Charlo-Montiel press conference

Unbeaten WBC middleweight world champion Jermall Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) and challenger Juan Macías Montiel (22-4-1, 22 KOs) previewed their upcoming showdown during a virtual press conference Wednesday. They collide on SHOWTIME June 19 from the Toyota Center in Houston.

“Montiel is going to see on June 19 that Jermall Charlo is for real,” – Charlo

“My record speaks for itself. I am all about the knockout and that’s what I’m coming for on June 19,” – Montiel

In case you don’t know, Montiel’s big claim to fame was his first round KO of James Kirkland last December. All 22 of his wins are by KO.


“This is going to be fireworks. This is going to be a fight. I come to put on a good show in front of my city. Get ready to tune in. This is going down, all the way down. There’s no way I’m letting Montiel take anything from me.

“There’s no pressure for me. I’m a fighter and pro at what I do. It’s my legacy on the line. So no matter what, I have to continue to be great. I have the best trainer in the world in Ronnie Shields and I’m so ready for this fight.

“I know Montiel is going to bring a strong challenge and try to knock me out. You put the pressure on yourself that way though. Normally when people talk trash, I lay them out. I’m going to be prepared. My mental has matched up with my physical ability and I’m stronger than ever.

“Montiel is a pressure fighter who fights from both stances. He’s strong with both hands and he’s going to try to fight fire with fire.

“When you’re the world champion, everyone wants to beat you. It doesn’t matter who they put in front of you, because they’re all training their hardest. He’s going to be in shape, but I’m going to be just as fast, strong and smart. My title is on the line, so I have to defend it.

“Bring on the power. I want the power. He better be as strong as he’s talking. I want to feel the power. I’ll show you what I do with the power.

“I’m enjoying my life. I’m enjoying being the best Jermall Charlo I can be. I enjoy the competition that they give me. I’m never okay or satisfied with being where I’m at. He’s going to see on June 19 that Jermall Charlo is for real.

“I’m making 160-pounds perfectly right now. I’m not finished at 160-pounds. There are bigger fights ahead of me though. No matter what happens, those bigger fights are coming. Right now, I’ve got something for Montiel.

“I’m giving you the best Jermall Charlo that I can give you. Montiel is going to come forward and give me some power. I’m going to put it in my pocket and charge my phone with it. You’re going to see a great night of boxing on June 19.

“I get a chance to fight for my community and my people on June 19. It’s going to be an amazing night of boxing. Everyone who stands up for me, I get to stand back up for them.”


“I’m excited and I’m ready. This is a dream fight that I’ve been waiting for all my life. We’ve been getting ready for months and I’m more than ready to step up to this challenge.

“Whoever thinks this is an easy fight for Jermall, doesn’t know me at all. That’s like saying a spark can’t light a forest on fire. I’m going to show on June 19 that I’m more than up to the challenge of showing who Juan Macías Montiel is.

“I don’t see any weaknesses in Charlo’s game. He’s number one for a reason. I’m going to have to fight him to the best of my abilities. He’s at the top of his game and I respect what he brings.

“I think I have matured since my losses. I have trained very smart for this opportunity. I’m not going to let this slip away because of anything that I didn’t do.

“My record speaks for itself. I am all about the knockout and that’s what I’m coming for on June 19. I’ve been perfecting my whole game since my last fight. The power is definitely going to be the key for me.

“I had to overcome a lot of adversity against Hugo Centeno Jr. I was not 100% healthy in that fight, but all of that is behind me now. I’m not looking back, everything is focused on June 19 right now.

“I have never had a training camp as long as this one. We’ve upped the intensity and put focus on getting more rest and better nutrition. Everything that I could need as a fighter has gone into this training.

“I feel blessed to be able to achieve my dream of fighting for a world title. That’s going to be my sole focus on June 19. I’m going to make my dream come true.

“It’s a dream come true to fight a champion like Charlo. If I keep doing things the way I’ve done, I feel like I’ll show that I deserve this opportunity.”

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  • Montiel is a gritty fighter. However, he uses his reach to set up that right cross. One flaw I see in him is his limited head movement. He will move side-to-side at times using his back/hips, but I am not sure that tactic will be enough to deter that power right counter Charlo sets up on his opponents. Charlo has power in that right counter and I am sure it will break down Montiel’s limited defense. Styles make fights and I feel Charlo will win on a TKO.

    • Correction: should be – will not be enough to deter… Oops, sorry.

      • Agreed Scoob. Can’t see any path to victory for Montiel here. Charlo is more skilled, has better handspeed, good stamina, and appears to have a rock-solid chin. I don’t recall him ever being down, or even hurt in a fight….

  • Charlo fans be saying Canelo is ducking him. Are they joking. Look at this guys opponents. His best win was a guy who lost a game match to GGG. Hes a clown.

  • >