Closed door boxing era coming to an end?

That’s what Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn is hoping. “We’re back in the bubble for a big night of boxing this Friday, the world super middleweight championship between Billy Joe Saunders and Martin Murray, live on Sky Sports in the UK and DAZN around the world. It’s great to be here.

“We’ve been lifted by the news that fans will return for the Anthony Joshua versus Kubrat Pulev fight on December 12. 1,000 allowed into The SSE Arena, Wembley for that, so this effectively, touch wood, will be our last ever show, we hope, behind closed doors. We’re ready to make the most of it, and ready for a great night of boxing.”

Hearn’s next U.S. show, Canelo Alvarez vs. Callum Smith at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, will have a limited 17% capacity with fans in socially distanced clusters of seating.

Shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Mashantucket, Connecticut, are still being staged behind closed doors for the time being. Texas is allowing limited seating, as is Florida, although some Florida shows are still taking place behind closed doors (such as the recent Jacobs-Rosado bout).

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    • Exactly!!! Stop teaching people like children. I don’t need to be told where to go, with how many people and for how long. Covid has 99.95% survival rate. I’d you are below the age of 70 years old and not obese with diabetes etc you have virtually zero percent chance of dying. Most likely, you won’t even be sick or have any symptoms.

      There is no reason for lockdowns, this is nothing but a political power move. They want everyone begging the government for hand outs and begging for socialism.

      The biggest killer are these politicians who didn’t protect old and at risk people in nursing homes. The one group of people that were vulnerable and they literally helped kill them. But yet the people are punished while they pat each other on the back and don’t follow their own rules.

      Cuomo has a press conference band says don’t be stupid and have family over for Thanksgiving. Later that day he gets on a plane and fly across country to have Thanksgiving with his family and elderly mother. The mayor of Denver did the same thing. Held a press conference and then jumped in a plane later the same day to do exactly what he told us peasents not to do.

      Gavin Newsome shuts down california and then goes and has. 12 person, maskless, indoor dinner with “two high-level members of the California Medical Association”, some scumbag lobbyist who’s birthday it was and who knows who else. The Mayor of San Francisco went to a birthday party the next day at the same Uber expensive restaurant in Nappa Valley.

      Why are we letting these people take away our basic freedoms and rights?!?!?!?! Stop calling for the fear mongering!!! This virus is as deadly as they pretend it is. You’re more likely to die driving to go get tested than from Covid!!!

      • Jay, dude. Calm down. You’re going to have a heart attack. I get it, I think shutting down isn’t the answer, but I don’t get worked up. By the way, dipshit newsome is threatening to shut us down in the next few days. But he’s going to keep his wineries open.

        • Typing words doesn’t get my heart racing. Just typing facts, I’ll be fine.

          It’s idiots that say shit like “well they are saving lives”, “oh so my grandparents should die so you can get a haircut” as if that’s the only thing in the world. I’m bald I shave my own head and haven’t been to a barber shop since I was 13 years old, but someone busted their ass to open up a barbershop so regardless people just pretending their lives and careers don’t matter, that shit definitely gets me angry and will make my heart speed up.

          Not to mention all the bars, restaurants etc that have closed and will never reopen. It’s sickening and half the country seems to be cheering it on from their parents basements as they fight for social justice on Twitter and have their pronouns in their bio. The same people “fighting the system” and wanna refund or abolish the police but will quick as shit call 311 so the same cops they hate and want to be out of a job, come and fine or shut down someone’s business because social justice doesn’t include innocent people just trying to run their business and contribute to society.

          Crazy world we live in. Mental illness is cool and encouraged and worn as badges of honor as apposed to things you need to work on and become better people. But no, just brag about it on Twitter, don’t get a job and drive deep in rabbit holes and become more mentally ill by losing your grip on reality and not viewing your neighbors as people, just enemies that you need to take down because they don’t agree you with in every single social topic that you believe.

          I can go all day. What was the point of all this? Oh yeah, boxing sucks withouts fans in the crowd. How great was Santa Cruz vs Davis compared to Brook vs Crawford? Allmthag “you get to hear everything” gets boring quick when someone gets dropped or KO’d and all you hear are the same ass announcer’s that suck at their job saying “on wow that was a great KO” in a bland monotone voice. They suck, the only one that brings any type of excitement is Mauro Ranallo, you just have to get passed him being a complete cornball, but he’s damn good at getting you excited. And now this reminds me that Paulie Malignaggi whomwas also a great commentators got fired because he responded to Devin Haney’s racist, recycled B-Hop comment that he made right before hemlisy to a white boy.


          • Funny how everything you say is true and you still have idiots that thumb down your comments. Shows how ignorant and stupid some people really are.

  • Well in the United States, over 200,000 people are infected on a daily basis, and we have a death toll similar to 9/11 attacks on a daily basis. We definitely aren’t ready for this here.

  • Fake elections and fake viruses. Enough is enough! Just say no Hearn, tell tem to F off just like bar and restaurant owners are beginning to do now. Otherwise time to form militias and start hanging em high!

  • Michael’s 8th avenue ballroom boxing was one of if not the best venue along with quality fights that I ever witnessed in my 20 years in the business.And Mr. Scott Wagner along with his father two of the most honorable person in boxing.those of us like myself Abdullah Muhammad will always respect and admire the two of them. I never had one problem with them they word was there bond. May they rest in peace.

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