Colonel: Don King to receive award

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

“Don King along with Ben Kingsley, Ann-Margret, and Ramy Malik will be presented with awards for Indian Independence Day in Las Vegas on August 21 for when the Indians (India) got the Independence in 1947,” says Colonel Bob Sheridan. “For the work Don has done for all races. Don is really thrilled about that.

“Dr. Ram K. Singh, my cardiologist, is running the whole thing and he asked if I could help with it, which I am glad to do. I nominated a lot of these people and Don King is definitely getting an award. Ann-Margret, Englebert Humperdink, and Wayne Newton will all perform there. There’s the possibility of Donald Trump attending. Donald Trump will be getting an award also.”

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  • So Don King has done some nice humanitarian work that will be recognized? He must have done so with all the money he stole from his fighters.

    • Wow, lol…..In reality, yes, controversy has followed Mr. King for so many decades. It’s very hard not to forget about his antics and greedy habits thru the years.

  • Gotta admit that Don King knew how to promote big fights and big cards back in the 70’s through the early 90;s.

  • Michael Franzese, former Mafia boss, is on Youtube relating stories about his mob life, including his meetings with mobbed up Don King and “Reverend” Al Sharpton, the latter being an FBI informant as well.

  • So, DK will be getting an award for Indian Independence Day “For the work Don has done for all races.” Uh, OK. They could have been more specific here I guess…..

  • I honestly can’t think of one thing any of these people have done for India other than Kingsley playing Ghandi.

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