid counters. A vicious exchange in round three saw Crawford and Porter trade solid punches, however an accidental headbutt caused a cut over Porter’s right eye. Crawford kept his distance jabbing and countering but Porter kept coming despite being cut the previous round.

A counter left by Crawford in the fifth landed solidly but Porter kept coming swarming the champ. Crawford was on the offensive to start round six as he backed Porter, later in the round Crawford was on the receiving end of a head butt but appeared to have no cut, Porter made it a rough round for Crawford. Halfway through in the seventh, it was obvious Porter was being challenged as Porter kept bringing it. The eighth round began with an exchange in the center of the ring, Porter came right at Crawford as the champ boxed from the distance and countered Porter’s intensity, later in the round Porter connected with an overhand right that got Crawford’s attention.

In the ninth, Crawford kept his distance sticking the jab with Porter lurking his way inside Crawford countered, in what was a dominant round for the champ. A counter left hook by Crawford to start the tenth sat Porter down. He got up, and Crawford pounced to drop Porter a second time. Porter’s corner/father advised the referee to stop the fight.

Crawford-Porter Scorecard
Crawford-Porter undercard results

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  • I think is dad could have let him Continue a few more seconds after the second knock down.

    • When you wear WAR into the ring, ala Marvelous Marvin Hagler, your dad doesn’t stop the fight when you can clearly continue. Plain and simple.

    • You’ve never been in there or had a friend that died in the ring so it’s easy for you to say watching fights from your couch. Plus that’s his son. Bruh!!!

      • He wasn’t badly hurt. He wasn’t being dominated. I agree a few more seconds to see if he could weather the storm

        • Wilder sucks and so does Porter. Porter fought good fighters but can’t beat them. Porter wasn’t going to win this fight after the knockdowns. The judges scorecards were 86-85, 87-84 and 86-85 after round 9 all for Crawford in round 10 with 2 rounds to go. Those knockdowns weren’t going to help Porter’s run for a decision. Didn’t matter if he finished or not he wasn’t going to win. Porter despite fighting good fighters hasn’t beaten any. He’s not going down as one of the best fighters of our era.

  • Great fight … BUT, Porter will never do anything to separate himself from the upper echelon.

    • Nobody said Shawn Porter was one of the greatest ever. He’s a pretty solid oponent anybody. They’re trying to say Crawford Is one of the greatest

      • Crawford is one of the greatest. If you can’t figure that out BY now you need to stop watching boxing.

  • After 8rds they had Porter winning. Lol I don’t understand why Porter would quit. He seemed tired but not a good fight for Crawford.

  • Someone please explain to me why Porter’s father stopped the fight. Remember, Shawn wore the “War” hat / robe into the ring. Now I’m hearing his dad say that Shawn did not prepare properly? WTF? Please don’t tell me that a stoppage was inevitable because it wasn’t. Porter was not really that hurt after the 2nd knockdown…..

    • Rafael Gonzalez
      14 mins ago
      – “The inevitable was bound to happen and a violent KO could have happened”
      – I knew that someone was going to post this.
      – Why can’t I predict the lottery numbers this easily?

    • You’ve never been in there or had a friend that died in the ring so it’s easy for you to say watching fights from your couch. Plus that’s his son. Bruh!!!

  • I TOLD YALL I HAD THE 11 round TKO but he did it in 10 PBC fighter move up to 154 and run my boy Crawford is the truth y’all fightnews hater run PBC fighter run thank you Porter for stepping up Bro I told y’all

      • Best ever is laughable at best! Have you ever heard of Sugar Ray Leonard, Wilfred Benitez, Tito Trinidad, Oscar de la Hoya, and Pernell Whitaker? Crawford is just a class B fighter in comparison to the aforementioned.

        • No. Crawford is just that good. When is the last time you saw a Champion knockout 9 straight in Championship matches? You haven’t. He is that good.

  • The father made an emotional stoppage and stole the fight from the fans and his son, shit show, Porter was not hurt no way, a good fight turned into a shit show, Spence beats Crawford and Danny Garcia gives Crawford a hell of a fight because Angel Garcia would not pull a power trip over Danny or make a bitch move like Shawn Porter’s father, what a fucking disappointment.!!

    • Big o. I agree. Porters dad pulled a shady move. Yes Porter was hurt BUT these guys are elite. Porter cld have wrapped up, got himself together and caught porter and brought himself back in to the fight. Porters dad is an idiot

      • How the he’ll do u wrap up the best finisher in boxing? His trainer saw the writing on the wall. Why get his son seriously hurt?

    • Have you ever boxed on the Amatuer level or professional? Have you ever see a close friend get carried out on a stretcher after lost of consciousness in a boxing match and die 5 days later? It’s easy for you to say that from the comfort of your couch. Plus that’s his son. Bruh!!!

