Big Baby Miller banned for two years

Unbeaten heavyweight contender Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller was suspended for two years for the use of performance-enhancing substances. Miller, who famously torpedoed a title shot against Anthony Joshua last year by using banned substances, was nabbed again in July before his comeback fight. The Nevada State Athletic Commission unanimously voted to suspend Miller for two years. Big Baby (23-0-1, 20 KOs) is currently 32 years of age and will be out of action until 2022 unless he fights outside the U.S.

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  • My goodness what is the matter with this idiot??? Had a decent career and the opportunity of a lifetime to fight Anthony Joshua, and STILL does banned substances? Might as well ban him for a good 5 more years cause he’s never gonna change. What’s that old saying? “a leopard never changes its spots”…

    • In hindsight, what an opportunity it was! With his style, he had a totally real shot at stopping AJ, and not once, but twice gets dinged. This could be 3-4 years of his prime gone. It’s painful to watch.

    • Exactly, a leopard never changes its spots, some reported wear fake fur to cover their spots, but the spots are always there.

    • There are some folks in life, who will have antisocial personality traits, and will break rules with no remorse to achieve their goals/desires. Miller is simply self-centered/arrogant and does not understand the value in compliance in following regulations like he is supposed to do. Sad? Oh yes, but keep in mind Miller’s style of thinking is why rules/laws are out there and it’s for everyone’s safety. People like him never learn and usually never change.

  • This actually pains me to think about. Considering his style, this guy could have been heayvweight champion, and not just in a hopeful sense. He had the fight confirmed and a legit shot of stopping a guy like AJ. Now he’s losing 3-4 years of the prime of his career. I know the suspension is 2, but he hasn’t fought since 2018.

  • I believe this is his third positive test, after testing positive during his kickboxing career. If that is the case, 2 years seems a bit small actually. In either case, I REALLY hope Miller gets his life and his career together. Though I have no idea how anyone would invest anything in his career after this.

  • Man, he’s got to be one unlucky dude. What a waste, like Andrew Golota, all that talent and his head ain’t right.

    • Yeah so true, and kind of sad too.
      Golota was a serious contender in the mid 90s, but blew it when the pressure got too much.
      Miller looked like he big potential… Wonder how much of that was down to banned substances tho..

    • Golota was so foolish he was beating bowe to a pulp and still messed up twice!!!

  • Big baby would have never toppled Joshua. Just because Ruiz did doesn’t mean Miller would have. Styles make fights I know Ruiz is another overweight behemoth just like Miller but Ruiz actually has some good skills and amazingly quick.

    Miller is a poor mans Ruiz. Just an overrated overweight mediocre fighter who has beaten a who’s who of over the hill gatekeepers at best. Good riddance! this big mouth talked so much shit then ended up kicked to the curb by his own stupidity. I kind of wonder if he himself chickened his way out of that fight there’s no way he didn’t know the PED’s were going to be discovered in his system he overindulged on them judging by the subsequent samples. There’s too many red flags that this guy planned his own demise. Sounds crazy but there are so many lunatics on this earth that do things that leave me bewildered this is no different.

    • Perfectly stated and 100% true. Miller is a coward deep down and aficionado saw that he was a fraud. He would have gotten knocked out in three or four rounds by AJ that night, even on the PEDS. He’s too slow and heavy footed for the elite heavyweights. Tyson fury would have won every second of every round up until about the 9th before either the referee jumps in or Miller’s corner stops it. This guy was going nowhere and quite honestly he should retire. He’s not cut out for championship boxing.

  • No problem, all he has to do is fight overseas for the next two years. That’s where all the heavyweight action is anyway

    • I could be wrong, but I think that, when it comes to doping, if you do this, the commission that suspended you has the right to restart your suspension every time you fight. If he has no intention on ever fighting in the States again then that’s fine, but if he does and he takes this route, he’ll have to wait even longer. And I don’t know how you invest your money in promoting this guy on a show, anywhere in the world, knowing that he just might fail his test a few days before the fight. Just an awful situation for Miller.

  • I can’t help but laugh at this slob!!! Without the PED’s he’d be nothing!! At almost 300 pounds his punch output was through the roof, without the PED’s he’d be a below average fighter who would gas out in a few rounds. He gets what he deserves. Id only want to see him come back to see him get knocked out! Big Bum Miller. Funny he accused AJ of using juice then he tested positive hahaha

  • I have to admit, that while one mistake is bad enough, he had originally used 3 different substances. He should never be licened again

  • Clearly all a misunderstanding- could be tainted meat – he needs another chance. If he’s out for 2 years he should look win the bare knuckle title and bring that belt to the table against the Gypsy King – Man v Machine. The clash of the titans – Jason versus the argonauts. Benny versus the Jets. 2 beat seeking Missiles set to point break

  • Sorry but I find it hard to have too much sympathy.

    2 years is (to me) a very light sentence for getting caught doping , with a number of substances in (I believe) consecutive fights.

    Also re his style and him beating AJ on that night – You’d have to equate that he’d probably been doing the same the whole career and he could not replicate his workrate etc without the juice. Also AJ was really UP for fighting a guy who had shown immense disrespect rather than a civil guy with different physical dimensions.

    The worst thing about BBM is that he showed little/no remorse for his actions

  • BTW – To me has been lucky

    1 – To have the AJ opportunity
    2 – To only receive a year ban when he was found having 3 PEDs in his system
    3 – To have a big promoter give him a second chance.

    Have to give full respect to Arum for not sugar coating anything in the aftermath

  • hey its not rocket science, you do the crime, you do the time good riddence to a cheat

  • damn this dumbass must be hanging out too much with John Jones and BJ Saunders…….

    • But seriously drugs are all over the place in pro sports and boxing, just that some gumbars don’t have a good godfather protecting them, and some they are just looking to target, like they did to Povetkin when they didn’t want their golden goose Wilder risking his belt against him. Both Tyson and Jones were doped up in that stupid exhibition. I’d just as soon legalize it as the testing is done unfairly.

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