Romero-Barroso for full WBA 140lb title

The World Boxing Association has designated Alberto Puello as 140lb champion in recess after he tested positive for a banned substance according to the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA), therefore, Saturday’s fight between Rolando Romero and Ismael Barroso, will be for the vacant WBA super lightweight championship.

This was approved by a vote of its members by the WBA Championships Committee, which, in turn, indicates that Puello’s recess status is provisional and a final decision will be made after May 17 when Puello attends a hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission and the Commission makes a decision OR if VADA reports a negative result of the B test done at the request of the boxer.

The Puello-Romero fight was not a mandatory defense, however, and adhering to the WBA C22 rule, the WBA Championships Committee approved Barroso as Puello’s replacement for this world championship bout. This rule states that when a champion cannot defend his title for medical, legal, or other justifiable reasons, he will be declared inactive and the organization will choose the official title contenders.

Since the bout is scheduled for May 13 and the Nevada hearing will take place four days afterward, the WBA felt the need to adhere to the C22 rule to affect as few as possible athletes classified at 140 pounds.

For his part, Barroso, the mandatory challenger at super lightweight, was chosen to face Romero. The winner will face Ohara Davies no later than 120 days after May 13.

In the event that the fight ends in a draw or a “no decision,” the Committee will reconsider the 140-pound case and issue a new ruling pending the outcome of Puello’s hearing with the Nevada Commission and the possibility of opening the B Test.

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  • Lucky man or management well connected, first fight at 140 and after brutally being kayoed, Rolly is going to fight an eliminator bout for the full title on that division. Liars that in a derogative way say that there is corruption in boxing, when honesty and ethics are in abundance there.

  • Boxing politics
    The Good – is that the fight is for the full Champion status and keeping those interim or regular title status out
    And for allowing Barroso to fight for it since he was the #1 ranked in the organization this making him the mandatory
    Also kudos for stripping Puello for failing PED test
    The Bad – Rolly should not have been considered for this match if it was going to be for a title, he needs to fight at least a top 10 and look impressive in his victory to where you can say he would beat most of the other top 10s
    PBC is run like with a mindset of being its own boxing company but without its own PBC belts…does it make sense what I am saying, its like the UFC it has its own fighters fighting for their own company belts belts and those belts mean nothing in another MMA company such as Bellator
    So to keep it within themselves PBC is getting one way or another their fighters to have belts and then they fight them against their own stable so win or lose the belt stays with a PBC fighter
    Then the money generated for these events stays in house
    That’s what’s going on and casual are not woke enough to understand this

    • It’s just about the greenbacks. Sportsmanship and dignity are just something the fans would like to see.

  • As long as boxing is operated by a business model involving third world sanctioning bodies, the sport has no future with fans having an IQ of 10 or more.

  • Rolly must have had to do a few favours to get a title shot right after getting his ass whooped, must have got the kneepads out

  • >