Canelo: I want Caleb Plant next

Canelo Alvarez stopped by the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer. The champ talks about his last fight on DAZN this week against Billy Joe Saunders. Will he be moving to a PBC Network? He also tells us if we will see him in the ring with Caleb Plant, Jermall Charlo or David Benavidez anytime soon.

Canelo on Billy Joe Saunders

“I’m not the same guy from 5, 6 years ago, I’m different, I have experience, I’m a more mature boxer. So he can say whatever he wants, but on May 8th he’s going to be in a different level fight.”

Canelo says I want Caleb Plant next this year

“That’s what I want, all of the titles in this division. My first move is Billy Joe Saunders, of course, I need to win, and then the next champion is Caleb Plant and that’s the goal.”

Canelo on fighting Jermall Charlo

“Yes, why not for the people. Maybe for me it’s hard to make 160 now but let’s see for the future.”

Canelo on fighting David Benavidez

“Why not? It would be a great fight with David Benavidez. I just want to make fights people want to see.”

Canelo on fighting Demetrius Andrade

“He’s fought nobody yet. You see the record but he’s fighting with nobody. I have other plans!”

Canelo on fighting at 168 pounds

“Maybe until the end of my career. (How long many more years do you plan on fighting?) Seven!”

Canelo on fighting on a PBC network next

“Maybe, why not? It’s my last fight with DAZN, I hope to work with Eddie (Hearn) no matter what, but why not? Because I want to fight with all the guys in boxing.”

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  • Haha, so Canelo with the same Andrade answer as the protection agency.
    Leaves us with the same question…
    How can a guy fight anybody if nobody will fight him?
    If he wanted to make fights people want to see he would be fighting Benavidez not BJS.

    • Hard to say he is ducking Andrade as Canelo appears to say he is willing to fight several fighters arguably more dangerous than Andrade.

    • Nobody wants to see Andrade fight, he is boring and wouldn’t bring any fans to the table. Plus after his last fight he would get destroyed by Canelo. He is like a cheap version of BJS.

    • It seems that Canelo wants to be undisputed at 168 before anything else so that would mean BJS (assuming he wins) and then Plant. Of course many think DB would be his hardest fight but he lost his belt on the scales. Hopefully he’d fight him after BJS/CP if he gets through both.
      Yes I get what you’re saying about Andrade and he needs to push for a fight with GGG (both Hearn promoted) to maybe call him out off the back of (should he win).
      He’s planned his course well – 3 fights with Hearn inc 2 Matchroom fighters. The I reckon he’d like to stay with Hearn but it depends if the Plant fight can be made with Hearn being his promoter. If not he may well become a free agent until after he fights CP and maybe DB.
      Not sure if he could still do middle so it may be a case of the middle champs having to move up if they want the GGG fight

  • Canelo in 2!
    Canelo vs Boo Boo = Boring fight, Canelo Vs Benavidez awesome fight.

  • It’s just crazy to me how the boxing powers who be somehow swept GGG under the rug. Before the Canelo fights he was on the top of the P4P list. Anyone whose last name isn’t Alvarez or De la Hoya knows that GGG won at least one of those fights. Giving CANELO the benefit of the doubt it’s 1-1. They were very exciting and fought at a super high level. That third fight needed to be made. It’s really a shame. And then all of these clowns proclaiming Canelo P4P king when he fought 3 stiffs in a row!! Kovalev was completely shot and had to take the fight on like a month’s notice. He still was in the fight, I believe leading on 2 scorecards until the 11th. Smith doesn’t know how to throw a punch and the Turk was a human punching bag. Canelo is an excellent fighter but it’s very disappointing that he ducked the trilogy.

    • Fxxx GGG. He already received a boxing lesson from Canelo. He has terrible footwork and has been exposed. He’s old new. Nobody cares about him anymore.

  • Has anyone thought here that Canelo will convincingly beat Saunders? As for me, I don’t think so.. BJS is pretty elusive to hit and hits hard too though not as heavy handed as CA. I wont be surprised if BJS can pull this off.

    • Dude? Seriously? Can BJS stop Canelo legit? Helllllll no! So he’s not winning. You are not beating the Mexican Cash cow in Texas on Cinco de Mayo weekend, and that’s if the Gypsy even performs well. I honestly think Canelo beats saunders most of the rounds in an honestly scored fight. He went tit for tat with CEJ when he was fit. Conelo UD 12 in this one.

  • We must first remind ourselves the very first thing promoters and managers see before the fighters do is…money to be made! Talk is cheap and nothing more than a marketable tool for fans that draw us into the possible future fight(s). Canelo can say he will fight anybody and everybody, but in the shadows, it’s all about the money and signed contracts. Oscar demonstrated this behavior very well with Canelo and set him up for fights when all the dots were connected for favorable conditions in victories. One can hope Canelo will seek the best fights for his fans and make the best business decisions for himself while we enjoy the entertainment!

    • Scooby there was no bigger money fight than Canelo-GGG 3. 100 mil potential if they ran it back within 6 months. 2 great controversial fights between 2 big stars. GGG 100% wanted the fight. Doesn’t make any sense that it didn’t happen. Can anyone honestly say that they wanted to see him fight any of those 3 guys instead of Golovkin? Give me a break.

      • Yes, I agree the third GGG fight was a hot one. However, it seems that fight is now past. Why? I don’t know. Does not make sense to me either. All I can look at is what the future holds with the guys on the current list. Have a great today.

  • Caleb will not beat Canelo, let’s wait till after the Saunders fight and see what happens and see how Canelo looks. I think Canelo is in a Larry Holmes where he’s got all the tools and talent like Holmes, but no real competition and no big name fighters to create Super fights…

  • Canelo vs Jake Paul. The more Jake fights and wins, the more people will want to see this fight.
    I mean Canelo would make at least 100 million if not more.

    • Alvarez vs Jake Paul: NFW.
      Do you really think a You-Tuber can be Saul Alvarez?
      Take care.
      – Gary G

  • At168lb I would like to see Canelo vs Dmitry Bivol, yes the Russian is currently fights175lb but he has said in interviews he can easily make that 168 lb weight. Thoughts on that match up ?

    • After bivol’s last outing against a pedestrian journeyman, not so sure he wants that fight, plus mainstream fans don’t know or care about some Russian who just fought a snoozer.

  • fighters like canelo get me excited about the sport again, he fights often and ducks no one, spence and crawford need to take a page out of his book

  • Very surprising that GGG is no more in the picture for Canelo when he lost the first fight and deserved at best a draw in the second one…..

  • No disrespect to GGG, but has he dared to be great by conquering other divisions?
    I get it, he deserved better in his 2 fights with Canelo…. But let’s not forget he also got gifted a decision later vs Derevyanchenko.
    Needless to say, Canelo simply”outgrew” him… In size, fame, and accomplishments.

  • Why not look past pikey Joe to Plant? BJS can’t knock out Conelo and the scorecards are already filled out.

  • Like to see Canelo fight Plant, Benevides, Charlo if he moves up weight, and go to light heavy and fight those 2 undefeated dudes. Andrade I’m all set with that… Fought nobodies and got rocked 2 times in last fight

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