      • Your comment is also ‘emotional.’
        I was raised in The Petronelli AC, Brockton MA USA. In the same ring Hagler prepared for Hearns and others. Boxing was not ‘dangerous’ tonight for either fighter. They have a track record of being prepared as best as possible. This was no where near a Mancini v. Kim mismatch. It does appear, that father did behave emotional tonight. Within the stoppage Porter pounded that canvas repeatedly. In that moment, he was alert and regretful [ of being knocked down ].

      • You are right my friend, years back in my own backyard an up and coming undefeated Randy Carver at 168 died after his corner and the ringside physician failed to stop his fight from his brain swelling and bleeding, they refused to believe what was factually going on in the ring with their fighter, now he’s dead.

      • Willie, some people just don’t get it. I don’t box, but i love watching it. What I do know for certain is that no one watching a screen knew Porter’s condition and capabilities better than the man who brought him into this world and trained him in the martial art of boxing. If the father made the wrong decision, why is Porter retiring from boxing and not seeking a new trainer? Its the main reason a corner is given the authority to end a fight in favor of their fighter’s health and every fighter understands the trust and power he/she puts in their corner’s hands. No accusations from the various sanctioning bodies or state commissions in regards to the stoppage. No threats as to Porter’s purse being with held. Your point is taken and understood. Peace.

    • I agree his father wanted to pull a power move. I was confused why his stopped it too. It wasn’t a violent knocked down. Plus the fight was pretty much even

  • Damn what a fight!!!!
    Crawford is everything he said he is. He did what Spence wouldn’t do. Respect to Porter for putting up a great fight and for showing respect to his father even in disappointment. I think Porter’s dad is bit a a dxxx not so much for stopping the fight but for kicking Shawn while he was down. As for Spence, he look a bit uncomfortable knowing that Crawford did what he did. From the expression on Spence’s face, his body language and the way he haul ass out of the area, I’m convince he doesn’t want to fight Crawford. I now understand why Crawford is considered the best p4p and the best welter weight in the division. He’s a bad ass man.

    • Not taking anything away from Crawfords win but neither fighter tonight impressed me. Congrats to Crawford for the win but Spence will definitely work his body, Porter didn’t look good tonight at all he was very sloppy

  • Porters dad just cost him the opportunity. Maybe not the opportunity to win, BUT the opportunity to at least finish the fight. These guys are elite and know how to survive the round. Ugghh dissapointed!

  • So that’s why PBC fighters have been ducking Crawford for the last 5 years. Spence turned tail and ran.

  • Had porter ahead before the KD.Think the father made an emotional stoppage but then again porter was fighting one of the best finishers in the sport right now.The inevitable was bound to happen and a violent KO could have happened.His father just saved him to fight another day.Great fight great fighters.Now can we get Crawford vs Spence.

    • The only thing we will get from Spence is what we saw tonight – him running out like a scared little boy!

  • This was just an awkward fight until the stoppage.
    Porter didn’t seem hurt enough to have it stopped by his dad but I am sure it was probably 20 seconds away from happening or a 3rd KD and the ref waves it off. Hopefully Crawford can find himself another big fight soon.

  • The fact that Shawn pounded the canvas repeatedly, in the second knockdown showed he was not ‘hurt’ in the traditional manner [ to throw a towel or stop a fight ]. Shawn did push many of Terence’s buttons and his valiant effort should be acknowledged.

    • Agreed Hilario: someone pounding the canvas doesnt show he’s hurt, it shows he’s frustrated. His father shld have done his job and been talking to him from the corner to calm him down not stop the fight. I think his dad took the knockdown harder than his son did

    • I think the canvas pounding honestly was a bad sign. He was getting utterly dominated that round. It was pretty clear that Crawford had him figured out by then and it wasn’t going to get any better from there. I think he had a reasonable chance of making it through, but he wasn’t winning the fight. Why take the additional punishment? Because the fans wanted to see him get seriously injured?

      He was frustrated because he had no answers. His dad’s comments about preparation were nonsense and really disrespectful. He fought a great fight in the first half. I might think it was a bad stoppage if he had won more rounds in the second half, but he was starting to lose those by wider and wider margins. He had a good career and it’s much better for him to retire in better health.

    • He would still have ended up on the canvas again and again. Crawford stays sober even when he has gotten you and would just have hurt Porter.

  • Good fight, even if it was pretty messy for the most part (to be expected with Porter). Kudos to Porter for always being a nightmare to fight, regardless of who you are.
    I do think that Crawford is a huge threat to any of the other 147
    champs considering how sharp he is, his power, and how he can mix it up. I think the scorecards were on point, and those body shots were definitely making Porter slow down a bit. It’s hard to look good against Porter and he had most of the first half in the bag, but Crawford did more overall to show why he deserves to get the W. Hopefully he signs with PBC and they can FINALLY get him with other real 147 pounders.

