Claressa talking knockout

Women’s boxing star Claressa “G.W.O.A.T.” Shields (13-0, 2 KOs) hasn’t had a knockout since 2017. But after nine straight decision wins, she is gunning for an early finish in her rematch against 40-year-old four-division champion Hanna Gabriels, even having her trainer John David Jackson paste a photo of her upcoming foe on their pads, as they near their showdown on Saturday, June 3 from Little Caesars Arena in Detroit and streaming live on DAZN in the U.S. and Canada.

“My goal is to knock her out as soon as the chance comes,” said Shields. “I don’t want to be in the ring with her for 10 rounds. That’s respect to her. My goal is to train to catch her with a shot or multiple shots, and get the fight over with. I’m always in shape for 10 rounds, but I’m calculating where I’m gonna land those shots so that I can get her out of there.”

She also added, “If I was a man, I’d be the face of boxing. I’ve got more accomplishments than everybody. I’m just gonna keep continuing to build myself and let the world accept me and women’s boxing. This next fight is a big next step for me.”

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  • I just can’t force myself to watch women’s boxing. Zero interest.

      • Agree…Noccowt…just don’t watch…others appreciate it… including myself..respect your opinion….but you did read the article…not interested why waste time reading and commenting…just to bad mouth the sport…waste and time and energy…agree with Noccowt

    • Commenting means you have an interest. “zero interest” means not commenting.

  • No knockout in 7 years, only has 2 knockouts in her career. She ain’t getting any knockouts from here on out.

  • She’s a terriffic fighter but her personality has become insufferable. All the bluster of Ali without any of the charm

    • You’re only 1/3 correct. Do you think Ali was viewed by the media / some fans with “charm” during his prime? He was an articulate black man who spoke out against racial injustice, who just happened to be a champion of the world. By yesterday’s & today’s standards, he would have been hated much worse than Shields. Just shows we have not grown all that much as a people.

      • Ali certainly had his haters for a variety of reasons. But when he was talking about being the Greatest or mocking an opponent, there was a twinkle in his eye. He had loads of charisma.
        Very few athletes can talk about being the greatest and be likable. Ali was one of them (albeit not by everyone). Shields is not.

      • Don’t forget, Ali was also draft dodger, I believe Shields is better representation of a proud American.

        • That’s fair. And she does a lot for her community. She might even be raising a nephew or niece. I’m not at all saying she’s a bad person. Just her public persona is irritating.

  • I expect her to win 9-1/8-2 but unless there’s a cut or an injury or something, I’d be shocked if there was a stoppage.

  • Pillow fisted power doesn’t just change to knockout power, maybe she could use Margarito’s special wraps

  • She’s a darn good boxer but not going to become a KO artist overnight. Lessor # of female fighters creates opportunities to gain belts quicker.
    2minute rds allow for her to focus on dominating to get W’s without the KO’s. Even if she gets knocked down like she did in the 1st match she will just get a UD.

  • Claressa, you are a man. At least that’s the way we see you, but you can’t go trying to knock out a puncher. You have no power while your opponent does.

    • “We” speak for yourself. I disagree with all that you say all of the time.

  • I love GWOAT but she’s not knocking anyone out. She’s not built like that. She’s built to rack up victories and make history via UD.

  • Shields has been dominant between 154 and 168.

    However, according to Boxrec:

    168 lbs = 39 active female boxers
    160 = 29
    154 = 75

    For comparisons sake:
    126 = 198 active female boxers
    122 = 190
    118 = 206

    I have a hard time calling someone the GWOAT when there’s literally 29 fighters in her current division.

  • Claressa…If you were a man, you wouldn’t have had a title show with only 3 bouts. There are literally 15 female boxers in the division. Relax, Miss Legend In Your Own Mind.

    • Factual information…things that can be proven…show that Claressa is accomplished whether it is in her own mind…whether or not we believe….whether or not we like Claressa…or even if we accept logic…showing that Claressa is a winner and she earned everything .,.Claressa is a winner in the ring and Claressa has a past history of winning… Cannot take that away from her…just accept it…

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