Christmas Week Emotions

By Mauricio Sulaiman
Son of Don José Sulaimán / President of the WBC

Do you feel the Christmas spirit? I sincerely hope so. It is a unique feeling, difficult to describe in words, it is inside our minds, our hearts, it smells and glows; at least that is what happens to me.

The combination of nostalgia, remembering that happy childhood that my parents gave us. Don José, along with my beloved mother, put emphasis and sacrifice to make the Christmas holiday special for my siblings and our kids afterward.

We always had an intimate dinner, gifts on the tree, and time spent with family. The story of Santa Claus was told by my dad, year after year, and he always helped us imagine the greatness of that fourth Wise Man who stayed on the road to help those in need. I close my eyes and remember how such a story made us dream and cherish the magic of Christmas.

When we were older, we learned why Christmas was so important to my father, as during his childhood, the family went through difficult times. The illness of his mother, my grandmother Wasila, left them in a very difficult financial position.

Once upon a time, when my dad was a child, he spent hours staring at a window in the local shop dreaming that Santa Claus would fulfill his wishes of bringing the toys he asked for. It was thus his inspiration to work as hard as anyone and become a successful businessman, to give his children and grandchildren the best Christmas possible.

I already told you on one occasion in this space, but I consider it appropriate to repeat it, since this is what marked the Sulaimán to always try to be good people. Every Christmas night something wonderful happened. At the end of dinner and, before opening the gifts, my mother arranged a good plate of food to go and Don José would leave the house and headed on his way to our factory “Controles Gráficos.” He would take that plate to the security guard so he could have also a merry and warm Christmas. What a profound teaching! Every time I think about it, I have new feelings.

Christmas also reminds me of our roots as a family. Every December 25 we would go on a trip, to spend magical days with our grandfather Don Elías and all my father’s side of the family, in Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí. My dad was a tireless traveler. We rarely had family vacations throughout the years, but that last week of December was untouchable, we would always be together. What beautiful memories! When cell phones did not exist, neither internet nor social media, everything was natural, children’s games, gatherings, long talks, food and walks. Closeness, reflection and love.

I sincerely wish you that this week you will be able to put a stop to the routine, open your arms and hearts. Put your cell phone aside, even for a short while, and really see, feel and appreciate those who are there with you. I am the first to be guilty. Sometimes I do not leave my cellphone aside. I know, but I will try and I will do it!

Boxing is a great sport that requires dedication, effort, sacrifice, and many other things that we all need on a daily basis. Let’s all be boxers in life and go out there and be champions!


On Friday, the last world championship fight of our organization was held. Artur Beterbiev of Russia made the WBC mandatory defense of the light heavyweight title against mandatory challenger American Marcus Browne in Montreal, Canada. The fight was incredible, dramatic and bloody.

Browne dominated the early rounds, moving and landing good punches, dodging the champion’s punches. In the fourth round, there was an accidental headbutt, which caused cuts to both. Artur came out of this the worst, as a cut was opened on his forehead, which caused a copious amount of bleeding. It was a very important fight; the WBC and IBF belts were at stake, and the drama of the cut put the continuity of the fight at risk.

If Referee Michael Griffin stopped the fight, then it would have ended in a technical draw. Referee Mike called the doctor to inspect Beterbiev. The doctor authorized “one more round,” and the activity resumed. The fight went on and was of great drama giving the fans great emotions. The fight ended by knockout in the ninth round, a true demonstration of will, power and heart by both, and the champion kept his undefeated record, 17-0 with 17 KOs.

The performance of Referee Michael Griffin should be noted and praised. His experience allowed the fight to come to a natural end. Referees are severely criticized when they make a mistake or when involved in controversy, but they are so rarely recognized, let alone praised when they make a good call, and they deserve to be applauded. Mike Griffin did a sensational job, congratulations.

This is how we end this 2021; It is time to reflect upon the passing year and recharge the batteries so that 2022 will be a great year for everyone. I wish you the best, God bless you.


Artur Beterbiev is one of the candidates to face Saúl Álvarez, since Canelo wants to conquer the WBC light heavyweight championship, first he has his eyes on Ilunga Makabu to try to capture the cruiserweight championship.


After a fight in Las Vegas, my brother Hector invited my dad to dinner with a group of friends. At that moment, some of Hector´s friends sent a glass of white dessert wine to my dad, who almost never drank, but who truly enjoyed and savored that one.

Héctor visited my dad a couple of months later and brought a bottle of that unique, very expensive wine. My father happily told my mother: “Viejita, please put this bottle in the refrigerator, and from time to time, give me a glass when I ask for it, it is great.” Don José had several trips in a row and that routine was interrupted. Christmas came, the turkey on that occasion was delicious, the best turkey ever; We all praised my mom. Suddenly my dad said: “Now, Martha, please give me one of those glasses of wine that I like so much. My mother came out of the kitchen with the empty bottle in her hand. “José! I poured it on the turkey!”

Laughter was heard up and down the street.

I appreciate your comments at [email protected].

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  • Beautiful story here! You have to appreciate any man thats willing to provide the best experience for his family. Salute to Mauricio for the continued praise for his father. Father’s do so much and dont get much credit.

    • Thank you for your statement. On the flip side of things, the holiday season can be a stressful time for some folks. Families, who have lost loved ones in the past close to the holidays, are reminded of those painful memories and stress can build. I see it on my job dealing with patients. If you know anyone dealing with this type of stress please reach out and make your presence known. Some of the smallest things to do can mean a lot to others. Happy holidays to everyone.

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