  • As predicted. The Caveman no match for Crawford. Too reckless. Too raw. Too open while winging shots. Just a fighting cave man. Crawford just too strong, too explosive, and too talented.

  • Ideally, I want to see Crawford vs. Spence, but I am not sure about Spence’s situation (mental and/or physical) at this time. Therefore, I will settle for Crawford vs. Ugas or Ortiz.

    I hope Shawn and his dad do not have any issues later.

  • I think Ugas and Spence are trying to fight in February, if Spence is healthy and Ugas can keep his belt and get out of that WBA tournament. If Spence can make it, definitely the fight to make is Crawford vs Ugas.

  • Stoppage looked premature but they won’t say it imo, but they knew Crawford was going to hurt him bad if they let it go. He started timing his aggression toward the middle rounds. He started turning his hook to that sweeping uppercut and Porter never saw it. Spence wants no part of Crawford now imo. I would think we will see him go to 154 as he mentioned toward the end

  • With all of Crawford’s “skills”, if Porter had more firepower, a substantial punch, the result would have been a lot different tonight. Let’s see how Crawford handles Vergil Ortiz or “Boots” Ennis’ power.

      • Face it, Crawford hasn’t faced any first tier fighters either? Porter is tough, but rough hewn and very one dimensional.

    • If you make Porter into a different fighter then you have to account for Crawford fighting him differently as well. You can’t just change one side of the equation.

    • The fight you want to see is Crawford vs Thurman & Ugas vs Spence then Crawford vs Spence for all the belts

  • I’m pretty sure Porters Dad knows his son better than anyone in the world. That’s for all you clowns who are claiming he wasn’t really hurt. I could see a clear change in his face after just the first knockdown much less the second. He was about to get blasted out like never before.

    I agree his Dad is a bit of a weirdo d**k. A bit of a pageant Dad. He loves the attention paid to his weirdo ways. However, he wasn’t about to sacrifice his son for the inevitable, even if in the post-fight interview he did sound like a overbearing Dad who lives vicariously through his son at all costs including his sons pride.

  • anybody else think it was strange to see Porters father hugging and laughing with Crawfish afterwards and then say some BS excuse and Porter wouldnt look at his dad I had Porter up 6-3 but i could see it at 5-4 or even Crawfish 5-4 but IMO Porter was nullifying Crawfish crowding him and racking up points and making him miss constantly although the heavily Biased ESPN commentators were babbling total garbage and saying otherwise which to me the compubox #s are hugely inaccurate

  • Welp. I called 7 it happened in 10. My bad. Crawford is the best Welterweight. Spence left like a girl. I’d be embarrassed if I was his fan. I’d like my guy to stay and make the fight happen. But we now know who Spence is as well. Crawford vest P4P in the planet. He’s a smaller guy wrecking a never stopped guy. Boom!

  • If Porter had got up and hit Crawford as hard as he was hitting the ring mat. Being a little facetious but he didn’t seem to be that hurt. Maybe it’s his height and reach but Crawford looked more like a junior middleweight compared to Porter even though their weight was the same yesterday. He would have been a great challenge for Mayweather.

  • It was just to sit down and know for sure an exciting fight will come and you will have plenty to talk about afterwards.

    Porter was clearly not hurt physically, but a stoppage might be motivated after two knockdowns, if you´re getting both frustrated and demoralised, two bad signs, especially when you´re in the ring against someone like Crawford.

    This was the kind of test you have to go through, before going up against a fighter like Spencer Jr.

    Crawford has the special thing that makes him a top five pound for pound boxer. His up there. So is Spencer Jr. That´s the fight out there in my eyes. Talking about all weight classes.

    Porter may not be the best but it’s hard not to love him, just like with Chisora and Provodnikov, at least for me. Always exciting, value for money and never boring. All credit to him.

    Now I´m looking forward to a superfight.

  • Porter said at the post-fight press conference that win, lose, or draw this was his last fight and that he’d retire because he doesn’t want to be relegated to gatekeeper. It was a compelling press conference because Shawn made the announcement seemingly without telling his dad but his dad, Kenny, said he could see this coming based on how he observed Shawn watching the clock in the gym. His dad could’ve let Shawn continue after the second knockdown but Bud is a killer in there, especially when he has a man hurt. Kenny Porter knew this and didn’t want to risk permanent injury to his son. Shawn said he understood his father’s position in deciding to stop the fight but may feel differently once he’s processed this a bit more. I had Porter up by a point but it could’ve been the other way because it was so close going into the tenth. Great win for Bud Crawford against a game and determined Shawn Porter. I’m also thinking Thanksgiving may be a bit weird at the Porter home this year.

  • Porter’s dad saw that his son was simply no match. He did the right thing, and Porter knew his dad was right. Already fatigued, no sense in getting knocked senseless.

