WBC unveils special Spence-Garcia belt


The WBC has created a special belt for the winner of Saturday’s welterweight championship PPV clash between Errol Spence Jr and Danny Garcia this Saturday at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The focal point of the belt is the “Health Care Hero” based on a mural painted by artist Austin Zucchini-Fowler. It depicts a gowned and masked medical expert with Angel`s wings, wearing boxing gloves.

Before the championship bout starts, the WBC will honor “Heroes of Humanity” people from all walks of life, who`ve stepped up and selflessly helped others during the crisis. The original Health Care Hero mural is located on a wall at Williams Street and East Colfax Avenue in downtown Denver. With the artist’s permission, the WBC entrusted artisans and craftsmen to place an image of the design on the belt.

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    • With the WBC there’s a separate belt for every fight. All you have to do is win and you’re on of hundreds of current WBC champions.

    • Then give a trophy or a medal.. If boxing is about belts why dilute your own sanctioning body by handing out a belt every fight unless this is some scheme to advertise the WBC or grab extra cash from the fighters. The WBC says one thing and does another. From Suleiman’s mouth the Franchise Belt was not supposed to be transferable so why does Teofimo now have Loma’s . Should have never been created and they are imbarassing themselves by thinking people believe the WBC truly cares about these special causes…Trash.

  • Hahaha. Essentially a belt to award the winner between 2 top contenders of what exactly?

    Boxing is a sport with no clear ‘champion’ in most divisions….just a bunch of contenders at different tiers. Oh and a belt for everyone.

    Wow, we’re dealing with a serious sport here; Meanwhile UFC grows and grows. I can’t fathom out why.

  • I’m sure anyone an buy one of these so called “special belts” for 29.99 on ebay.

    • How about a belt for everyone buying the PPV? Just add sanctioning fee to the price of the fight.

  • Is anyone buying this PPV? I’m curious to see how Spence looks and Garcia is a solid guy, but when I dole out my money I want to get paid for. The undercard draws me as much as the Main and they’re already shuffling people due to Covid-19. If ever a time or fight called for Basic Cable, this one does! Help build the big fight with Crawford and give us this one for free!

    As for the Special Belt, someone nailed it already…just a trophy and another guy pointed out you probably will be able to purchase a replica. Who cares?

    • I meant to say, “get what I paid for.” However, cash back would be great too. Lol!

  • Yet another brlt by the WBC. Someone needs to stop them seriously. The fighter should just boycott all the WBC stuff refuse to pay sanctioning fees and all

    • Robert Brown, I alway wonder what happens behind closed doors because this organization seems to have a well sunk choke hold on the sport.

  • I can’t believe how many crybabies a pussies watch boxing. I’m just glad this fight is happening between two top welterweights. Like another guy said this belt doesn’t mean anything it’s basically like a trophy for the winner. All i see is a bunch of suckers crying and complaining on this site. You guys a fucking pathetic!!

    • Bluefever1, this trophy (belt) just happens to look identical to the belt the champion holds. Why not a medal or something different? This just devalues the worth of being the actual champion.

      • How does getting a belt that’s like a trophy devalue the worth of being a champion??? That’s just ridiculous. Why the hell do i care if they get a belt, medal or trophy. I just want to see good fights but like i said before a bunch of winers and crybabies looking for something to complain about. Can’t ever just be happy to watch two top guys fighting. Pathetic!

  • Yall are already giving this fight to Garcia, why is Danny pic right by Ali On this belt. He is not the Champ. Danny avoided fighting Spence until the motor vehicle accident. Now Danny wants to fight a broken fighter in Errol Spence. He is going to beat Spence, an then he is going to seat on the Title. Just like he did when Lamont Peterson whip Danny’s ASS. Fight Terrance Crawford , he will beat your ASS.

  • >