Colonel announces August 21 boxing card

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Hall of Fame broadcaster Colonel Bob Sheridan spoke to® about an August 21 boxing promotion in Columbus, Ohio. “We have a pay-per-view promotion on August 21 in Columbus, Ohio,” said the Colonel. “My two adopted black sons, Darrin Daniels and Dennis Brooks, are the promoters. It will be going to China and Russia to an audience of over a billion people live. I have Don King involved and there will be many celebrities there.

“The show will start at 4PM and will be going up against the Manny Pacquiao vs. Errol Spence fight, so we will have screens up around the stadium so that fight can be televised throughout the arena.

“Our show will be only $14.95. We have a new organization that we run. It’s the American Black Boxing Association. There will be an award for the best black boxer of the show. That boxer will get a photo taken with the belt.

“We have the American Boxing Association that we purchased from Gene Smith. I am negotiating with the WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman and Duane Ford to see if this title can be under the WBC. We will have a concert the night before the promotion.

“Our second show will be on the 26th of October.”

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  • Here we go again with yet another push for one particular ethnic group. “It’s the American BLACK Boxing Association, — even with an award for the best Black boxer on the show.” Someone needs to step up and protest against this conspicuous discrimination against other ethnicities. While it would be just as wrong if it happened to be the “American WHITE Boxing Association lavishing awards to the best white fighter on the card,” —common sense and human decency wouldn’t allow for such nonsense. This is some ugly stuff indeed.

      • More wasted space on Sheridan really nobody cares with the crap he talks about. Just ignore what he says and hope he disappears. Anything would be more interesting than reading what he says

      • Thanks Gary, but I would still like to gain your perspective on this subject as well. Since we’re all uniquely distinct from one another, — even when something is shared in common, the other person’s take on the subject shared will tend to mutually sharpen both. — I hope that makes at least SOME sense. (LOL)

    • Does a white boxer have a chance to get fair treatment at this show , or whites , asians , latinos , native Americans are banned from participation

      • Yes they will and this is coming from the owner of the ABBA, anyone can fight under our organization.

  • I don’t know what to make of this. I guess there are black TV networks, black colleges, black organizations, etc., so I guess it’s OK. Seems a bit divisive but I’d like to hear what others think.

    • Kinda cracks me up for years the cliche was we are all equal and the color of skin does not matter. Hmmm… Well, job applications, college scholarships, gun background checks, etc. all address skin color. This article is no exception. As far as I am concerned, drop the skin color issue as it enables separatism. What do I know, right?

  • This guy is senile , has to be stopped , the sooner the better . Promotes racial segregation .

  • I really don’t agree with the Black comments, but I will say that the ABBA is a black owned company but will not ever discriminate against any fighter. No matter what background or ethnicity. Any fighter can and will fight under the American Black Boxing Association. The colonel is not the person in these comments, he is not perfect but he is not a racist. He is excited about supporting black boxers and black businesses and there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Agreed, it’s not that long ago that he was banging on about getting duffed up by the Black widow’s from any which way but loose!

  • Audience of a billion live might be a bit of wishful thinking.

  • Lol it cracks me up when white people get upset when anything for is for just black people. They have no problem with Asian, Hispanic, Latino pride days. They have no problems with Hispanic or Asian heritage months but are offended by black History money. They have no problem with Hispanic TV networks but are offended by BET. They have no problem with Latino award shows but have a problem with black award shows.

    • Maybe I live under a rock, but this does not apply to me at all and I am white.

    • Not true. Any event that promotes only one race and excludes all others is racist and promotes segregation. If whites had a “White Boxing Association “, “White Pride Day” or “WET “ (White Entertainment Television )” there would be huge public outrage.

  • I’m a black man that love this man the colonel for over 50 years been around the world with Don King which was And isThe best promoter ever I’ve been around the world with colonel for over 20 plus years it’s not a racist he’s just the wrong that black boxers have endured for over 100 years by the foot in the hand of the white man white man want a white man speaks of helping a black man no one wants to hear it so I’m going to say he’s like my big brother from a different mother who has a different color he always had my back and my family’s back so the world knows this man is a good man so the people who speaking down only lighten up and tighten up on the cause that he has gone on For black fighters ok

  • “My two adopted black sons”

    If his sons weren’t self-conscious about that, they are now.

    “It will be going to China and Russia to an audience of over a billion live”

    Yeah, we all know that Bob never exaggerates. That story of him fighting off car jackers in a city of 300,000 with 2 cops wasn’t the least bit fishy. Bob must be hanging out with Don King a lot these days.

  • The poor guy must be so loaded down with “White guilt” that he needs a spatula to scrape his quivering chin from off the ground.

  • Colonel is an entertainer this announcement was strictly for blind boxing fans !

  • >