  • In a weekend of fight-ending head clashes, it’s amazing butts played no part in this bout.

  • Did you notice the judges scores, very close fight 86-85, 86-85,87-84 but throughout it swapped around between both of them. Could have easily gone either way before knock down. That’s the real story.

  • Crawford ,Porter fight was fix,two friends will cut up Crawford purses for life of Crawford fighting

  • From what I saw Crawford wasn’t that impressive to me a good fighter but not one of the great ones porter gave him all he could handle

  • Spence will continue to duck crawford.Canelo will continue to duck all true contenders, until the governing bodies reclaim control of the sport, Canelo has in affect froze the168 class, by moving up in weight, he should have mandatory defenses by all four commissions, or forfeit the titles, so the weight division can move forward

  • With the TKO, what gets lost in all this is that while nearly all fans & media had Porter ahead, the three judges all had Crawford winning. So even if Porter won 2 of the last 3 rounds, Crawford still would’ve won the fight on the judges scorecards.

  • Spence couldn’t stop Porter Garcia couldn’t stop Porter Thurman couldn’t stop Porter who stopped him Bud Crawford that’s who

  • You will never be great or beat great fighters with Porters mauling, hugging grappling or elbows style. Every top fighter he fought beat him, volume punches is simply hit or miss wishing one lands, Porter is a warrior though who’s style is street, but boxing beats all styles 99% of the time, adjusting NOT styles as many think is the secret to boxing.

  • His father saved him from further danger & embarrassment. 4 million guarantees ain’t bad for fighting the best. This stoppage was preplanned.
    Porter testified win/lose/draw retirement was the next agenda. Why get yr brains beat in? Yes Porter could have continued to take a prideful beating. The great ones do just that. The smart ones take the “L” plus the 4million guarantee, get back in the booth, retire, wait for the next million dollar allure. Yes some of the fans felt short changed of spectacular excitement, the betting public was pleased.

  • Porter did well until the 10th when he became reckless and opened himself up. I do believe that Porter exposed Crawford in many ways. Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns would have beaten Crawford

  • His father embarrassed his son by his comments after the fight made a warrior look like a boy

    • It was just frustration coming from a father that his son lost a boxing match like a boy not a warrior.

  • Terence “Bud” Crawford is now the best in Welterweight Division. I am looking forward for great boxing match with equally the best Spencer in the future.

  • I learned more about Crawford after this fight. He doesn’t tire.. he knows how to pace himself and pick it up when it counts. His punches are fast and precise when they have to be. He’s smart in there.. I haven’t seen that type of intelligence since Floyd. I think Floyd is a little more calculated little more elusive. Not that Bud can’t be but he’s more offensive minded than Floyd was and he’s more willing to trade. Nobody looks 100% good against Porter.. but I think Crawford is the real deal with the way he handled the pressure and began to break him down. We already knew that but the way he did it proved it for me.

  • good grief end of the career world title fight and hes still seems fairly composed and you throw in the towel. One more knock down I could see it. or barely being able to get up but that wasn’t the case.

  • A hired pro trainer would have let Porter continue. This is the problem when your dad is your trainer. Fatherly overprotection. If Porter is going to continue, he needs another trainer.

  • I was watching Porter closely after the second knockdown and noticed that he was stumbling around on unsteady legs a minute after the fight was stopped. Once a fighter like Porter loses his legs, he’s done. Crawford was flashing his combinations in the last two rounds and his punches were hard and accurate. It was the right move for his Dad to stop the fight. Porter was in for multiple knockdowns and possibly a knockout.

    Porter fought as well as he could in the first half of the fight but was getting sloppy as he tired and wasn’t punching as much while Crawford was getting into high gear. It was a competitive fight till Crawford took over. His pinpoint punches were landing solidly on Porter’s chin in the 10th round.

    Porter announced his retirement after the fight. That was a good move. He should not settle for being a gatekeeper and he does have options after boxing including a blossoming career as a fight commentator. I wish him well. Now, it’s time for Crawford and Spence to fight it out to determine the top fighter at welterweight.

  • Porter`s father cares about his son. But he , the father, reminds me of what Emanuel Steward said about Lennox Lewis`s trainer, when Lewis was knocked out in London.” The trainer tries to be more high profile than the fighter”.

  • If they fight, Spence will shock everyone. His southpaw jab and body punching will give Bud all he can handle and more. Bud will go down as an all time great, but i think Spence will be too big and strong for him. Spence is a naturally big welter, Bud started out as a skinny jr.lightweight, and he still have that skinny look about him. Spence is more skillful than Porter, and he is the best body puncher in the division. As a matter of fact only Canelo goes to the body like Spence. Porter`s fight with that German, proved that his style of fighting has caught up with him, Novice Benn did a better job than Porter with the same guy.

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