Conor McGregor interested in fighting Pacquiao

Pacquiao-McgregorMMA star Conor McGregor is 0-1 in a boxing ring, but he’s also part of the second largest boxing pay-per-view of all time, being stopped by Floyd Mayweather back in 2017. During his press conference for a UFC fight this weekend, McGregor floated the idea of fighting WBA welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao at the new 72,000-seat Allegiant Stadium, the future home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

“What a fight that would be against Manny, a small, powerful southpaw. I’d have to figure out the weight and these type of things, but something that interests me, no doubt,” said McGregor.

A Mayweather-McGregor rematch is also being discussed. Their first bout generated 4.3 million buys, second only to Mayweather-Pacquiao which did 4.6 million.

“I did do well [against Mayweather],” said McGregor. “I won rounds and hit him more times than anyone. I hit him more times than Manny hit him. And with small adjustments in the prep and with an understanding of that style he’s coming at me with, now I think I’d beat him.”

Whether this is a negotiating ploy for a Mayweather rematch or not, it looks like the Pacquiao camp is interested. Sean Gibbons, president of Manny Pacquiao Promotions, posted a potential fight poster for a Pacquiao-McGregor clash on social media.

McGregor also didn’t rule out facing other boxers.

“There are many world champions and many people around with somewhat of a name and I feel I could fight anyone, I could compete against anyone.”

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  • Of course he wants to fight Pacquiao, that’s where the big money is. Unfortunately for McGregor, Pac doesn’t need him for a big payday.

    I’m sure there are other boxers that would welcome a good payday against McGregor. Maybe Charlo?

    • Well said……McGregor is willing to make a dollar at doing anything to risk his own health. Give me a break! He needs to dry up and blow away.

    • Canelo would be good. Lol
      Or i think he could PROBABLY Now beat 51year old retired Reggie Strickland (Probably)

    • So true! McGregor has become the Kim Kardashian of the fight world.. Not really anything.. But constantly looking for a chance.

    • If you look at ppv buys it’s the other way around. Last Pacman fight – with Thurman – did around 500k. We don’t know how many buys did Conor vs Cerrone, but it’s most likely well over 1 000 000 buys… For a warmup fight after long lay-off. His fight before that – with Broner – he did 400k buys, while Conor – against Khabib – did 2 400 000 – exactly 6 times more than Pacman did. So no, McGregor does not need Pacman at all to make boat loads of money.

  • What a joke this clown is. He gets a gift bout against mayweather in his first pro fight which of course was because he has a big mouth and of course mayweather being the coward he is takes him on and proceeds to toy with him carrying him until he said ok let’s go home now.

    Amazing how little Floyd ducked manny for so many years terrified how he bludgeoned Hatton and Cotto and waiting until after Marquez all but killed him then of course that’s Floyd being who he is and takes on a shadow of the threat he was before it wasn’t timing because Floyd didn’t know if manny was going to end up being the next Gerald Mcclelan or not he just does what he’s always done be the scared little coward he is. Why he’s the fighter of the decade is beyond me manny took chances anytime anyplace which is something little Floyd never had the courage to do. Castillo beat little Floyd’s ass first fight, Vegas and the paid off crooked judges made sure to do the usual rip off decision. Vegas always favored little Floyd a true champion fights everywhere not just in their paid off hometown.

    • While you sit at your keyboard? You chumps got some nerve calling professional fighters cowards. When last you showed up for a fight? Or took on a tough challenge? What are you the best at? I bet you barely stick up for yourself judging from your tone. You obviously dont know Boxing or even have an idea of what it takes to do what Floyd did. Foh. And to bring up Gerald Mcclelan in this bs? No respect!!!

    • What a butt hurt little bum you are. Still crying and lying about the night that Floyd spanked pa man’s bare bottom and walked out without a scratch plus eternal bragging rights

    • FMM fought De la Hoya and Ricky Hatton before MP so who had who’s scraps? it goes both ways. additionally for years Manny used that sorry excuse for not wanting to submit to random drug testing.

  • He did well because Floyd allowed it, otherwise he would’ve been out of there in a few rounds. And with manny…he won’t be slapped around. One shot and he goes down. Even at manny’s age.

    • IMO Mayweather let Boxing in general down, carrying him for so many rounds. Every MMA guy points that fight out as why MMA can handle boxers.

      • That’s just propaganda to save face. Conor was the biggest puncher in mma and Floyd was supposed to be a pillow fist. Conor was taller bigger stronger and almost 20 years younger and he’s the one who was carried and knocked out by the 41 year old! Everyone knows it no matter what they say

        • Conor is 11 years younger than Floyd. Far from “almost 20 years”. Do yourself a favor and check wikipedia before you make an idiot of yourself.

    • It’s just an opinion. Maybe he did, maybe not. You will never know. Or maybe he was super cautious to avoid embarassment by playing it safe. Truth is it was a money fight and they both achieved exactly what they wanted. Period. If Conor fights Pacman, the fight will do more revenue than Pacman’s last 4 fights combined.

    • I don’t think he so much carried him. I think he respected his power enough not to engage and get countered. Connor was coming for him those few rounds and as i predicted (as well as FMM), CM got gassed because he is a MMA 5 round fighter and FMM capitalized.

    • Bob, I’d fight either one (for the payday), but it would have to be at a catch weight: I bet I could make 225.

  • Well luckily for those of us that are Pacquiao fans, the Pacman only fights real fighters. But IF it were to happen, Manny would probably end up killing this bum. McGregor is nothing but a loud mouth barroom brawler with No class… Manny on the other hand is one of The greatest Legends in boxing of All time…

  • Connor is an idiot.. jus cuz Mayweather carried him for as many rounds as he did, now he actually thinks he has a chance. I say if he wants to box, make him climb thr ranks like EVERY boxer is expected to do. Besides connor fights like a beginning amateur boxer. I know tons of ammys that wld woop his ass inside of 2 rounds

  • Sad thing is there would be people foolish enough to actually pay to see him fight Mayweather again-first fight as staged as pro wrestling.

    • Enough people foolish enough to make it a huge boxing event is the very reason they’re doing this. I’m curious what is your explanation that the second best grossing event in the history of boxing was between a bum and a goat? Don’t you see McGregor’s genius?

  • Way too easy of a fight for Pacquiao, and I can’t believe Mayweather is still interested in a rematch with Conor. Fight was a circus exibition at best.

    • Jesus Christ almighty – you really don’t know why Floyd is interested in repeat? Hmmmm – money? $$$$$$? Don’t you understand this is what it is all about?

  • this is absurd. why would anyone watch crap like that? Why did anyone watch him fight phony Floyd? boxing continues to go town the toilet

    • It’s called entertainement. You don’t need to get it – it’s probably black magic for you, but the world goes around without your comprehension of the simple facts of entertainment business.

  • Oh yeah great idea, only because he did so well against Mayweather. Floyd was toying with him until he decided to get him out of there.

  • Look up the ‘ring/Uber driver gives Conner the business.’ And I’ll continue with; I’ll fight for the first time since Sept of 2006 and I still say I’d out box Conner any day. Floyd didn’t even train and MP would Concus Conner within 6 one sided rounds. Me, it’s a UD at the least.

  • Anyone remember when Joe Savage (bareknuckle fighter) fought Bert Cooper in a boxing match in the 1990s and got destroyed in about 30 seconds? That’s exactly what would have happened if Mayweather seriously tried to knock out McGregor and hadn’t carried him for 10 rounds. Mayweather would have been too tough of a pro debut opponent for even an Olympic-level amateur boxer.

  • Lets see this farce instead of the rematch farce. It may draw a little better since pacman is still a legitimate boxing champion.
    Plus there are lots of un-knowledgeable people out there that think McGregor will beat an old and short pacman
    Pacman at 154lb+ hmmm??? No
    McGregor at ????

  • Mcgregor might be good at boxing bur manny is light years above him again mcgregor will be toyed around like a cat and mouse with Pac-Man

  • Baaa hahahha mctapout took place in one of the most obvious fixed fights. Mayweather gets his 50 and mctapout doesn’t get belted too badly and lose stock – hence ref stopping fight before mctapout even hit the canvas – they both race straight to the bookies

  • the first fight was an absolute farce that should’ve seen criminal charges laid against someone for conducting a staged fight! Mayweather could of knocked him out in any of the rounds but milked the fight for the sake of ppv… Just farcical and criminal !!

  • Chicken McNugget keep getting that ass handed to him in mama so he wants to box now? Win at least an mma match then try to box but if you don’t have any legit wins in your last few fights shut your pie hole, and earn a big fight instead of your daddy dana giving you big fights hoping your the last white hope. Dana is just as stupid as Connor. Besides Irish people he don’t have no fans everyone loves to see him lose.

  • Boxing fans are going to rip on McGregor because they are boxing fans. UFC fans are going to rip on Boxers. If a real combat sports fan looked at this they would see and interesting match. Pac is past his prime no matter what title he currently holds. McGregor is past his prime for UFC since they take more damage in a shorter time. McGregor did better against Mayweather than Pac did no matter what anyone says. I dont care about the claims that Pac was hurt or Mayweather took it easy on McGregor. These guys are not entry level and dont screw around in the ring. If Mayweather could have taken McGregor out in a single round he would have and it would have been huge for him and boxing. If Pac was as hurt as he claimed (After the fight) he didnt show it in the ring. He just couldnt connect after the first round and his corner was not icing his shoulder. McGregor vs Pac at this stage would be fun to watch.

    • Interesting statement about boxers ripping on UFC and ufc ripping on boxers. That part i agree with but the rest, i just cant see it, and i have trained both types of fighters. Ur right about boxing fans ripping on UFC fighters. Actually boxing fans rip on other boxers that try and jump in a cage as well. They have NO business there. As for Connor, he is a natural athlete BUT is no competition for an elite boxer. He was fine with mayweather cuz lets face it, Mayweather is a business man first and a fighter second now. Mcgregor is trying to get that boxing money, u and i both know that. If he really wanted to prove himself, why doesnt he challenge Malinaggi since there was bad blood at the end. CUZ HE JUS WANTS THE MONEY. He throws punches from weird angles, call it good, we call it amateur.

  • Pac would obviously clobber him at boxing and I wouldn’t pay to see it so how about the fight rules be made in a way to make it interesting so there would be a little uncertainty. Perhaps elbows could be allowed but that is pretty rough and Pac probably wouldn’t do it so best would probably be an interesting fight where they could hit in any way they want from wrist down such as backhands, spinning, whatever. At least that may make it not an almost certain Pac win. If not this then give some kind of rule change beneficial to Conor to make it interesting because I think most fans correctly just don’t see a snowball’s chance for Conor at straight up boxing.

      • Moving on is exactly what Conor is doing. Either you understand it or not. It’s not about the pure sport but entertainment. Conor is in there mostly to make money, and money he does.

      • Don’t get caught up in a name. The fans want a combat spectacle. Who says they have to be locked in to the Marquis of Queensbury? There are and have been other ways of “boxing”. For hundreds of years men “boxed” in just the way I am talking about. Look up historical boxing before Marquis rules. It is really interesting to read about. Connor really wants money and he knows boxing brings it for him but if they advertised that Connor and Pac were fighting with backhands and other techniques allowed I think it would be huge as fans would be interested to see how well Pac could deal with Connor when it was a little out of his comfort zone.

  • Now that Connor got his win against Cerrone, Albeit it fixed from A-Z.,look for the biggest match in the history of sports to take place now. Connor/Floyd or Connor vs Pacman, either one will make every other fight in the history of fighting look financially small. Dana White basically just made the UFC the wall street of the fight world. Believe it or not, after this 1st round K.O of Cerrone the entire world would pay to see either of these fights. Now if they take place in a boxing ring, you know Connor has 2 chances, slim and none, if they take place in the Octagon, well Manny or Floyd are going to get beat up. Either way look for a billion dollar gate, and look for fans to pay 100-150 to watch the P.P.V. This is the world of fighting now in this day and age. The WWE/Boxing/UFC has got it down to a science.

  • This I’d be ok with, i would only hope Pac would do what MW should’ve, ko’d him in one round. Be a nice easy huge $ fight for Pac though. (and of course i wouldn’t pay for it via ppv)

  • Pac-Man would shred through him in 1-3 rounds. More at risk then facing Mayweather. Pac-Man don’t have hand problems

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